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So I started collecting dark elves the last time Iwas seriously into warhammer fantasy, which was the late 90's and early 2000. Character hammer was coming on strong at the time and a move to cali found few fantasy players around anyway and I decided to switch focus to 40k. Recently getting disappointed with the one dimensional and one sided fights of 5th ed 40k, so dusting off the old DE units for some fantasy play. Since I started these 10 years ago when I was just out of my teens, the paint scheme is not very original, but oh well. I'm not playing enough to repaint everythign so I'm just finishing out with aprox. the same scheme. The Black guard, Hydra, and Cold one Knights are the only recent paint jobs., and were sort of rushed just to get them playable and on the table. Everything else is about ten years old. The shades are old chaos cultist with somewhat lamly converted r. crossbows. The cold one knights had their metal bendy lances replaced with plastic spears. The black guard tower master is converted to hold a spear instead of the "my halberd is smaller than all of yours he comes with, and better looking than the old dumb jagged sword that I still have from 2000). Thats about it for conversions .. which is pretty light for any of my armies. The hydra is from reaper minis and has a pal on the painting table right now too.

[Thumb - 100_8332.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8333.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8334.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8335.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8336.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8337.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8338.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8339.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8340.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8341.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8343.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8345.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8347.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8348.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8349.JPG]

[Thumb - 100_8352.JPG]
Oh yeah and then there's these guys but they really don't count anymore

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Looks pretty darn good overall. Nice work.

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Lookin' good.

And the scenic bases ain't bad neither.
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