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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

This blog was originally created to covers progress for my Imperial Guard army, the Ragnarok 1st "Einherjar" Regiment. As of 2015, now also covers my Eldar army, Craftworld Tian-Bing and Dogs of War army, Solland's Ghosts. As of 2017, Kingdom Death : Monster became a major new project that I've been working on. And of course, I also share miscellaneous hobby such as Gunpla, Flames of War and other scale models are included here as well -- basically anything that I spent hobby time on.


Kingdom Death : Monster

Late 2012, I backed the original Kingdom Death : Monster KS, but held off on actually building the pinup girls, then core game. When the 1.5 KS was announced, I ended up selling my 1.0 box to fund a hefty upgrade to 1.5. Mid-October, 2017, I received my Kingdom Death : Monster 1.5 core game box, and started building.

As of mid-2018, progress is coming along pretty well, with all of the Core Narrative Survivors built:

Aside from the Phoenix, all of the Monsters are built, along with the Core Narrative Survivors, the Green Knight Armor Expansion Survivors, and the Echoes of Death Survivors. And of course, I've built a couple pinups. I've got the basic plastic built, but have yet to start gap-filling and painting. I also have a number original Expansions that I will be getting to, once I get Survivor storage "problem" squared away.

As of 2022, the Phoenix is built! So many little hands. LOL Still waiting for the Gambler's Chest to arrive, though...

Eldar Craftworld Tian-Bing

Tian-Bing is a militantly resurgent Craftworld, whereupon Aspect Shrines predominate and all Craftworlders are expected to traverse the paths of the Warrior several times over. Tian-Bing works to recover Maiden Worlds against Imperial and other forces, sending large numbers of Rangers offworld to discover and scout such worlds. Like any large Craftworld, Tian-Bing fields Ghost Warriors in major engagements, Wraithknight spearheading massed Wraithlords. Tian-Bing also possesses a limited numbers of grav tanks and war walkers for additional fire support.

On the tabletop, this means I can generally field multiples of nearly anything in the Codex, including many of the more exotic formations; however, my tastes lies with the 2E Goodwin-sculpted Aspect Warriors which overwhelmingly dominate my Craftworld forces. Latest inventory in 2015 has me at an excessive 300+ Eldar models, 95+% foot-sloggers.

In 2019, work here was put on hold, as I should actually reduce the army. I simply didn't need huge masses of secondhand Aspects that I will never get around to repainting. *sigh*

As of 2022, I've sold off the excess here as well, and the army is largely down to what I want it to be, just 274 models.

Ragnarok "Einherjar" Imperial Guard

Ragnarok, on the far fringes of the Imperium, is orbited by the Forge Moon Nibelungenwerke. Ragnarok is a temperate world, with lush, fast-growing vegetation covering much of the available landmass. The people of Ragnarok are industrious and hardy, practical and efficient. The Ruling Houses in the Hive are generally competent, as failure is punished with public, permanent consequences. Nibelungenwerke is fortunate in having a STC core that provides effective basic weaponry and systems; however, several of the more advanced elements are either missing; corrupted and unusable; beyond the abilities of the Tech Adepts to implement; or simply too resources-intensive to acquire and prepare. Nevertheless, Knight Titans and Grand Knight Titans are possible, albeit expensive.

From a practical standpoint, this means that I have an entire world to raise my Regiment from, and they can have pretty much anything that I care to build or convert. My tastes run toward late-WW2 German armor, and conversions abound. Late 2014 inventory has force level at 150 infantry and 25 armor. Closing out 2018, I've somehow grown things to 190 infantry (Imperial Guard & Stormtroopers), plus a dozen Hive Gang Militia, excluding Inquisition forces and Sisters. *sigh*

In 2019, I set out to complete assembly of the metal stuff, and basically completed that of mid-January, aside from a few things that need to be pinned. Later this year, I'll get the new stuff primed and basecoated.

As of 2022, I've thinned the herd and sold the excess. The Baneblade that I had intended to build as a custom Shadowsword ended up being built as a custom Baneblade with a removable superstructure, so I could always swap it for a custom Shadowsword insert.

