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The Eldar Army has more ways to crack Power armor than any other army in the game. Their codex was basically designed for anti marie with Starcannons, Brightlances, Warp Spider Exarch gun (new in codex), firepikes, banshees, reaper launchers, Wailing doom, Pulse laser, prism cannon. All the said weapons are AP 3 at worse. Starcannons may go away in some armies but in favor of the multitude of other weapons ready to take its place.

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thehod: Your post makes my brain hurt. Its not about killing MEQs. It is about the shift from long ranged MEQ killing ability to almost exculsively close ranged MEQ killing.

In your example, you've failed to account for the fact that all the long ranged MEQ killing stuff is in heavy support, which means that you are stuck with a maximum of 3 of the good choices, no matter how you build your army. Outside of heavy support, each heavy weapon runs 75-120 points PER gun, and these are mounted on extremely flimsy platforms. (T3 or AV10 open topped).

Howling Banshees, Warp Spiders, Firedragons and the Avatar are not LONG ranged MEQ killing options. They are 12"-0" range MEQ killing options. As such, they are NOT replacements for the old starcannon's role.

I think the starcannon army of the past is gone, and that Eldar can't rely on static firepower. The better way to win is to mount-up (bikes or falcons) and fight with combined arms / VP denial.
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I didn't read any of the replies to the OP but I'll just say that of course the Starcannon army will disappear, and I'll add that I don't think anyone will use any Starcannons at all in competitive Eldar armies. The gun is a waste of points now as it's essentially a low strength Plasma Gun with added range and reduced ballistic skill. It wasn't overpowered before since Marines could always outshoot Starcannon heavy lists, so attempting to outshoot Marines now after the nerf would be suicidal. I can say with a serious face that making the Starcannon heavy 4 would've been more balanced than making it heavy 2. Lucky for Eldar they have a few other ways to kill Marines, although none of them are new. I don't think GW thought about this at all but it's normal for them considering it's a British (read: poorly managed) company that doesn't like to playtest or proof read anything nor release alpha or beta versions of its books.

Well, as Ed Maule once famously said: "Therion's from Finland, where comp does not exist. Where he's from the trash we're forced to field for a tournament would lose to a 12 year old." - bigchris1313 
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Now I feel bad that the Tau have superior plasma cannons (theirs are s7 h2)

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One thing I notice that is deceptive in the price change of starcannons: they cost half as much as they used to in guardian squads, but in the old codex they came with 2 crew members (now not included).

So a new 10-model guardian squad with starcannon is only 1 point less than the old 9-model guardian squad with starcannon.

But I've been living with this codex for a couple of days now and I think, in spite of Therion's cynicism, that it has some depth and balance to it (and it is much more carefully phrased and proofread than previous codexes).

The starcannon standoff army is probably dead, I think. But it was getting kind of old anyway. And there's viable stuff to replace it.

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