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Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

Spoletta wrote:
 McGibs wrote:
Raising the Banner starts at the end of your movement phase, and gets completed at the end of your turn. The enemy can't really do anything to stop it. They have to go an reclaim the objective to turn it off, they can't just shoot the unit that did the action (it already put up it's flag).

BUT, units taking actions cant advance, fallback, shoot or charge while they're doing them, so in the case of Raise the Banners, if you did it with a big expensive 30 man unit, you've now just sacrificed that units combat capability for the turn. I'm sure there will be other actions that make taking large units a bonus, but it sure ain't for that example one.

Oh that's true I missed that.

So we are going to have actions that are completed in the same turn and actions that require you to make it through the round.... interesting.

I guess that a lot of the balance of 9th edition will be defined by the secondary missions available.

I mean, we do not actually know that there will be actions requiring you to make it thru the round. That's pure conjecture at this point from the folks who want to believe there's some bonus to taking larger units in light of the tremendous heap of gak that's been piled on them as if they're some kind of relevant in the current competitive meta
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Well GW certainly led people down that garden path by previewing a mission that stated you had to hold the objective untill the start of your command phase to score the victory points.

However the newer previews contradict that heavily and allow people to score objectives with actions entirely in their own turn means you'll never be able to interact with them they just automatically get that bonus for holding that objective
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