"Solland's Ghosts" Dogs of War

Solland was the southernmost Empire province before being overrun by Orcs. Homeland lost, many Sollanden became mercenary soldiers of fortune, working with former countrymen and recruiting other outcasts as Dogs of War throughout the Old World. They are not a large force, but well-varied with Pike, Crossbow and Cavalry at the core, supplemented by duellists, halflings, and dark elves; they even call upon exotic dragonriders and giantmasters.

I am a big fan of the high Gothic elements in Fantasy, and have a number of substitutions, such as Familiars for Halflings and Dark Elves for Crossbowmen. Beyond some mundane conversions for my General, Paymistress, and Wizard, I also have converted Keepers of Secrets for Giants of Albion, and converted non-Winged Nightmares for Golfag's Ogres.

In 2019, pushed to complete assembly of my Dogs of War, assembling Leopold's Leopard Company (22), more pikemen for Ricco's Republican Guard (+11), rebasing a couple excess Wizards as Inquisition henchmen. I started conversion of the Nightmares into Golfag and another Ogre, and got both playable. I still have 4 pikemen to build with repaired pikes for my Republican Guard, along with a Dragonrider before the army is done, but the bulk of the army is well and truly done. "Final" inventory and comes to something like 3500-4000 pts..

Wissenland / Nuln Empire

Having Empire as my other Warhammer Fantasy army, it counterpoints my ex-Sollanden Dogs of War. My Empire forces naturally come from Wissenland, which eventually absorbed the ruins of Solland, and it's Elector status within the Empire. Fortunately, Wissenland includes Nuln for the Artillery I've had since WFB6 released, along with plenty of gunpowder for all of the Handgunners I built in 2019.

In 2019, I finally got my Empire army planned out. It's deliberately distinct from my Dogs of War, so Handgunners or Archers, NO Crossbows; Halberdiers, Swordsmen, or Free Company, NO Spearmen. Cavalry & Artillery, but NO Monsters, so NO Pegasus, NO Dragon. Warrior Priests & Greatswords, but minimal Magic. I got the bitz sorted, and began assembly: 36 Handgunners and 20 Halberdiers completed.

As of 2022, it will be a Wissenland / Nuln army. There are a couple dozen WiP models TBD: Halberds and Militia. Also to rehab the cavalry: as the Knights Encarmine use a Tilean mounted dual-sword fighting technique, they're a natural 'count as' Knights of the White Wolf.

KOG light

KOG light is a 1/144 tactical battle game for armored "Knight Operations Gear" battlesuit mecha. It's an ultralight-weight hyper-streamlined wargame that uses Heavy Gear miniatures to simulate near future battles in Eastern Europe. Rules development started in 2015 and "finished" in 2017. If you're sick of overcomplicated wargames with 100s of pages of rules, check it out!

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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!


Progress has been spotty, as it appears I took more than a little time off from reporting what little progress I'd made. Nevertheless...

2014 progress

As noted, when I originally opened this blog back in 2009, I had been working at my Imperial Guard off and on a decade, before giving up in a huff. In 2014, I realized that Imperial Guard had become my primary playing army, supplanting my Eldar, so it was time to get things playable and basecoated. That summer, I built, primed and basecoated a large mass (roughly 100) of Guardsmen to get them bulk painted and technically playable - that was very satisfying. I'll worry about painting camo later (yeah, I really dug myself into a hole here).

2015 progress

Over the course of the year, I've been getting my Shadowsword squared away - this is a conversion that I've been mulling for ages, and I'm quite excited over how it's turning out. It's a much lower-profile vehicle than standard build, with better-sloped armor. Temporarily on hold due to Codex: Eldar having some very shiny stuff. But still plugging away with rear track guards & covers.

More recently, I got and converted up an Eldar Wraithknight for the Summer "Apocalypse" game. Given that I'm not sculpting, just working with the bitz in the box, I think it turned out quite well. The actual game was a lot of fun, and I like the new Eldar Codex.

With Age of Sigmar out, I'm switching over to Dogs of War as we return to Fantasy after a 4+ year hiatus. First up on the plate is getting Leopold's Leopard Company playable! Then, to reorganize the storage boxes into something more sensible and orderly.

With the long-awaited arrival of Kingdom Death : Monster, it'll be time to build some very fancy minis!

