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I cannot seem to find information anywhere: but do the units contained in the IG Battleforce (cadian, specifically) contain ALL the components you would get if you bought the units separately? I.e. the sentinel has all the weapon options, the HWTs have different weapons to choose from, etc.

In particular:
A)I want to know if the sentinel can be the fully enclosed and top-armored. I think the scout sentinels are just silly.
B)Do the heavy weapons teams have the options to be mortars? (As a ex-11C for the military this is important to me)

Any enlightenment on the subject would be appreciated!

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In any Battleforce I've bought, its just the entire contents of each box emptied into a bigger box.

For example, a Tau apocalypse force I bought had 2 Sky Rays and 1 Hammerhead. Each Sky Ray normal box comes with the full hammerhead weapons sprue (for the same price as a hammerhead, hence why my FLGS stopped stocking the HH box and only has the Skyray). However, the box still came with 3 full hammerhead sprues + 2 sky ray sprues.

Now I can't say specifically for the Cadian stuff but i'd have to assume its the same thing.
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There's no differece between the BattleForce models and the regular models. Whatever you can do with the regular models you can do with the BattleForce models.

The new Sentinel kit allows any sort of armoured top. The plastic HW teams have always allowed mortars.

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