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Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

A good friend who is an excellent painter has been giving me assignments lol homework really, to refine my skills. I'll be sharing them here and if you try it out for yourself post it here!!



1. prime model
2. pick a high contrasting color to the base (black primer, white paint here)
3. think up a design or look one up on google images.
4. I did this but you can find your own way. I made little dots of the design then connected them. (the "teacher" uses a colored pencil sharpened to a needle tip to rough out his designs

1st layer---- paint 1:1 water/color
2nd layer--- Dip brush in 1st mix, then dip just the tip in raw paint (get a little blob on it) then wipe it on a towel lightly just to get the bulb off and refine your painting tip.

here's my mess lol.

notes: This is a bit much with the white over black. It's to get you use to the movements. Better effects will be achieved when using tones of the same color i.e. on a blue cloak and designing with blue green.

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Guardsman with Flashlight

Wow that makes a lot of sense I will try that on my next fig, thanks.

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Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws

Troutdale, Oregon

I love the idea of exercises, keep them coming!

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Las Vegas

Yeah, these are really cool! Thanks!

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

That is the most fabulous Khorne Beserker I've ever seen.

Good tips though, I especially like the one about dipping the brush in straight paint with thinned underneath. I always have trouble striking a balance between thin enough to flow, but not so thick that it doesn't dry smooth, especially in small detail areas like that.
Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

Thanx! I'm glad you guys liked the info. I'll share more with you as I get the "assignments" lol. I'm still learning just like you and I thought it was a cool and fun exercise to try.

Made in us
Screamin' Stormboy

Winston-Salem, NC


-Learning to put yourself in another person's shoes emotionally is something that everyone has to learn eventually. It's part of learning to be a human being. Gamers do it for fun. 
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Sacrifice to the Dark Gods

What would one suggest i look up to find a kool design?

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Grey Knight Psionic Stormraven Pilot

Sacramento, CA

Cletic knots are probably a good place to start.

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Imperial Recruit in Training


LBursley Thank You ! it helped me!

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Made in us
Bane Knight

Washington DC metro area.

Shas'o Lorgar wrote:What would one suggest i look up to find a kool design?


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Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch

that looks very cool. Perfect for tatoos on Daemonettes, or making models look uber-cool.
About how long did that take you?

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Is that followed by a pile-in move?

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Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

At the time about 25 minutes. Much faster now

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Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine

Gloucester, MA

That looks awesome mate

Made in us
Drone without a Controller


Shas'o Lorgar wrote:What would one suggest i look up to find a kool design?

Go here, pick a cool-looking script, and write out something simple (the name of the unit, its rank, the name of its army, 'test', 'paint'...) in that script over and over. Or do the same thing with the Tau alphabet.
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