2016 progress

This year, I did a little more work on the Shadowsword...

I finally built my share of Flames of War, reducing the content in the Closet of Shame. The German stuff that I've been tasked to build looks pretty good, totally reasonable for 1/100 scale, and the game itself works OK!

I started and finished building the Imperial Knight Titan over the course of the week leading up to our annual game over Memorial Day weekend.

I started building my Imperial Valkyrie.

2017 progress

In 2017, I'd not done much modeling work at all, due to continued work on rules development and actually playing. However, with the release of Kingdom Death : Monster, I've restarted production and built several models! I built a cybertank from on Ogre Minatures.

2018 progress

For 2018, I mostly worked on Kingdom Death : Monster to assemble:
* Intimacy Couple Survivors (2) from the Core game,
* Screaming Antelope, King's Hand & Watcher from the Core game,
* White Speaker, Twilight Knight & Dragon Sacrifice
* Green Knight Armor expansion set (2)
* Echoes of Death set (4)

I also built a RMS Titanic with my son, and did a bit of 3-D modeling of a drone racercar in TinkerCAD. To close out the year, I did a little work on my Heavy Gear CEF models for KOG light, and assembled the sponsons for my IG Shadowsword conversion.

2019 progress

In 2019, I set about cleaning up my metals, starting with my Imperial Guard. I assembled the vast bulk of the unbuilt metal Imperial Guard, =Inquisition=, Sisters of Battle and Necromunda models, aside for a few models that would require pinning. In getting things squared away, I inventoried my Imperial army and found it grew to 200-odd Guardsmen / Stormtroopers / Gangers / Spyrers backed by 40-odd Sisters & Inquisition; however, selling various unbuilt model kits actually brought the total points value down by a fair bit.

I then moved on to my Warhammer Fantasy and finally built Leopold's Leopard Company for my Dogs of War army. I also completed assembly of some remaining Republican Guard pikemen, and inventoried the entire lot. With that out of the way, I started on the large unbuilt pile of Empire.

In 2019, I stepped away from miniatures and refocused on other pursuits, placing the blog on indefinite hiatus. I continued to sell things that future me wasn't likely to get around to dealing with.

2020 & 2021 hiatus

During 2020 and 2021, I continued to work on other things, and sold off even more future projects that I deemed unlikely to work on. At some point, I finally finished the long-running intended Shadowsword conversion as a Baneblade variant using what was left in the box.

2022 return

In 2022, I've come back, and am building GIANT ROBOTS!

Expect updates to be spotty and limited.

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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

This year (2009), my primary gaming resolution is to complete buying, building, and painting my Imperial Guard "Ragnarok Einherjar" army.

I've been working at my Imperial Guard off and on for the better part of a decade. With the pending release of the 5E Guard Codex, I'm going to make a big push to finally complete this army.

One of the big challenges is that I've made this pretty difficult for myself:
- roughly 120 Guardsmen, currently about half painted in jungle camo
- all converted Tanks
The only real saving grace is that I use the fixed pose metal Tallarns as the basis for my army, and that I don't convert those models...

So going forward, any adds require camo paint jobs and tank conversions to match existing models.

1. All Guard infantry prepped, primered, basecoated, painted, and based
2. All Guard vehicles built, primered, basecoated, and painted
3. All Guard superheavies built, primered, basecoated, and painted

Major Tasks
1. finish building existing stuff
2. buy & build new releases

Task Details

1st. - finish building existing stuff
- prep & glue Guardsmen to bases
- drill barrels & pin weapons
- pre-texture bases
- build Atlas ARV, Sentinel

2nd. - buy & build new releases
- order & buy Codex, Shadowsword, Basilisks Valkyries, Sentinels
- build Basilisks & Hellhound
- build Valkyries & Sentinels
- build Baneblade & Shadowsword:

3rd. - PAINT!
- mass prime & basecoat
- paint & retouch infantry
- paint tanks
- finish final details


OK, I'm starting with the Infantry, as I like to think I own all the models that I'm going to need.


