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Mutilatin' Mad Dok



If you want to take good pictures - please follow these instructions. It will make it a lot easier for Dakka to constructively critique your stuff/ shower your masterpiece in praise

Alternative, click and drag the below picture onto a new tab.

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Rogue Inquisitor with Xenos Bodyguards

Eastern edge


"Your mumblings are awakening the sleeping Dragon, be wary when meddling the affairs of Dragons, for thou art tasty and go good with either ketchup or chocolate. "
Dragons fear nothing, if it acts up, we breath magic fire that turns them into marshmallow peeps. We leaguers only cry rivets!

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Tyrant of Badab

HATE Club, East London

I have six of the classic drone models that I've been meaning to paint for ages. Just given me the urge to have another crack at them...

Though my guards may sleep and my ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire. 
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Ichor-Dripping Talos Monstrosity

Ok so, with the release of Commander Longstrike, many, many images were thrown about where he's been photoshopped into DJ booths.
So I said I'd make one for my Hammerhead. So here is the start of it:

I've stripped down 2 sets of poundland speakers.
I'll be making mini 'concert amp' casings for them, that will be mounted on the tank. (It'll be hooked up to an mp3 player inside the hammerhead.)
More pics as it comes.

Made in gb
Ichor-Dripping Talos Monstrosity

DJ Tank commander has taken a backseat... mostly because the 'speakers' broke and I haven't bothered to fix it.

HOWEVER, I am taking part in Gitsplittas 'Mantis Maker Challenge!', so I figured I'd include my wip pics here too.
The task is to create something Mantis Warrior related, and to push your painting and modeling limits.

Being I don't have any loyalist chapters actively under my belt and I wanted to use the model, later, I decided to go with a Fallen Mantis Warrior that had attained Daemonhood.

I'm taking inspiration from images of actual Praying Mantis'

Mainly using these 2 images for reference.

I then gathered the pieces for the required 'bitz shot' to enter the contest:

Not all of this will be used, and this pile will shrink and grow through the project - the 'project tray' in my organiser wrack.

I proceeded to create a framwork and blutac the crap out of it to get a solid idea of the shape of the model in a 'proof of concept'

Then wire together the frame and glue it together. Blutaced the head in and blades (now cut down) and put it onto its 'base' to get an idea of the whole thing coming together.

And that will do for now!
The real challenge will be to sculpt the thing out...

Made in gb
Ichor-Dripping Talos Monstrosity

Been a busy few days, so not much done - but a bits-update shot as it's been whittled down:

Now with a shiny guardsman sacrifice courtesy of inmygravenimage's generosity.

Made in gb
Ichor-Dripping Talos Monstrosity

Ok, so a craptastic week that went very quickly (I'm sure there's some sort of fever dreams and sleep-deprivation-induced hallucinations along the way...), so today I finally got to sit down again and make some progress!

Applying the bulking material in the form of sculpted toilet roll, PVA and water!

More later today when it's dry and I can do more!

Made in gb
Ichor-Dripping Talos Monstrosity

Just realised I never put anymore Mantis Prince stuff in this thread... so little love for my own P&M blog ><

Might have accidentally bought this today:

We'll see where this takes me...

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