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Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator


Awhile ago I posted these as WIP marines, and lots of people gave feedback on weapons, poses, etc. So, I painted them up a little while ago, and am now getting to putting them up for comment and critique. These are going to be used with my Radical Inquisitor in my Daemonhunters army.

They are painted in a basic Vallejo Grey Black for the armor, light grey highlights on the edges, black shoulder pads, red eyes, with gloss black ribbing in the joints.

I need some ideas for the bases, though. I could do the basic brown edge, drybrush brown over sand, flock/static grass. Another idea is the paving stone route, or a snow base (which is where I'm leaning).

So, without further ado...

[Thumb - relictors 005 Large Web view.jpg]

[Thumb - relictors 006 Large Web view.jpg]

Legio Suturvora 2000 points (painted)
30k Word Bearers 2000 points (in progress)
Daemonhunters 1000 points (painted)
Flesh Tearers 2000+ points (painted) - Balt GT '02 52nd; Balt GT '05 16th
Kabal of the Tortured Soul 2000+ points (painted) - Balt GT '08 85th; Mechanicon '09 12th
Greenwing 1000 points (painted) - Adepticon Team Tourny 2013

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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

Looking good!

Relictors are awesome.

I'd suggest a bit more metallic highlight & detail where you can get away with it, such as the extended shoulder guard on the rightmost model in the lower picture. I'd also suggest highlighting details to pure red. Light Source Shaded glowing red eyes would be awesome.

For bases, Relictors are very cold and harsh. I don't think that you would be well-served by a similarly cold and harsh base (paving stones or snow), as you wouldn't have contrast.

I'd suggest "muddy swamp" as the basic concept, with a very dark brown edge.

Keep at them - they look great!

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