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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Alright,... I just picked up some supplies yesterday at my clubs "bring-n-buy" event. I've got two Land Raiders (one complete, the other with just a few missing parts), two old Russ chassis, and a bunch of vehicle bits, spikes, etc.

The first battle wagon will take on the basic layout below:

The Russ has been turned around. The cannon will be removed of course, and the turet area will be used to mount a weapons turret. A deffrolla will be attached to the front as well.

The first job is to cut some thick plasticard to create the new wider floor and rear sections that will be required, and then something for the roof. I am pretty sure that this will be an open top, so orks will be piled all on top of the roof. I will creat some orky junk rails and walls aound the top, and I may just make the upper decking of the tank out of metal so that my magnetic based orks will be nice and stable on there.

Stay tuned for updates.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

First Update:

I have contructed the new floor and rear bulkhead. As it turned out, the pieces are exactly 3.5" wide.

Next up will be to attach the russ chassis to the LR.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Ok, I had to make a quick change of plans as I am waiting on a source for treads for the russ chassis. Beacuse I want to make sure that it all sits flat once I have treads on both parts, I will have to work on something else for a bit. I was trying to see if there was anything use on this falcon that I picked up:

So I decided to use the fusion reactor (or whatever powers it) from the falcon to power my battle wagon. So after just a few minutes with the dremel:

And then just a little CA, and we are in business:

time to go nuts with some tube and wires and stuff to Ork this thing up a bit.

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Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

I like how those Falcon engines fit onto the back so well like that. That's alot of tank kits to make one Battlewagon though, true dedication.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Well because I picked up the stuff second hand, I only have $35 worth of stuff in this wagon so far, though if I want to make the second one with the same engine layout, I will have to dig up another falcon (or the bits at least) from somewhere.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

They look great so far, I would love to see them completed. Looks like you've still got quite a bit of work to do.
Made in jp
Hacking Shang Jí

Plus, when the mek turns on the thrusters, I bet he has the only Battle Wagon that can pop a wheelie! Beat that!

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Made in de
Dominating Dominatrix

Piercing the heavens

those exhaust are a fantastic idea. IMO there should be even more orky exhaust pipes coming out of the transport hatch. or even better, it's a great place to show the engine.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Ok,... I am a bit stuck here, and would really like to hear some ideas and thoughts.

I am torn as to whether I will make two similar battlewagons or two slightly different. My two patterns are shown below. I am planning on making them both flexible with magnetic mount points for upgrades such as weapons, boarding planks, wrecking balls, etc. I may event make them closed topped with an option to attach either and open-topped deck or a killkannon turret (more on that in a bit).

should I make one or the other or both?

[Thumb - DSC_0322.JPG]
Longer lower front

[Thumb - DSC_0323.JPG]
longer lower side

[Thumb - DSC_0321.JPG]
shorter stubbier version

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

In both cases the driver should be poking out through the trapezoidal opening on the Russ chassis.

Here is what the Killkannon turet could look like on the short and stubby version

I know that it all looks a bit clean and too well thought out for orks at the moment, but rest assured that it will get orked up in a hurry once I get the basic layout locked down.

[Thumb - DSC_0326.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0325.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0324.JPG]

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Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight


This going to be awesome...I can't wait till you make it look nice an' orky

Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

The short stubby looks like it would make the addition of the Russ irrelevant, I'd go with the longer one.

Made in us
Ork Boy Hangin' off a Trukk

Ogden, UT

I disagree I like the stubby one looks more like it fits and less wielded on IMO.

Da fastest Orks get to da fight firstest!!! Waaaaagh!!!!!

- Garbash Grimtoof  
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

the short one looks a bit too compact for my taste. The general outline looks like a landraider with a turret, the leman inside doesnt really add a ton to the overall outline. I much prefer the stretched out version as it looks like a post-manufacturing modification... the short one looks a little to well planned for me.

although the short version with turret does look like a cool idea for a homebrewed superheavy...
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Bismarck ND

The short one gives off this mean stocky look and the long one looks like a transport on crack. If I ever get the parts that you have here I would make the small one and probly field it as a Skullhammer.
Made in gb
Krazed Killa Kan

Newport, S Wales

i'd go with the longer one, as a battlewagon is supposed to be a huge lump of fast-moving metal with lots of guns etc taped to the side, so the longer design adds much needed bulk.

