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Made in gb
Hacking Shang Jí

Bournemouth, England

Awesome! I was just telling a mate about these and came on here to find pics! Didn't realise we had an awesome tut!

Big Kudos for this!

Need more 's in my life!  
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Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

South Yorkshire, England

Pretty awesome to be honest.

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For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my battle-brother eternal. 
Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan


Nice tutorial, very helpful.

Eldar -5000 points 
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Why those weapons?

"'players must agree how they are going to select their armies, and if any restrictions apply to the number and type of models they can use."

This is an actual rule in the actual rulebook. Quit whining about how you can imagine someone's army touching you in a bad place and play by the actual rules.

Freelance Ontologist

When people ask, "What's the point in understanding everything?" they've just disqualified themselves from using questions and should disappear in a puff of paradox. But they don't understand and just continue existing, which are also their only two strategies for life. 
Made in au
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Melbourne, Australia

Working on some badass black templar lancers using this tut, 2/3 done, none painted. I'll post pics here afterwards :3

Made in us
Shas'o Commanding the Hunter Kadre

Richmond, VA

This is amazing, at first I was thinking landspeeder... but hoverbikes! If only I knew this before I started my iron hands army! GRRRRRRR.

I may have to start from scratch... this is too good to pass up. However.. the flying base thing, I don't like flying bases... I may have to get creative.

Desert Hunters of Vior'la The Purge Iron Hands Adepts of Pestilence Tallaran Desert Raiders Grey Knight Teleport Assault Force
Lt. Coldfire wrote:Seems to me that you should be refereeing and handing out red cards--like a boss.

 Peregrine wrote:
Made in gb
Sinister Chaos Marine

so cool I tried it with a scout bike because I didn't have a space marine one but it looks awesome thanks for the guide

++Warp rift detected please respond to heretic threat with extreme prejudice++ 
Made in au
Rifleman Grey Knight Venerable Dreadnought

Realm of Hobby

Nice original idea.

Might borrow this for my custodes.

MikZor wrote:
We can't help that american D&D is pretty much daily life for us (Aussies)

Walking to shops, "i'll take a short cut through this bush", random encounter! Lizard with no legs.....
I kid Since i avoid bushlands that is
But we're not that bad... are we?
Made in au
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Melbourne, Australia

I finished one! Turned out okay, I think.
If you require more credit, do mention it.

Made in nz
Basecoated Black


HI bud that,s a pretty mean pair of bike you got there like the way you showed the process and parts very nice tut .
Made in no
Fresh-Faced New User

Finally a bike-setup worthy of my space wolves. Always hated the normal bikes, but this - THIS IS COOL!

Thanks for the tutorial.
Made in us
Ork Boy Hangin' off a Trukk

Hays, KS


As a devoutee of jetbikes, do the DA only have Sammael's bike, or can they have more?
I would love to do a squad up like yours.

Thanks for the Tut!

" It says in the rules that if there are no models from one side left on the table, then that side has lost. What it DOESN'T say is that I can't pick my opponent's models up and throw them on the floor, so if I'm losing the game, all I have to do is pick my opponents models up and throw them on the floor, and then I WIN! YAY! Woohoo. Loophole: FOUND! "
by Sgt Sixkilla

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3k (Kabal of the Twisted Razor), 4k Tau  
Made in nz
Strategizing Grey Knight Chapter Master

Auckland New Zealand

Thank you to all those who have posted, I've done the last biker for this set of 3

IceAngel wrote:I must say Knightley, I am very envious of your squiggle ability. I mean, if squiggles were a tactical squad, you'd be the sergeant. If squiggles were an HQ, you'd be the special character. If squiggles were a way of life, you'd be Doctor Phil...
The Cleanest Painting blog ever!
Gitsplitta wrote:I am but a pretender... you are... the father of all squiggles. .
Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Seattle, WA USA

I like those a lot , well done !

The only poorly painted miniature is the one that is not painted. 
Made in fr
Adolescent Youth with Potential


Thank for this tutorial.

I did this with it:

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