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Made in ie
Boosting Space Marine Biker

heres a nice quick tutorial to how to
make cloaks.

you will need
a splucting tool
amodel you want a cloak on
half a brain(kidding...........or am i mahahahahaha)

[Thumb - IMG_1762.JPG]
the tools

[Thumb - IMG_1760.JPG]
mold you green stuff till....

[Thumb - IMG_1765.JPG]
you get this

[Thumb - IMG_1768.JPG]
flatten it into desired shape leave a nib at the top

[Thumb - IMG_1772.JPG]
drape it on the model as needed let it flow into shape

[Thumb - IMG_1774.JPG]
or just push it

[Thumb - IMG_1781.JPG]
until your happy with it

[Thumb - IMG_1777.JPG]
put a nib on the top to show it held on(optional)

[Thumb - IMG_1780.JPG]
now ready to go

[Thumb - IMG_1791.JPG]
and remember camoeflage coz no ones gonna notice a moving bush cover tank

Made in ca
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Can you show us how to do the folds and creases?

nice camo on the tank hehe

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Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

not offence but thats just a triangle of greenstuff on a model...
Made in us
Servoarm Flailing Magos


Yup. Another tutorial that basically tells us what we already know.

Oh wait, I didn't know greenstuff was supposed to be green.... j/k.

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Such soft, delicate hands...

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Also, strippers. 
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The eye of terror.

a splucting tool

I don't know what splucting is.

I don't want to know.

And I'm afraid to know why it needs a tool.

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Gwar! wrote:Willydstyle has it correct
Gwar! wrote:Yup you're absolutely right

New to the game and can't win? Read this.

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Why do we need to poke fun? At least he had a go.

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Somewhere in southern England.

If someone thinks they can do a better tutorial why not have a go and write it up.

Don't just slag off the OP.

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Toronto (GTA), Ontario

I would if I had the guts to go out and buy some of that green stuff. Anyone know where I can get GS cheaper than 12$ for 3"X2" of GS?? If you do and I find it cheap then I MIGHT make a tutorial.


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Made in gb
Monster-Slaying Daemonhunter

Rather than looking for "green stuff", search the net for Kneadatite, which is it's real name, and you'll find some very cheap stuff.

Made in ie
Boosting Space Marine Biker

ty lunhound saving my back once again

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