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Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal


What started out innocently enough has now turned into a massive project for me. The new SpaceHulk box basically got me out of a 5+ year hobby hibernation when the first pics were released late last summer. I didn't intend to start painting large groups again, having painted a pretty large DA army back in the day and promising myself I would focus on single models as show-pieces rather than collect a range. Started out slow by painting an Ork nob that came with a WD a few years back, and then boom like a bad habit you can never really kick I got back into things full swing and ordered the box that enticed me back lol.

After slogging through the Stealers for a many, many hours and painting them all to equal standard (the Broodlord is currently sitting at 8.8 on CoolMini, and he received no more attention than the regular ones) and reading through my old original SpaceHulk rulebooks, I decided I wanted to create a complete range of models, allowing any version of the game to be played. This meant hybrids.

I started off with concept art, trying to figure out how to approach them, and drew up new versions of each generation. The thing is, at the time, I had very little experience with conversion beyond chopping and glueing, and had never tried GS or plasticard/rod conversions. That, combined with a pretty hectic career led me to the decision to consider hiring a sculptor and outsourcing the models themselves, leaving me to paint them. I proceeded to hire Inquisitor Earl based off his Mechanicus project, and sent over the materials. He will begin working on them soon. In the meantime, I have been studying GS and Plastirod techniques, and withheld enough bits for one of each generation so I could have a go myself, either to fail miserably, or to use them as a demo to Earl in order to show what I was picturing. To my great surprise, the results are pretty good so far IMO! Now don't get me wrong, I think Earl will kill this and I do not have enough time to do the number I intend in the timeframe I wanted so no regrets whatsoever if you see this Earl lol!

So here we go, 1st the concept art

Now the mini, note he is missing his weapon harness and loincloth as depicted in the concept, and I need to finish up the feet and smooth a bit here and there, but you get the idea -

This IP 1st gen hybrid is heavily converted from a stealer and ghoul parts, lots of GS. My first real gs conversion actually, work done includes sculpted ghoul head details, replacing hands on 'normal hands' arms with ghoul hands, bulked out wrists, shortened arms. Smoothing of rending hands and shortened rending claws. Shorter tail and sculpted lower abdomen detail. Feet made more human like and flattened, mostly gs, legs repositioned into a more human-like stance. All limb ribbing details smoothed except at joints. As per the concept art, he will have a heavy weapon mounted on a harness on his back, and a leather tabard. The idea is that they are intelligent enough to be told where to go, and strong enough to carry the weapons on their own, but the harness has a built-in targeting system that allows a 4th gen 'handler' to fire the weapon remotely. Came up with this to get around the fluff that says they are still not 'human' enough to understand technology beyond absolute basics.

The Broodlord -

So there is the Genestealer side as it stands more or less. I will be adding classic familiars to a few bases, including the Broodlord, and am debating a little OSL here and there. I will show the concept art for 3rd and 4th Gen as I complete the mini templates for them, but if you are really curious, they are all in my galleries.

In the end, I will have 10 4th gen hybrid troops, 4 3rd gen special weapons hybrids and4 heavy weapon 1st/2nd gen hybrids. And a magus of course . Next update will probably be him with his IP missile launcher harness, hopefully sometime this week.

Before that though, next post, Imperials -

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Made in au
Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator

That is awesome. Planning on making a 3D board for Space Hulk?
Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

Now that the Stealers are covered, the imperials.

Tackled the dead termie objective as a testbed for the armor, although I intentionally made it darker than the live guys, it won't be too much lighter than the pic, I'm a crimson/wine/blood red kinda guy.