Plan of action:
1. Glue 37 Guard onto bases.
2. Drill 6 MLs, 3 Melta, and 10 Plasma barrels
3. Pin 2 MLs, 2 weapon arms
4. Pre-base 52 Guard
5. Prime 52 Guard
6. Paint 71 Guard
7. Base total 150 Guard

Every journey starts with a single step, and tonight, I started gluing guys to their bases, so this is the first measurable progress for the year.

I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew with this resolution, but it's a good challenge...


Bought +10 = +10 things to do each step...

crap. Bought 5 more Tallarns & 5 Chancers...

bought a FW Techpriest & 4 Servo-Skulls, too.

bought PBS and Rough Riders, ordered Deathstrike & Cold Ones...


as of 8/8/2010

3 Commissars - 1 unpainted
4 Officers - 1 unpainted
7 Sergeants - 5 unpainted

13 ML teams - 6 unpainted

11 Plasma - 4 unpainted
12 Meltas - 6 unpainted
2 Flamers - 2 unpainted
1 GL dude - 1 unpainted

55 Lasguns - 34 unpainted!

25 Storms - 1 unpainted

3 Ogryns - 3 unbuilt
20 Psykers - 20 unbuilt
7 Cold One Riders - need 7 Cold Onest

+5 Chancers - 5 unpainted
+FW Techpriest & 4 Servo-Skulls - 5 unpainted

10 Sentinels - 10 unbuilt

5 Chimeras - all converted, but plan to reconvert

2 Hellhounds - 2 converted

1 Manticore - reconvert from Griffon
1 Deathstrike - not bought
1 Basilisks - started 1st conversion

2 Leman Russes - started conversion
3 Demolishers - started conversion

1 Atlas - unstarted

2 Valkyries - unbuilt

1 Shadowsword - started conversion
1 Baneblade/ Stormlord - unbuilt

150 dudes, of which 71 need painting, after 6 MLs and 13 specials have their barrels drilled.
28 vehicles to paint, and nearly all will need some work (build / convert / reconvert).
2 superheavies needing to be built

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

The Computer

Sounds great! Post pictures of your painted models when you can .


^If you want to see if it works, sign up and ask people in the chat. 
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

@randomfrog: That's going to be quite a while from now, but if you want to get an idea of what they'll look like, you can click on (WWW) to get to my Fotki site...

Expect to see a lot of jungle greens!

Since the last update, I've made a little progress:

- stripped 4 Guardsmen (yay for CSC!)
- prepped 25 Guardsmen (filed mold lines)

It's boring, but necessary work before I can glue them into their bases.

As an aside, I've entered into a gentleman's contest with Howard Treesong to see who gets more Guard stuff completed in 2009.

I think we both win by competing.

Made in gb
Lord Commander in a Plush Chair


Hi, I'll do a blog with you, and we can push each other along.

JohnHwangDD wrote:7. Base total 140 Guardsmen.

I'd love to do that many, but I've done the maths and 140 DKOK would cost nearly £500, I'm going to go for a more modest 50.

I'd like to see a pic of your Trojan when it's done.
Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight

New Hampshire

I'd try and compete with the building if it wasn't for the fact that I'm building an Elysian Army and don't have as many models as you two. Should get my camera and take some pics and do a blog anyway though.

And I'm right there with you Howard on the cost of FW stuff. Spent $600 for my first batch of Elysians (61 men + 2 Sentinals) Next installment will be about $300-$350 and be another 30 men and a Vulture.

"Elysians: For when you absolutely, positively, must have 100% casualties" 
Made in us
Battleship Captain


Not to turn this into an Army List thread as I know it's a modeling blog, but I've been in a conundrum with my own IG army as to which heavy weapon to give each squad. Without knowing what 5E is going to look like, it's kinda hard to tell what HW loadout with be best. Consequently, I'm kinda spinning my wheels.

I see that you've resolved that issue by solely using MLs. Interesting decision!

Man, I wish there was a real Black Library where I could get a Black Library Card and take out Black Library Books without having to buy them. Of course, late fees would be your soul. But it would be worth it. - InquisitorMack 
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

Howard A Treesong wrote:Hi, I'll do a blog with you, and we can push each other along.

JohnHwangDD wrote:7. Base total 140 Guardsmen.

