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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


ChocolateGork wrote:Brilliant Stuff

Which of those took the most time to complete?

Probably the Mad Morks, seconded by the IG army that wasnt that long ago.

Currently working on 15000 points of Blood Angels, though

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Made in us
Stone Bonkers Fabricator General

A garden grove on Citadel Station

Consistently amazing as usual. The only thing I find lacking is the emperor on the side of the thunderhawk... it looks a bit out of place and un-godlike.

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Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

I can't believe I'm saying this, but... is that all?

What I mean is, I thought you painted an army a week pretty much? Some of the armies shown are Gigantic, and thus probably took 2 weeks (or even 3) making the total number of armies less?

It is amazing how many models you paint to a great standard every year... I think I'm most impressed by the Empire army. Although, your blue/brown combination is always striking (like the IG Valkyrie force, for one). And I really like your Warmachine/Hordes stuff... even the converted Trollbloods Bomber in your ork army . He's fantastic!

Made in gb


ChiliPowderKeg wrote:Awesome year, it's not often that I see a fully painted Tau force, and was that a CRASSUS AROURED ASSAULT TRANSPORT, transporting a Valkyrie?

Ha. That is the most awesome thing I have seen in a while. A skyshield on a Crassus armoured transport,

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


I am glad other people found that humorously awesome as well.

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Made in be
Regular Dakkanaut

couldn't close my mouth while watching,
one fantastic army after another.
All this stuff is 10+
Great job !

NO! ... no Gits!  
Made in gb
Mutated Chosen Chaos Marine

*bursts though room with axe* HEEEAAARRRS JHONNY!!!

Exalted, its too awesome to not look at it again...

Night Lords (40k): 3500pts
Klan Zaw Klan: 4000pts

 Grey Templar wrote:

Orks don't hate, they just love. Love to fight everyone.

Whatever you use.. It's Cheesy, broken and OP  
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Leicester, UK

Absolutely stunning work. Great jobs!

Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Mek Gitson.

Amazing work, the empire army looks really epic.
Made in my
Screaming Shining Spear

Stealth suits is stealthy.

That's some great painting there. Especially love the Mad Morks and the purple GKs.

Made in us
Battleship Captain

USA-Illinois- the Chi

The mad morks and the IG airforce with the CRASSUS ARMORED TRANSPORT are awesome!

Made in au
Stabbin' Skarboy

Queensland (Australia)

That ork movie looks awesome!!

The Humies Waste presious time with slow and boring speeches; While the Oks just get it over and done with in one simple WAAGGGHHHH!!
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Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

North Charleston, SC

Isn't porn supposed to have a NSFW tag, or something? Think of the children!

Honestly, I understand why a lot of high-volume commission painters do the whole high contrast, extreme color modulation thing - airbrushes save time and are good at doing gradients that are difficult by brush, so it's a great business decision - but they almost always come out looking too... well, airbrushed. I think you've struck a good middle-ground, though, where airbrushed effects are obvious, but not overpowering. That's not to say they aren't still striking, of course - a lot of these models don't pop on the table, they explode!

The single character models that get a little extra love are what really blow my mind, though, as impressive as all these arrayed armies are.

The Dreadnote wrote:But the Emperor already has a shrine, in the form of your local Games Workshop. You honour him by sacrificing your money to the plastic effigies of his warriors. In time, your devotion will be rewarded with the gift of having even more effigies to worship.
Made in us
Terminator with Assault Cannon


Some really great work and very good looking armies. Mad Morks is EPIC!

SickSix's Silver Skull WIP thread
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JSF wrote:... this is really quite an audacious move by GW, throwing out any pretext that this is a game and that its customers exist to do anything other than buy their overpriced products for the sake of it. The naked arrogance, greed and contempt for their audience is shocking.
= Epic First Post.
Made in us
Umber Guard

Terre Haute, Indiana

I spy ... 2 Elysian armies? I approve. Everything looks top-notch and I love it all.

Great work, I can see why you do commissions.

Made in it
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Outstanding job mate! No other words for It

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May Gork and Mork drive your WAAAAAAAAAGH! 
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

I don't have the words...

Made in us
Black Templar Recruit Undergoing Surgeries

Wherever Arses Need Severing

Holy craaaaaaaaap!

A really amazing gallery of work.

Made in gb
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot

Tallinn, Estonia

Incredible work, I wish I could paint as fast as you ,its taken me nearly a year to paint one 2000 points!

3000 Points
500 Points
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