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I am new to 40k and need to pick up my primer rulebook. I was advised by a GW workshop employee to pick up the blackreach box as it contains one and is a better deal for a variety of reasons, while I do agree with this, I noticed that the rulebook included in blackreach is 115 pages(per GW site, give or take a page or two) and the stand alone hardcover book is 320 or so. It states the stand alone contains tips on modeling, painting, battletops, etc... but I was wondering if the blackreach primer is missing any vital information. I'd like to just go the cheaper route and get some orcs and marines to practice painting and conversions on, but I dont want a gimped rulebook. Does anyone have experience with both books that might be able to verify the blackreach one contains all the points of gameplay?

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Yes, the AoBR rulebook has all the necessary information to play, but it is missing some fluffy type stuff in the back of the book. All the rules are there though.

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The AoBR rulebook is the same, word-for-word, page-for-page as the standard rulebook up until the fluff and colour sections. Basically, if you want the rules, AoBR is all you'd need. Only get the big one if you desperately want the colour/fluff bits.

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You have all the same rules in the little book as in the big one.

However, if you are completely new to the 40K universe then I would suggest getting the big book at some point as it will give you a good feel for all the races, lots of pictures of battlefields and terrain, etc. The little rulebook is much handier to carry and use while playing though.

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Sneaky Chameleon Skink


I've played the PC games so I have a general idea of how the game stands fluff wise, and I must say it's very refreshing to see that most of the 40k players I've run into, even the ones primarily in it for the game and not the fluff, still know a bit of the lore associated with it. Coming from CCG's and world of warcraft, it's a very nice change to see the 'fluff', as you call it here in 40k land, being appreciated and not overlooked.

There arent any gaming groups I'm aware of in this town so until my wife and I move I'm primarily in it for the hobby side, but I still want my force to be viable on a table, hence my need for the rulebook. That being said though, my first choices at GW were paint kits and the "how to paint miniatures" book so I'm covered on that aspect I think.

...On an creepy side note, I typed "warhammer 40k abilene" into google to see if there were any groups here and got this post as the third result in the returns =\.
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Welcome to the hobby bobert! enjoy your stay. You sound liek your going about it in a very well thought out way. So best of luck with getting started and theres plenty of folk here who will guide you in the right direction

BoW- John

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