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Final Update:

Paypal is restoring the funds to my account due to non-delivery and non-response by Matt. Total time frame from initial funds transfer to final resolution (a refund by PayPal) was 70 days. I cannot recommend enough to avoid transactions with Matt at all costs. Even prior to his current health care crisis with his wife (and our hopes of her speedy recovery) he regularly blew construction and shipping deadlines.

Mods: Thank you for your efforts to keep the tone civil, and your advice concerning certain statements that I made to deescalate the situation when my instincts screamed “go for the throat”. As this issue is resolved (PayPal refund) please lock this thread as appropriate.
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This might be better served by being open as I think there are 1 or 2 more people still awaiting resolution.
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Matt contacted me this weekend and told me he is opening a second Paypal account to get those other clients paid in full. I have yet to know what this new Paypal address is, but I have assured him that I need to know something is being done pronto or I will be taking more drastic steps.

I really just want him to send me the model he had promised me a year-and-a-half ago, but I understand life can get in the way of things. Now I just want the money back...or the model. His choice, but it needs to be made QUICKLY.


Remember...we all play these games to have fun, not to get angry at one another for not having any.

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RedstarOne wrote:No one is questioning it? He admitted he got a partial refund and is due the rest? Paypal doesnt send small amounts. They send it all at once. My screen shots show I refunded all of it at once. Not a little here and there. Hence why im already worried hes being fishy.. Hence why when people keep bringing up "waiting for the refund" i get upset as paypal said it would be done on the 9th, the 9th has passed and sure enough right on the 9th, paypal emailed me telling me its done. Thats when I took the 3rd screen shot showing its done.

Point is, it IS done from my side of it. I cant do anymore for him.

Just to be complete, my claim was resolved: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/288305.page#1488298

My refund took a while because part of the initial payment was from my Paypal and part came from my bank account linked to Paypal. It took several additional days for the bank part to show up in my account.

Good luck to the long line of people waiting for a refund.

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"Holy Sh*&, you've opened my eyes and changed my mind about this topic, thanks Dakka OT!"

-Nobody Ever

Proverbs 18:2

"CHEESE!" is the battlecry of the ill-prepared.

 warboss wrote:

GW didn't mean to hit your wallet and I know they love you, baby. I'm sure they won't do it again so it's ok to purchase and make up.

Albatross wrote:I think SlaveToDorkness just became my new hero.

EmilCrane wrote:Finecast is the new Matt Ward.

Don't mess with the Blade and Bolter! 
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Content deleted at user's request, similar content is posted here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/374365.page

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Gwar: "Of course 99.999% of players don't even realise this, and even I am not THAT much of an ass to call on it (unless the guy was a total dick or a Scientologist, but that's just me)"

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Adam... I know you're ticked, but... Stop and take a breath.
(BTW, before you think I'm defending the man, you should check out MY history with him).

Words of wisdom:
He is known to use several alibis including most recently a fictional death of first a son and then a wife.

Unless you have proof to the contrary, I suggest you don't make the accusation. If he's not lying about that you're, at best, being an *ss and, at worst, setting yourself up for a Defamation of Character or libel claim.

I will be soon creating a blog dedicated to ousting this crook and deliberately maligning all businesses and associated blogs who support him.

That would go... poorly. By stating that you're "deliberately maligning" them, you're DEFINITELY setting yourself up for a Defamation of Character suit.

Your best bet is to jump on the bandwagon with the rest of us, call him out where you see him pop his head up like a mole in your back yard and "whack" him back down into it.


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Polonius wrote: You have to love when the most clearly biased person in the room is claiming to be objective.
Greebynog wrote:Us brits have a sense of fair play and propriety that you colonial savages can only dream of.
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hey, i'm not involved with this but i'll help to get things right, i live in denton (30 minutes from dallas) and wouldnt mind at all helping matt assemble these models to speed things along. i dont have a real job at the moment (lol bills are paid for and i fix guitars on the side for some extra money) so yeah, matt, PM me if you'd like some free help to get people off your back.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
ok, matt just IMed me on AIM after i offered my assistance

this is what he'd like me to say,

"I wont go tit for tat but ill simply say, tracking number incoming at 4pm-5pm central US time tomorrow (13-14 hours from now). A buddy is able to do it for me since im not in town. You know this as I emailed you.

Thank you.

PS I do forgive you for your temper/angry email and gmail chat messages. I understand you needed to vent and take no offense to your language or even the threats. "

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Capellanus Lemartes Speramus  
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This thread is over one year old, and as such, I'm going to lock it.

Regarding the message posted on behalf of redstarone above: I'd advise you not to believe it. He has time and again promised members tracking numbers (for months even) and never sent one.

Unfortunately, Dragon, this is a good lesson to learn- never cancel a Paypal claim until you have proof that a package is coming... preferably have it in your hands, but at least a tracking number.

If anyone has current information to add about scams redstarone committed on Dakka please PM me and we can see about setting up a new transaction report thread.

In this case, hopefully ebay's built-in safety measures will help... it may be a one-off case of him going back to his old ways, but he can't get away with this on ebay for long. Regardless, he is completely not to be trusted... and unfortunately there's really not much else to say.

In particular I'd say MagickalMemories post above is the way we are approaching it here- take swift action whenever redstarone pops his head up, but other than that, move on. He has not been on Dakka since being permanently suspended, and if he continues in this way it will be the same with Ebay. There's really nothing else we can do about it here...

So with that overly long description, I'll lock this thread, and please PM me if you have any concerns about this whatsoever, or current information about redstarone's fraudulent trades on Dakka last year.

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