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Regular Dakkanaut


Hey guys,

I recently scored some confrontation. I started looking at the game purely because of the figures.

Upon reading the rulebook, i'm now aware the rules look solid too. Does anyone on dakka play it?

It's not big here at all - in fact, the local game store doesn't even stock it. What are the opinions on it?


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Sacramento, ca

Use to play for a while but then the group i played with just dropped the game all together....
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Pirate Ship Revenge

I once met a man who claimed to play.
I played a game of Warmachine against him.
I lost.

I have nothing useful to add.
http://otzone.proboards34.com/index.cgi>the OT
Welp, that link ain't no good nomore. 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

I like it, but it is over complicated in places and some forces can be terribly unbalanced.

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Rowlands Gill

I like it and after getting the Initiation set I went on to build up a Wolfen force.

I must admit though that it isn't my preferred gaming system as I'm not a huge fan of the initiative system. But that is just personal preference. The translation issues make the rulebook a little challenging of course, but on the whole once you have had a play through a couple of games then things fall into place.

For me though the game is secondary to painting the beeeyootiful minis. It was a case of falling in love with the models and artwork and then thinking "well I've bought this stuff I may as well play it".

As I'm part of an indie club, I don't have any problems finding opponents. But it is true there is a lot of prejudice against it from "GW Fanbois" and also those who dislike the French...

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Where I'm located, alot of players of 40K have moved to Confrontation.  I picked it up back at the beginning of last summer and I now have 5 armies with another soon to be started.

I love the fact that you can play a game from 100 pts. up to 2000 pts.  And you don't have to have over 30 models to have a game.  But that's just me.

Love it and still loving it.

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Wicked Warp Spider


I really like it. I too got into it because of the beautiful minis and then was curious about the rules. It's a fairly solid game - nice combat system, fairly balanced forces, etc. Granted there are lots of translation problems (part of the reason I'm trying to relearn French) which can make the rules seem daunting at first but after playing a game, you figure it out.

Pick up a copy of Dogs Of War too. That's an excellent supplement. It's sort of like if you tacked on the Necromunda gang/experience/scavenging rules to 40K armies. Very interesting..
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