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How does your local venue handle bye's for 'ard boyz?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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What sort of points do they give to a player receiving a bye?

And does it matter what round the bye is given in?

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Sourclams wrote:He already had more necrons than anyone else. Now he wants to have more necrons than himself.

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the last place player is given the bye.

Round 1 minor vic
round 2 major
round 3 massacre

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Superior Stormvermin

Our venue has back-up players in the case of an odd number of people showing up. Basically its people who didn't sign up before it filled up.

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My FLGS store owners play, and they fill slots if need be.

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Woodbridge, VA

We don't give byes, it's easy enough to have a ringer available.

Northern VA/Southern MD 
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Feasting on the souls of unworthy opponents

owner or TO steps in to play, or the last place player (in round 2 or 3) is given the bye. As for what they get...that really depends on you. For example, if you *MUST* do a round 1 bye because you have no options, you should give them a massacre, and D6 off for each extra point.

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