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Hey folks:

For those of you who have participated in 'Ard Boyz before....

Do the scenarios stay the same throughout the tournament, or do they change for each round? And if they do change, any input on how long before each event they are released?

Made in us
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Woodbridge, VA

Lst year they changed........

Northern VA/Southern MD 
Made in us
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The scenarios did indeed change last year, but will still most probably be some variation on the standard 3x3 scenario/deployment grid, once again with minor tweaks and specifications (removing of random turn limit and setting the number of objectives as in prelim scenario 1, for instance). As for a release time, I would guess at minimum 1 week before the event. Although I must say that the whole thing seems much more organized this year, as I already knew where I was going for the semifinals on Friday, whereas last year we were in the dark for a few weeks on locations, let alone scenarios for round 2.

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