I'd love to do that many, but I've done the maths and 140 DKOK would cost nearly £500, I'm going to go for a more modest 50.

I'd like to see a pic of your Trojan when it's done.

Awesome. It's good to blogs this way.

At current GW retail prices, I shudder to think what my all-metal Tallarns and Storms would cost...

Though, when the plastic Storms arrive, that'll help considerably help your costs.

The Trojan is basically a tracked brick with a crane! (a sexy brick, but still a brick)

Salted Diamond wrote:I'd try and compete with the building if it wasn't for the fact that I'm building an Elysian Army and don't have as many models as you two. Should get my camera and take some pics and do a blog anyway though.

And I'm right there with you Howard on the cost of FW stuff. Spent $600 for my first batch of Elysians (61 men + 2 Sentinals) Next installment will be about $300-$350 and be another 30 men and a Vulture.

For me, it's not about numbers and volumes, but simply driving toward completion. I think it'd be great for you to join in and also work at competing your Guard this year.

Believe me, as a metal Guard player, I understand your pain with FW.

When those plastic Valks come out, you may do better to convert a Vulture?

Death By Monkeys wrote:I've been in a conundrum with my own IG army as to which heavy weapon to give each squad. Without knowing what 5E is going to look like, it's kinda hard to tell what HW loadout with be best.

I see that you've resolved that issue by solely using MLs. Interesting decision!

I think a mix of Heavies wouldn't hurt - if you use the plastics, then 3 Las, 3 ML, 3 AC, 3 HB, and 3 Mortars wouldn't be a bad start. I'm just hoping that ML costs will be fair when the new Codex arrives.

I originally went with MLs back in 3E because I liked the look of the models, and discovered that their "Jack of all Trades" utility is adequate for most games within the context of my army, so I stuck with them. I don't really need Lascannons due to the Demolishers and massed Meltas. Plus, I have plenty of Pie for hordes.

Besides, the metal Tallarn Heavies are awfully dated, while the FW resin Heavies are a little spendy...

Made in ca
Nasty Nob

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hey John, when you get done this swing by, i got another 398 Tallarn Guardsmen that need some loving

Only got about 120 of mine painted and game-ready.

I picked up some of the new FW Heavy Weapon teams too, they look great, even though I'm sitting on about 50 old HW teams of various weapons.

You need a titan or two to go with this

Current Project: Random quaratine models!
Most Recently Completed: Stormcast Nightvault Warband
On the Desk: Looking into 3D Printing!
Instagram Updates: @joyous_oblivion 
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

Oh, good lord...

What's funny, is that your 400 Tallarn are only about 2000 pts - the same as a company of 100 Marines.

That's precisely why I'm a treadhead.

I've got Titans planned, but first I've got to clear the Guard stuff out of the way. If I do that this year, maybe I can tackle a couple Warhounds next year. Though, I would love to hear that GW will make a plastic Warhound. GW does that, I'll buy 2.

Made in ca
Nasty Nob

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Yeah kinda depressing eh?

I also have a company of Russes and another company of Basilisks to go along with the lads, and a handful of superheavies.

400 guardsmen = 100 marines that sucks, lol

Current Project: Random quaratine models!
Most Recently Completed: Stormcast Nightvault Warband
On the Desk: Looking into 3D Printing!
Instagram Updates: @joyous_oblivion 
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

Been sick, feeling better, caught up on RL and finally got to hobby:
- glued 27 Guard into slottabases!

Liquid Fusion is crap for metal-plastic, so I'm tearing them off.

I'm going to use CA or Elmers Ultimate for the do-over.

Upon updating the initial post with a more detailed timeline, Holy Crap, that's a lot of work to do...

But at least I'm done filing mold lines.

