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Made in us
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

Ok so here is the first paint job. i have ever done (shaky hands makes it hard to paint detail). I must thank Porkuslime for his post on dipping tyranids, cause that is what i did.
I only have one pic as my cameras focus function doesnt want to play right now.

Primed in white, carapace done in warlock purple, the "muscle" in between the legs and arms done in scorpion green, tounge and feet done in blood red.
I dipped him in min-u-wax ebony wood stain.
I also did the teeth and spurs in mithril silver. The silver got covered up un the dip, but im hopeing with my hormagaunts that doesnt happen on the talons.

[Thumb - IMG_0257.jpg]

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World Eaters 5000 pts 
Made in us
Deadshot Weapon Moderati

Under the Himalaiyan mountains

He's got silver eyes. But its a cool shiny look. Reminds me of that one article awhile back with metallic tyranids...
You've got skillz though, it looks nice and not thick paint like my first model. THE HORROR!!!

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"I.. I know my time has come" Tethesis said with a gasp, a torrent of blood flowing from his lips.
"No! Hang on brother!!" Altharius could feel the warmth slip away from his dear sibling's hands

Tethesis's reached out his bloodied arm to Altharius's face.
"I..I have one final request"
Altharius leaned close to listen, tears welling in his once bright eyes.
"make sure th..they put my soulstone in a tank... it'll be... real fethin' cool"
"Yes, you're gonna be the most fethin' cool tank!!" burning hot tears streaked down Altharius's face, as he held his brother's soul in his grasp.
Made in gb
Towering Hierophant Bio-Titan

Bristol, England

Looking OK. Must say that I am not the biggest fan of your scheme.
Two quick tips...
Finish the base, it is a guaranteed method to make ANY model look better.
Deeply exhaling whilst painting dramaticaly reduces shake.
Hope this helps.

Oli: Can I be an orc?
Everyone: No.
Oli: But it fits through the doors, Look! 
Made in us
Angry Blood Angel Assault marine

New Jersey

soooo... metallic nid. if their skin is really metal the Imperium forces would already dead...IMO

i would suggest to paint the eye scab red to suit this metallic theme.

Made in ca
Stealthy Dark Angels Scout with Shotgun

Zerg Spawning Pool

Good, good...

The base has to be done, though. And it has to be brown. Do the vertical part Scorched Brown, and then paint over Dark Flesh. I wouldn't leave out the SB, because the silver will show through if it's just the DF. I would put sand or dirt on top of it, but paint it like mentioned above first.

For the eyes, I think the green like the guns would be better than red.

Oh, and you missed purpling some spikes on the tail.

"Turn the tables and sometimes your pieces are the only ones that fall off the board."

Wah! I like dis beef too much!

And nothing else...  
Made in gb
Ork-Hunting Inquisitorial Xenokiller

If I knew, I'd tell you.

Not a big fan.....
Although you need to paint the base a different colour(black, grey, brown...) and paint the eyes red or green.

The oonivers vill burn!  
Made in us
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

Kool. Thanks for the C&C. Just to clarify a few things: I will be basing it, I had to wait for the varnish to dry before touching it. I am going to paint the eyes green or red, leaning towards green so i dont get a color conflict with the purple. As for being metallic nids....sure, not what i had in mind but what ever makes it menacing looking.


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World Eaters 5000 pts 
Made in ie
Longtime Dakkanaut

Why not have a try without the dip? Through a strong badab black wash on the skin, and a watered devlin on the rest, and see how it works.

The dip seems to be obscuring an awful lot of the work you are puttng into them, it is possible to see how neat a job you did, but the dip is letting it down somewhat.

Try it out and see how it goes, you may prefere it as a result, and if not, you can dip it afterwards haha.

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