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Made in gb
Camouflaged Zero

Will do!

Made in be

That way,then left

I'd be interested in 2 of those Netrods I see on the list along with a couple items on the webstore
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Camouflaged Zero

Can do!

Made in gr
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello! I would like the following items from Operation: Cold Front please

1x Shukra Consultant (Boarding Shotgun)
1x Yadu Trooper (MULTI Rifle)
2x Dakini Tacbots (Combi Rifle)

as well as two acontecimento regulars from their starter pack

Thank you very much!

PS: If the cold front minis become available before the acontecimento, please send them on their own, regardless
Made in gb
Camouflaged Zero

The Coldfront minis are available right now, but not the Acon minis yet.
I've had a lot of requests for Acontecimento regulars and my concern is the number of Akali which may accumulate.
Historically, those guys have not been popular at all, but we'll see what happens.

Made in gb
Camouflaged Zero

And that's a bunch of Cold Front minis up on the list, and the Hollowmen.
Check Page 1 for the link.

Made in dk
Fresh-Faced New User

Can I get Aïda Swanson (ITS pack X) and Libertos Freedom Fighter (Third Offensive pre-order)?
Made in gb
Camouflaged Zero

I'm not sure about ITS packs but I am not allowed to sell the pre-order exclusive minis, sorry.

Made in dk
Fresh-Faced New User

Too bad. Thanks anyway.
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