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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

I broke out my entire set of playable IG stuff, and started reshuffling models around, trying to decide on what the army configuration ought to be, and this is what I came up with (for 4E):



Command Platoon
- Sr. Officer w/ ML
- 2x HWS w/ 3 ML
- HWS w/ 3 Mortars

3x Commissar


Culexus Assassin
Eversor Assassin

Orrus Spyre
2x Malcadon Spyre

3x 6 Veterans w/ 3 Meltas

2x 5 Stormtroopers w/ 2 Plasma
5 Stormtroopers w/ 2 Melta
5 Stormtroopers w/ 2 GL
5 Stormtroopers w/ 2 Flamer


Mechanized Platoon
- Platoon HQ w/ 4 Plasma & mini-Chimera
- 3x Platoon Squad w/ Melta & ML, Chimera

Infantry Platoon
- Platoon HQ w/ 4 Plasma
- 2x Platoon Squad w/ ML & Plasma

Armored Fist
- Platoon Squad w/ ML & Plasma, Chimera


2x Hellhound



3x Demolisher
2x Leman Russ

Griffon (count as)

Even with tight model-to-model (BtB infantry) and unit-to-unit (<2" coherency this had a footprint 36" wide, 24" deep, and doesn't include my Atlas or Baneblade WIPs. Add the stuff I'm planning to buy and build (2 Superheavies, 4 Sentinels, 3 Valks, and 4 more Tanks), and I'm going to need a bigger table in 2010 if I want to display it all...

Pics, later...

5E plans

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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

Attached are pics of my army as it stands today:

-- Forward Line --
2x 5 Storms w/ Flamers / GLs
2x Hellhounds

AF squad w/ ML & Plasma

3 Spyres
Eversor & Culexus Assassins
Colonel w/ Servo Skull & Girl
3 Commissars
Inquisitor w/ Mystic & Priest
2x Platoon squad w/ 4 Plasma / 2 Flamers & GL

3x 5 Storms w/ Plasma / Meltas
3x Demolisher w/ HB, RTM

Middle Line

Mechanized Platoon
3x Platoon Squad w/ ML, Melta, Chimera
Platoon Command w/ 4 Plasmas, mini-Chimera

2x HWS w/ MLs
HWS w/ Mortars

3x 6 Veterans w/ 3 Meltas

Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command w/ ML
2x Platoon Squad w/ ML, Plasma

-- Rear Line --


Last Chancers w/ HB



2x Leman Russ w/ HB
[Thumb - JH IG army.jpg]
Army overview

[Thumb - JH IG army LF.jpg]
Left Flank view

[Thumb - JH IG army RF.jpg]
Right Flank view

Made in us
Executing Exarch

Odenton, MD

Did you build most of those tanks out of plasti-card?

either way could we get some more shots of them?
Made in us
Ultramarine Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Plano, Texas

Awesome army DD!
Do you have any close up pictures of your hellhounds? And different angles would be cool too.


Ultramarines army Profile

Inquisition army profile

My Titan PLOG

My Imperial PLOG

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

Yeah, I'm pretty comfortable with scratchbuilding. I've gone through amount of sheet styrene in the process here.

These are basically stock, the only trick is that I use the extra Griffon / Basilisk plate and set that up front as extra spaced armor. I use sprue to set the plate forward and add skids on the plate.

I add custom track guards out of styrene, and I don't bother with track on the upper runs where it would be concealed - this speeds assembly considerably.

I recut the Leman Russ Turret stowage to fit the back of the Chimera Turret. This helps immensly in bulking out the Chimera Turret. Also, I revise the turret gun mount, as I'm considering co-ax Heavy Stubber, depending on the next Codex.

I cut down the rear Lasguns, as I don't like their length.

The AF Chimera (in grey) with the Heavy Stubber is the original, and varies only slightly from the rest.

This was based on trying to adapt the PzKw I/F to 40k, and basically sectioned 2 wheels out of the chassis, while narrowing the hull. It's cute, yes?

This is a Chimera with a custom box multi-rocket launcher. There is a scissors mount for the box, and if I had injection plastic technology, it would work...

I probably ought to add transport cover plates front and rear, but the army concept works fine without them.

Leman Russes
I wanted Russes but hated the Shermanesque designs. I reconcepted them as SPGs following the JagdPz 38t "Hetzer" after seeing the FW Destroyer / Thunderer conversion kits when they first came out.

I keep the tracks and side plates to define the basic chassis, but reverse the lower hull plate to remove the bullet trap.

I build a custom upper superstructure that allows me to use the gun mount and engine cover as decorative bitz.

The mk.I version has the Trench Rails and semi-riveted hull, but subsequent versions omit this, as it's harder to build.

