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Made in us
Squishy Squig

One thing that has always annoyed me was how those GW and Eavy Metal guys paint horns (brown/bleached bone) so well.
Horns like these:

I play 40k, but the image has nice big horns/wing tips.

If anyone has any tips or knows a tutorial, please tell me.

Thanks in advance!

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Made in ca
Mounted Kroot Tracker

Ontario, Canada

I don't paint horns at all, and this seems the suitable answer to your problem.
I would guess the lighter colors further out at the tip?

Night Watch SM
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Made in us
Masculine Male Wych

Start basecoat black, then mix 2:1 bleached bone and black, then 1:1 bleached bone to black, then straight bleached bone, to 1:1 bleached bone to white, then straight white

Made in us
Squishy Squig

Nightwatch wrote:I don't paint horns at all, and this seems the suitable answer to your problem.
I would guess the lighter colors further out at the tip?

Well, atm I ussually just paint the whole horn bleached bone, but I'm not 100% satisfied.

Also, it doesn't just get darker/lighter. Theres also small strokes that dispurse from the middle and I always make mistakes when I try to do them.
Made in us
Chosen Baal Sec Youngblood

There is a good step by step guide in the GW book “How to Paint Citadel Miniatures”. The miniature was an ork. I believe it is based with scorched brown (or equivalent) then bestial brown, followed by vomit brown, bleached bone, and finally skull white. The key for me was building up the thinned down layers that formed the “tentacles” which work their way up the horn (tip of the horn being the lightest color). You could also use black and gray like others have suggested . Took a few tries but worked out real well. Good luck.

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