Next up was the CAT, I hated the little Gazebo and Xmas tree on the back, and decided I wanted this thing looking like a mechanicum bad-ass, So I chopped it up and gave it the plastirod/bits treatment. Much cooler looking now IMO

Finally, the termies themselves. First, I had already roughly basecoated the red and gold, but I couldn't deal with the featureless surfboard bases, so I stopped paiting and decided to chop them off the bases, and ordered FENRIS Sulaco resin deck plating bases for them. They have a few minor bits added, particularly the librarian,but for the most part are unchanged. Here they are waiting for re-basing -

In the spirit of the Space Hulk: Complete idea, I added 5 more termies into the mix - 2 SB+PF, 1 extra SB + sword Sarge, Cyclone termie and SB + Chainfist termie. These guys are designed to make sure I can accommodate almost any mission load-out I have seen. They have been converted subtly but pretty extensively, and were my first minor ventures into GS before hitting the first gen hybrid. I am quite happy with how they turned out, and I find they sit pretty well with the 3rd Edition box termies. Here they are, along with 2 forgeworld mechanicum models, meant to represent either objectives or possibly VIP's for escort missions. Minor conversions on these guys too -

Finally, the only one missing is a Captain. For this one, I am working with FreakForge from B and C, the job started before the new BA models were revealed, and to my surprise (still not sure if I am happy or pissed lol) many of the concepts I had for the model turned up in the form of the Sanguinian models. The concept was for a Dante-like Captaion in Terminator armor, with the classic loadout of sword, SB and grenade launcher. Here is my original concept first, followed by Freakforges more complex return concept, the final model will sit somewhere between the 2. all attached is an early green of the face, with some photoshopping to get it closer to the finished version -

My concept, Dante like Captain

FreakForge's Concept

Quick Digital painting of mask, close up

Photoshopped WIP green of head

That's it for the BA team so far!

The board is worth a mention too but later,small detailes like black edging everything so no cardboard shows, custom dice (which can be glimpsed in a few shots) etc, but that will be for another post.

Comments welcome!

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Did Fulgrim Just Behead Ferrus?

The Netherlands

Wow.... That's all I can say at the moment!

Bits Blitz Designs - 3D printing a dark futuristic universe 
Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

General Stubbs wrote:That is awesome. Planning on making a 3D board for Space Hulk?

Nah, not yet anyways. I need a place to put all this stuff, and frankly at this rate I won't be playing for quite a while (I promised myself I would not actually play a game until everything was done, gives a little much needed motivation lol). What I may consider though is making some kind of display board for them when all is done and ready! As it stands I have 16 termies, half a CAT, 2 techpriests and 18 hybrids to paint, and keeping them the same level as the broodlord up there, that will take quite a bit of time lol.

That and the resin 3d pieces are expensive as hell!

Made in be
Liberated Grot Land Raida


If that's the attention you put inot all your models.. Wow... I'm more of an army painter myself, but it's always great to see models being taken to the next level.

A Squeaky Waaagh!!

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From 'The Plucking of Gindoo Phlem' 
Made in fi

Southern Finland

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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Anointed Dark Priest of Chaos


++ Death In The Dark++ A Zone Mortalis Hobby Project Log: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/663090.page#8712701
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Glasgow, Scotland

Cool idea, looking forward to seeing how you get on with it!

I've actually been working on my own magus conversion a bit lately with a view to finishing him (been keeping it on the down low for now though...) so it'll be interesting to see your own take on a magus.

Great concept sketches btw, designer by trade? Would love to talk with you about maybe doing some for me in future if your interested?



Made in us
Maddening Mutant Boss of Chaos


Everything looks super, I'm definitely going to be keeping up with this plog.
If I may make a suggestion? atm the blood drop on Dante's mask looks a little "afterthought-ish" like you needed some type of BA heraldry and stuck a blood drop on there. It may look completely different when you gs it out, but just my two cents based on your drawings.

Veteran Sergeant wrote:Oh wait. His fluff, at this point, has him coming to blows with Lionel, Angryon, Magnus, and The Emprah. One can only assume he went into the Eye of Terror because he still hadn't had a chance to punch enough Primarchs yet.

Albatross wrote:I guess we'll never know. That is, until Frazzled releases his long-awaited solo album 'Touch My Weiner'. Then we'll know.

warboss wrote:I marvel at their ability to shoot the entire foot off with a shotgun instead of pistol shooting individual toes off like most businesses would.

Mr Nobody wrote:Going to war naked always seems like a good idea until someone trips on gravel.

Ghidorah wrote: You need to quit hating and trying to control other haters hating on other people's hobbies that they are trying to control.

ShumaGorath wrote:Posting in a thread where fat nerds who play with toys make fun of fat nerds who wear costumes outdoors.

