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 BrookM wrote:
Only thing we can do, seeing as punching people in the throat over TCP/IP is still nothing but a concept that people refuse to look into, is to contact GW about it.

IIRC, this one was not limited to one per customer, at least the store entry made no mention of this as far as I could see. So sadly, some fething scumbag pieces of gak have once again robbed others of something for a normal price. Or at least, not what they are asking for it now, having just checked ebay.. donkey-caves.

It was limited to 1 per customer. It didn’t mention it anywhere but you could only pick 1 in the quantity box.
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I stand corrected then.

Just found out that the Ravenor omnibus is also going up for preorder tomorrow. Curious to see if that one has anything new added to it not already found in the previous omnibus or the Magos.

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You could purchase multiple copies as separate transactions as they have no way of stopping that currently. Obviously using one account that would have been hard with how quickly the book sold out but multiple accounts all posting to the same address, using the same credit card open via different browsers is perfectly possible.

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latest set of the POD hardback HH books is up


order all 5 and save £5.

... well .. all helps eh ?

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