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Galveston County

So, with everyone's experience this weekend I was wondering what the cheesiest combinations everyone saw?

I read so much trash talk about how things "would" work out on paper, I'm interested to see how things actually worked out.

I've read through the numerous 'Ard Boy results, and seem to see an awful lot of Mech Eldar (Jet bike Councils) laying the smack down.

So, baring those lists that cheated (because there's a difference between cheeting and cheesy) what was the single craziest effective combo people saw?

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Iron Fang

Troy, OH

I don't know if it was cheesy, because it didn't seem to perform well against the stealer/fex 'nid list and wasn't rocking the horde ork list in its second and third games, but I saw a Vulkan/Khan bike melta list.

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Fixture of Dakka

Feasting on the souls of unworthy opponents

Well, since I won....I'm going to have to say that the most effective combo was mechanized Orks.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Vulkan is a pretty nasty list. Probably the most effective way to play marines now.

Ork Horde is nastier. There are a lot of armies that literally can't deal with it. Mech horde is probably more effective than a walking one. Not sure if Nob bikerz are more effective than Ork Horde...

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I think 14+ Armored vehicles is a little tough to handle. But that's just me

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