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New Hampshire, USA

Episode 5 is uploading as I type.

We've been getting a lot of requests to get more into Warmachine on the show, so Episode 5 features part 1 of our two part "Warmachine Overview"

But don't worry 40k fans, the second half of the show is a detailed review of Dark Heresy, the 40k RPG.

And yes, we have our usual attempts at humor thrown in as well.

Please let us know what you think!

Thanks for listening,


To Listen: http://www.TheD6Generation.com

Thread about Episode 4:

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Been Around the Block

I have to admit the episode did little for me. Since I have little interest or desire to play or learn about warmachine, though I did like your explanations of it and your reasons why you started into this system. It is clear the hear the passion and love you have tof Warmachine. (Well the two of you at least ). When you start discussing the Dark Heresy RPG is when I felt you took a grand trip into sidetrack alley. I would have liked more time spent talking about the details of the system rather than a dozen or so mentions of how much you suck at the beginning (probably an exagerration since I actually did not count.)

I am curious about one point though since you mentioned traveller being choked with tables and since I have the 3 versions of it (Traveller, Mega Traveller, and Traveller:New Era.) I am unsure which version you were refering too.

On the subject of the why you are not inquisitors, I do have an opinion on this since I did run a 40k rpg sometime ago using a complete different system for its rule set. The endeavour did not go over well since you had one pc being an inquisitor and the others being the retinue. Though this was much more a player thing than a rules thing since everyone wanted to be the inquisitor but not everyone was suited to be an effective party leader. I have yet to actually get a chance to use my Dark heresy books though I am sure we will once my players want a chance from D&D. I did like the Serenity RPG though I will not actually try to run it again since everyone wanted the magic of series and the movie and while I am a great gamemaaster I am not the caliber of writer that Mr.Whedon is.

As always I did love rapid fire, it never fails to amuse and bring a smile to my face. Keep up the good work even if I am not a fan of warmachine . Oh and if you think Dark Heresy is complicated you should try Rolemaster .

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Rough Rider with Boomstick


Best one yet, hands down. You have really gotten into a solid and predictable format so I know what to expect when I tune in, and I laughed out loud several times during the rapid fire once again. Humor is VERY hard to pull off deliberately and you guys do an excellent job.

I am really loving the reviews of so many different types of games, I have allready made two purchases based soley off your reviews and am actually waiting on some purchases to see what you guys think.

You might want to consider talking with FFG about getting preview copies of their games as you have really become expert at providing highly detailed yet fair and objectives reviews on those kind of games.

I also enjoyed the Dark Heresy review, interesting to hear such a detailed take on it.

Warmachine review was great as well, cant wait for the hoards review.

And I cant think of a single major sound issue with this episode, you have done and awesome job clearing up some of the earlier production issues, minor thought they were.

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Really enjoyable episode, and good work including the Warmachine guide in an episode with the 40K RPG. Now I can pass the link on for it's 40K content, and try and tempt the last few 40K hold-outs we have around here

By the way, about your new ratings system. You do know a 4+ with a re-roll is better than a 3+, right? ;P

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Ultramarine Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Plano, Texas

I'm subscribed through Zune using the RSS feed so this may cause my problem, but why is it only 8:13?


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Another fine mess
I do love to hear your podcast and the way the three of you interact. My own gaming group is smaller in my new location and I miss the camaraderie of the good old days. Hearing you go at it is like visiting home.

Poor Craig

For the first time, I feel sorry for Craig. He had great difficulties getting his words to work during rapidfire, which depends on comic timing. Judging by the sound of him, he also has the plague. And it turns out that he only plays Privateer Press at all because his lousy friends won't play the game he likes! Wow. You guys are cold. (Note that _I'm_ not offering to play 40K, because I too like Privateer better. It reminds me of Warzone back in the good old days. But Brrrrrr.)

In-depth discussion - Can you have too much of a good thing?
Now, don't get me wrong. Of the six or so podcasts I have dabbled in, you guys are my favorite. I wait with bated breath for the next one to post. But that was an AWFUL lot of content.