Marshal2Crusaders wrote:Good thing it wasn't attacked by the EC, or it would be the assault on Magnir's Crack.
Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

Lint wrote:Everything looks super, I'm definitely going to be keeping up with this plog.
If I may make a suggestion? atm the blood drop on Dante's mask looks a little "afterthought-ish" like you needed some type of BA heraldry and stuck a blood drop on there. It may look completely different when you gs it out, but just my two cents based on your drawings.

I hear ya, its one of the slapped on elements of the photoshop job as the current build doesnt have it. That element is actually copied off the current Dante model, in fact the whole helmet will be more or less a straight rip. Funnily enough, much as I was surprised to see my sword design come up with the new BA goldies, Freakforge's head design with the crown/halo half circle is also mysteriously similar to those models too lol, all done a month or 2 before the first shots started leaking out... weird!

If you have a suggestion that is neither of these I'm all open to hearing it! I like the blood drop on the original Dante, and I am not so fond of the crown/halo, so another option could be cool.

CMdante, hit me up with a pm or I will send a message soon, would be happy to brainstorm, and yes, guilty, I am in design and strategic marketing by profession lol, how did you know??? I didn't think I mentioned it in this thread but it was 2 am when I posted it lol.

Thanks for the extremely kind comments guys, it is really appreciated!

Made in us
Savage Khorne Berserker Biker

Leesburg, FL

Good stuff, really liked the broodlord spots. Quick question, what did you use and how did you go about removing the stupid hulk bases from those sweet sweet termies?

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Most Glorious Grey Seer

Everett, WA

Are those bases homemade or are they plastic/resin from some online place?

Made in us
Soul Token

Breotan wrote:Are those bases homemade or are they plastic/resin from some online place?

same question! Cuz those bases are pimpage.

The fastest, safest, and largest trade market on the net.
Made in us
Krielstone Bearer

Denver Colorado

RogueMarket wrote:
Breotan wrote:Are those bases homemade or are they plastic/resin from some online place?

same question! Cuz those bases are pimpage.

You guys I dont think there the same but i found BETTER Jawa balls (the youtube famouse guy) makes his own resin bases fyi

and they look like this but they are tyranid infested!!! ill post the link....

and there his new sculpt and they look F***ing GREAT


Hey! Check out my blog! http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/631974.page#7617935

"Searchers after horror haunt strange, far off places" - HP Lovecraft  
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Gorgeous! How do I bookmark a thread, I don't remember where the button is.

My army is better than a bear- It's like a bear times two. 
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Uppsala, Sweden

Rutteger1 wrote:Gorgeous! How do I bookmark a thread, I don't remember where the button is.

Lower left hand corner of your screen, way under the thread. Small text. I tend to loose it every now and then...
Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

Ooo those are pretty awesome! Might have went that way for the stealer bases had I seen them before.

The bases are from Fenris Games - http://www.fenrisgames.com/

specifically http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/40mm-round-sulaco-SF-chamfer-profile-resin-bases_W0QQitemZ150373082452QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Toys_Wargames_RL?hash=item2302ef2554

I looked at a lot of bases for this project, and I settled on these because I found them to be the most scale accurate and realistic looking. They are a little plainer than some of the flashier tech bases out there, but I find the competition can be a bit cartoony looking at times. I find these will provide the best effect without being too over the top.

sub-zero wrote:Quick question, what did you use and how did you go about removing the stupid hulk bases from those sweet sweet Termies?

