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Made in au
Three Color Minimum

In the casting shack.

Really liking that alien hive mat.

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Made in cz
Regular Dakkanaut

Big realease from https://www.gamemat.eu/ is here. Medieval town battle mat and 2 terrain sets together creating epic setting!

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut


I recently bought the badland 6x4 mat and terrain from gamemat.eu. I'm happy with both of them, they looked great as a photo from a recent game shows (The rocky bits and mat are theirs) and our table got a lot of complements on it's looks. I had two very small chips which I can't imagine is a common problem as the terrain was very well packages in the polystyrene cube with piece specific holes cut-out. No problems with the mat. I asked them for a paint list so I could touch up the chips. It turned out the paint would not very easy for me to obtain but they were apologetic and our conversation gives me confidence that if I had a more serious problem they would to fix it without any difficulty.

If anyone is interested I fixed up the chips using a black brush on primer, VMC Flat Brown, a mix of VGC Heavy Orange and AP Skeleton Bone and finished off with GW Karak Stone.

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Made in cz
Regular Dakkanaut

Thank you!

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Our new video: Welcome to the Fallout Zone! battle mat and terrain by https://www.gamemat.eu/

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Made in cz
Basecoated Black

Sands of War neoprene gaming mat in action https://www.urbanmatz.com/p/258/sands-of-war-6x4

Made in cz
Basecoated Black

very nice pictures of Grassland neoprene gaming mat by URBANMATZ in action https://www.urbanmatz.com/p/192/grassland-6x4

Made in us
Khorne Rhino Driver with Destroyer

Jackson, TN

Might not be the correct place to ask, but I was wondering if anyone found a neoprene mat (mouse mat material) that also has the 8th edition match play deployment zones overlay available?

I found https://matsbymars.com/collections/48-x-72-mats Mats By Mars but they are using vinyl banner material, which I am not a fan of, but they do have the 40k overlay option.

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