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AOBR Dread made into a Venerable Dread/ Gillie suit scouts  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Maddening Mutant Boss of Chaos


"Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more purity seals."

Actually don't the HG's refer to them as Oaths of the Moment or something?

Veteran Sergeant wrote:Oh wait. His fluff, at this point, has him coming to blows with Lionel, Angryon, Magnus, and The Emprah. One can only assume he went into the Eye of Terror because he still hadn't had a chance to punch enough Primarchs yet.

Albatross wrote:I guess we'll never know. That is, until Frazzled releases his long-awaited solo album 'Touch My Weiner'. Then we'll know.

warboss wrote:I marvel at their ability to shoot the entire foot off with a shotgun instead of pistol shooting individual toes off like most businesses would.

Mr Nobody wrote:Going to war naked always seems like a good idea until someone trips on gravel.

Ghidorah wrote: You need to quit hating and trying to control other haters hating on other people's hobbies that they are trying to control.

ShumaGorath wrote:Posting in a thread where fat nerds who play with toys make fun of fat nerds who wear costumes outdoors.

Marshal2Crusaders wrote:Good thing it wasn't attacked by the EC, or it would be the assault on Magnir's Crack.
Made in us
Tough Tyrant Guard

Sacramento, ca

Ok , I finished the base, Poor deathguard termmie Trampped and torn apart, by Brother Eli the Stern.

Ok i have the first coat of paint on him, need to apply a few more washes, and detail work to the whole for adding him to the army( but hes table ready)
The scrolls and seals are the pain in the butt, have to write or scribble down letters...
[Thumb - updates griffon 001.JPG]

[Thumb - updates griffon 002.JPG]

[Thumb - updates griffon 003.JPG]

[Thumb - updates griffon 004.JPG]

[Thumb - updates griffon 005.JPG]
I need to do something about the loin clothe i think

[Thumb - updates griffon 006.JPG]

[Thumb - updates griffon 007.JPG]

Made in ca
Mutated Chosen Chaos Marine

In a Toyota, plotting revenge.

That dude is sweet!

metallifan said: I almost wonder is "Matt Ward" another pen name for C.S. Goto?
metallifan said: The Imperium would probably love Hitler...
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Made in us
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

North Carolina, US

Besides the rear loin cloth, I'm definitely liking this. And of the loin cloth, you might want to just do a second take at it. You know, tear it down and put up some fresh gs and work at that

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If you want peace, prepare for war
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A nearby cat showed no outward signs of being impressed.
kaesar, sigh.- Captain Solon
In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there is only Paperwork.- Zefig 
Made in us
Tough Tyrant Guard

Sacramento, ca

yeah I know that back loin cloth is something ... I might just add a griffon Decal too it and when it sets use my hot needle and make battle damage too it...
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