Subsequently, the gun barrel was replaced by styrene tube, after seeing that the FW DKoK Russes got thinner barrels.

The basic chassis is identical to the standard Russ, but I build a custom upper superstructure with a recess for the Demolisher Cannon bitz instead of retaining the turret mount which is unneeded. I use GS to gap fill.

Also, I re-gap the barrel with plasticard to make it round, rather than oval.

After the AC article, I started to add side skirts to help remind that this is AV13 on the sides.

These are nearly full-scratch, starting with the Chimera, but extending the cab to mount a Turret ring taken from a Defiler cab.

The Turret is semi-scratch-built based on reversing the FW Artemia so the gun defaults to properly sitting along the centerline.

The rear deck is scratchbuilt, but is punched to carry the stock fuel tanks.

At this point, I wanted to add more Armored Company elements, so I mocked up a Hydra hull. I didn't like the FW design, as the turret is much too large. Instead, I took the Flakpanzer Gepard as the primary inspiration.

The Hydra Turret is very close to a full scratch, but is actually a near complete elemental teardown and rebuild of a Leman Russ Turret. I still need to gap fill this thing...

The twin long Autocannons use leftover Defiler Autocannon bitz that I had handy. If I could have gotten a set of new plastic Autocannons, that would also have been fine.

This is still partly WiP, and is based on the Soviet 2S7 "Peony" SPG. Like the Russes, this is pretty much a Full Scratch Build.

The cab is pushed forward as the RL vehicle uses the mass of forward cab as a counterweight to increase the inertial momentum against dynamic recoil forces. Pretty clever design, actually.

As it is enclosed, I extend the cab backwards to where the gun would mount at the rear. So the notional interior crew space is huge.

I added a rear spade to dig itself in for proper recoil management. I still need to finish the hydraulics for this...

The barrel takes the necked portion of the stock Earthshaker and extends it with narrower styrene tube. I then added upper and lower recoil compensators. One challenge is that I need to mount the gun to the chassis, and pseudo-articulating this is a pain. Oh, well...

Anyhow, if you click on my [WWW] button, there are some more detailed pictures of many of the vehicles under 40k / IG.
[Thumb - Hellhoundst-vi.jpg]
IG Hellhound conversion / scratchbuild

[Thumb - Hydras-vi.jpg]
IG Hydra conversion / scratchbuild

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There's some cool tanks! I like the well-thought out planning of all the tanks, makes them look like they were built by the same forgeworld. It's interesting that everyone seems to hate the basic hellhound; I like your take a lot, though I'm not convinced by the placement of the cannon. To each his own I guess .

Now get painting!

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A Squeaky Waaagh!!

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Thanks, guys!

FWIW, I probably spend a week on designing each tank conversion, which is why thy match up together.

WRT the Hellhound, the FW design has some strange design decisions, like the forward-opening cab, interference tank, and maximum offset gun barrel. However, the detailing is great and the concept is strong.

The basic GW Hellhound, is, of course, poo, because the conversion wasn't thought out very well. Clearly, it was just a slap-on for the existing Chimera, and it shows.

And yeah, painting pre work continues this month!

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John - so does that mean you've got a bunch of Leman Russ turrets lying around available for trade or purchase?

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Nope, not a one.

Each of the 2 Russes uses the front half of the turret to mount the gun.

Two of the turrets from the Demolishers were converted into the Hellhound turrets.

The last Demolisher turret was converted into the Hydra turret.

That's 5 of 5 accounted for.

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Man, I wish there was a real Black Library where I could get a Black Library Card and take out Black Library Books without having to buy them. Of course, late fees would be your soul. But it would be worth it. - InquisitorMack 
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Damn John, I didn't know you were so handy with the modeling skills, your army looks ace so far!

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Thanks, Reecius. It's funny, I never broke out the entire IG army until now, just whatever I happened to play with.

Seeing the whole thing arrayed out is kinda exciting!

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Where is a picture of the Hydra? As I am curious what it looks like as I have a spare Chimera Hull that I want to make a Hydra out of.

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Hydra link


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That's a lot of stuff.

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@malfred: And it's only going to grow with the IG release.

I can hardly wait!

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