I loved the Privateer Press material, unlike the first responder in the topic. I too like the flexibility, the evenness, and the wackiness of the games (if not the robots and the Page 5 dorkiness). I think that you forgot two big highlights among everything else you mentioned. The indexes actually work and the glossary has both a summary and a page reference in case you need more information. If only more game companies could make their games this easy to use! It's a small thing, but during those first few games, while you're flipping around, it makes quite a difference. Also, despite the anguished cries of the old guard, it's possible to play Warmachine as a troop game if you're not a giant robot guy. Like Craig (or maybe like Russ), I was dragged into playing with a friend recently converted to Hordes. I didn't so much like the giant monsters, but in Warmachine, I had enough troop choice to run a mostly or all-human army. If you like the grunts, you can't go too far wrong with the Prime: Remix stuff. I picked up Cygnar Trenchers, Stormblades, and Arcane Gun Mages. They're not the most efficient, but they're FUN and COOL, my major concern for a group I would play.

I wasn't as fond of the GW stuff, predictably, as I'm not much of a GW fan. Okay, the fluff was great but the game sucked. It just seemed to get way too long to get there (although I liked the way you almost made Craig scream in frustration as you interrupted and went off on tangents to his points.) Eh. Should have given him a time limit like Hollywood's pies, and then "let" him go over as you interrupted him.

By the way, I loved the way Russ refers to Hollywood as Hollywood mostly when he LEAVES THE ROOM. Heh.
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Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

Thanks for listening and the feedback everyone.

On length
Show and segment length is something Raef, Craig, and I beat ourselves up over constantly. Try to find the balance between giving detailed information vs a quick 10 minute review. In the end we are leaning toward detail, as quick reviews are everywhere. And we want it to be almost more than a review, we want to share our experience with the listener, we want you to feel like you tried it like we did.

The down side is that it is long. But isn't that really the beauty of the podcast? You can bookmark it and listen to more later. I noticed that many of my favorite podcasts outside of the hobby are quite long (1.5-2 hours) and I still love them.

Also, since we are only every other week, we're trying to deliver as much content as you might get in a weekly show.. i.e. With us you get a 2 hours show every other week instead of a 1 hour show weekly.

Of course actual run time will vary from topic to topic.

The above still doesn't help much if we're on a topic you just don't care about (i.e. You simply don't play board games, or RPG's, or whatever) but hopefully at least some elements of the show will appeal.

On Craig
He was sick as a dog... I'd love to get an episode out just once in which we're all healthy. As for 'no one plays with him' well, don’t' feel too bad for him. I think he secretly enjoys having the moral high ground of martyrdom. And he really DOES like Hordes, he’ll just never admit it openly.

On Warmachine
Great points Juan, esp. on the "Play all troops if you don't like jacks". You're right, there is now enough variety that you can build an army of 'only models you like'. And due to the flexibility you have in the game you can make the list work.

On Dark Heresy
Part of that one is my bad, I got confused with Craig's bullets and started to sum up way to soon. Just remember... Episode 5 means we've ONLY done this 5 times. My biggest problem with Dark Heresy wasn't so much you COULDN'T be an Inquisitor as much as you HAVE to be Human, weedy, and drafted by the Inquisition. Of course a GM COULD throw all this out, but then you're basically not using the $50 book you just bought. I'd have preferred less time spent on rules details and more time spent giving the GM and players more flexibility.

Still, it is a cool book, and a must for any GW completionist who wants more juicy insight into the ways of the imperium.

Traveler: I was referring to the original Traveler.

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Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

Foda_Bett wrote:I'm subscribed through Zune using the RSS feed so this may cause my problem, but why is it only 8:13?

I don't have a Zune, but I do have a Creative Zen, and the show appears correctly via the RSS feed on that. Perhaps you can try refreshing again? Maybe the download got corrupted or something.

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Ultramarine Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Plano, Texas

Thanks Russ, for some reason Zune still says its 8:13 but its all there now!

Really enjoying the show!


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I give it a 3+

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Play the game, not the rules.
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Paso Robles, CA, USA

with a re-roll...

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Chris Gohlinghorst wrote:Holy Space Marine on a Stick.

This conversation has even begun to boggle my internet-hardened mind.

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