The shorter one would make a good looted wagon, but not a battlewagon

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Made in au
Regular Dakkanaut

I dunno, there's something about the short one I really like. You could possible extend the design forward maybe a bit, but the way the russ sits in there looks cool. Then you could put gangplanks or ladders or something out the side doors, and maybe some makeshift sponsons around those hatches...

Damn you got me thinking now - if only I had those bits I think I'd make meself a Skullhammer variant...

Now that I think of it - have you tried it with the landraider backwards? The tracks look cool like that, I did it with a battlewagon I made ages ago:

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I am White/Green
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

nice one!

As a matter of fact, I have thought about doing just that!

The deffrolla seems to be a must, and I really like how it works with chassis backwards like that.

Damn! Maybe I'll have to make three battlewagons!!!!!!
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Tampa,FL USA

I'd go the shorter version. It seems to look more natural. The longer version looks like the old Land Raider variant that used an added Rhino to lengthen it and pooped out Terminators.

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Made in de
Dominating Dominatrix

Piercing the heavens

but if you use the shorete version, there'll be a lot of Russ which won't be seen.
Made in us
Infiltrating Oniwaban

I like lemmingspawn's idea: Do the angled Russ like the shorter one, but pushed a bit further forwards. Htere's some thing about the aligned angle of the 2 sets of tracks that's really, really cool. An other inch forward would also keep the addition from getting overwhelemd by the bulk of the Raider bitz.

Nice work!

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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Thanks for all of the input folks!

I may end up doing one of each, or even a third one. I think that this one will be the stubby one, and will have the option of the killkannon turret or the upperdeck open topped conversion.

Time to order some rare earth magnets.

BTW, I have tried moving the russ chassis a bit forward and it works fine, I just didn't have it that way for the pics.

Update tomorrow with more work done.
Made in us
Adolescent Youth with Potential

I also prefer the look of the shorter, stubbier version, but think pulling the smaller tank forward abit would improve it.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Ok folks, sorry for the delay, but it has been a heck of a week, and I have not been feeling so well on top of it.

I will be doing some work on the wagon today, and here is the first step. Now that I have the tracks for the Russ, I could determine exactly how I would attach it to the modified LR chassis. As you can see, the Russ has been screwed into place, and it has ben moved out by about 3/4 of an inch from the previous stubby version. Again, the turret and the associated additional hull section will be optional and will be attached by magnets.

With a deffrolla this thing will be as big as a baneblade

I am planning on having all of the options magnetized and ready for quick and easy swaps. The basic vehicle will be as you see here w/o the turret. It will be closed topped and have two large fold down doors/ramps on either side covering the two LR access points. All of the weapons (e.g. 4 big shootas/rokkits, Zzap Gun, wrecking ball, grabbin klaw, ram, deffrolla, etc.) will be magnetized as well, and if I want an open topped battlewagon; I will have an upperdeck that will actually hold 20 Orks on bases, that can also be snapped into place.

It's time to do some real work now.

BTW - check out the boxes in the backround to see some stuff that will be used in my next Orky project
[Thumb - DSC_0379.JPG]
New Layout - not so stubby anymore

[Thumb - DSC_0378.JPG]
Side View

[Thumb - DSC_0377.JPG]
Top View

[Thumb - DSC_0380.JPG]
Turret Rotation

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Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

As a random thought, you could cut the dividing chunk out of each side to make one bigger open rather than two small ones. This would keep the orcs inside from killing each other as much in the race to get out, as I don't think orcs would be much of believers in nice single file lines.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Aduro wrote:As a random thought, you could cut the dividing chunk out of each side to make one bigger open rather than two small ones. This would keep the orcs inside from killing each other as much in the race to get out, as I don't think orcs would be much of believers in nice single file lines.

Yep, I have given serious thought to going at that middle piece with the dremel

It may yet fall to the will of the orky engineers

Made in de
Dominating Dominatrix

Piercing the heavens

I don't think the normal battlewagon rules do this beatuy justice, you should make an apoc datasheet, maybe with a extra few rules representing all the stolen material.

great work btw.
Made in us
Brainless Servitor

I would have to concur with Anung a custom apoc datasheet of orky goodness will let you have more freewill which means even more guns

Proud believer of full iron models

What was that *full metal warlord looks at plasticard one*

Oh really well take this*sticks homemade TCCW(sharp piece of iron) through plasticard titan

I thought so.... 
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