Really carefully lol! I started out by clipping as close to the feet or other parts as possible, but delicately, if a part is in the way of the clippers, don't try forcing it. The plastic is strong but a bit more brittle than the normal GW plastic when that kind of pressure is applied. Once you clip away all you can, its time to get out the scalpel/modeling knife. Start by gently working it under the foot rim, then get the model in a stable position on a cutting mat and start rocking the diagonally up and down, don't saw, wiggle. If the model is positioned in a way that is putting its weight on a strong part, you will eventually reach a point where it just gives and smoothly cuts off the rest about halfway through. You will need to apply quite a bit of pressure though. To play it safe, I tried to angle the cut slightly away from the model and into the base just to ensure that I didn't end up slicing the Termies. Keep at it and you will get there, don't try to be a hero and cut it perfectly in one go, that way lies pain lol! Last hint, particularly on the models with dangling icons on their weapons, be careful not to put weight on that side as they will snap. This only happened to me on the AC marine, and it was just the stem of a chalice and easily glued back on, but some of the others could have had more meaningful damage if I wasn't watching for it after. Ok, I lied, this is the last hint - The feet on some models are slightly off level, I suggest you get yourself a sanding block or whetstone block and place the model feet down on them and work it back and forth one foot at a time. You will have the option to modify the base to accommodate the slightly raised feet, or sand them even, or GS one foot to be a little thicker.

That cover it?

Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut

Man! Your greenstuffing is awesome but those paintings sheer briliance! I love it!
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I'm snagging the ork head to genestealer hybrid for my eventual cult. : ) Great work!
Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

First update on the 1st gen hybrid -

Added weapon pack, missile launcher and target array, continued some minor GS work on the feet and continued with the back.

After this, have to continue smoothing the GS, add straps to the pack, add some wiring from the targetting array to the pack and give him a loin-cloth to cover up his vesitgial human junk (or something lol), and then it will be priming time!

p.s, The targetter is a bit crooked in the shots because I had just glued it on, don't worry, will correct it!

As always, comments welcome, thanks guys!

Made in us
Krielstone Bearer

Denver Colorado


Hey! Check out my blog! http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/631974.page#7617935

"Searchers after horror haunt strange, far off places" - HP Lovecraft  
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Fanatic with Madcap Mushrooms

MajorTom11 I like these so much I tell you what... do you have your project hosted on any hobby site? If not, would you like to have some pages for your extremelly cool Spacehulk project on Buglands?

Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

NAVARRO wrote:MajorTom11 I like these so much I tell you what... do you have your project hosted on any hobby site? If not, would you like to have some pages for your extremelly cool Spacehulk project on Buglands?

Whoa... that's awesome coming from you! You and Moloch have always been my Nid faves!

If you would like to host them np, maybe wait til there is more to see though, as InquisitorEarl will soon begin cranking them out too and I still have to green the other generations!

Navarro asked me to be on his site. *Puts hand up in front of mouth and giggles like Japanese schoolgirl*

Made in gb
Flashy Flashgitz

chester, cheshire

thats a first gen hybrid? as in the baby of the origional host whih was bitten by the stealer, the first in the line?

if so i think it is way too genestealery. first gen hybrids are almost human, only difference being that they have those crests on their foreheads and baybe an extra arm, but not six limbs, a carapace and a hunchback. i would hink that would be the generation before it goes full genestealer.

Hey guys! Check out and rate my orks! http://www.dakkadakka.com/core/gallery-viewimage.jsp?i=149424&m=2&w=800
And tell me what you think of my asdrubael vect scratchbuild: http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/198235-.html?m=2 PLEASE VOTE!
And my personal favourite, my clan skyre hellpit abomination
Made in se
Slaanesh Chosen Marine Riding a Fiend

Uppsala, Sweden

You have it backways Walker.

1st gen is a lot of stealer. 4th gen is nearly human, like a magus. 5th gen can become purestrain stealers again.
Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

Yup you have it backwards, 1st gens are extremely stealery, 4th is the human looking one.

I am trying to focus on creating a more linear blending of the looks, and with the first, this consists mostly of reducing the claws, humanizing the hands and feet, and smoother the carapace and ribbing. Of course the head has a still bestial but more human-ish face. 2nd gen will have less carapace and smaller again, using a ghoul body as a base, and again, much more human legs and head. 3rd gen is meant to be nearly human except with subtle details, but a blatant 3rd arm and maybe an atrophied limb.

The other goal is to give the generations a distinct function and character within the game, and have them be clearly distinguishable, which I found the previous versions of the models weren't particularly defined for 1st to 3rd.

With that info, hopefully it looks ok for you?

Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka


Awesome stuff. Some of the nicest Space Hulk painting I've seen.

EDIT - Sorry, meant to say your sculpting is pretty jaw dropping too.

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