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The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Just wanted to share some of the info for beast packs Planning to have at least 1 regular skinwalker and 1 alpha skinwalker for each animal aspect. Alphas will probably be sold separately like all monsters, but fiends will be in a pack of 3 along with henchmen or minions

Beast Packs

There are people living out in the wilds who have been cursed (or blessed?) to live part of their lives as animals. In the old world, this condition was known as Lycanthropy, often with werewolves being the most common. In the new world, they are known to most Native American tribes Skinwalkers, possessing brute strength and animal instincts along with human intellect and wisdom.

The Skinwalker curse is passed on to other humans by bite. Like a virus, the venom courses through their veins until the curse takes hold. Whoever is bitten by a Skinwalker and lives, becomes a Skinwalker himself. There are many native and religious rituals or talismans said to hold back this curse, for a time a least. If left untreated, the victim will often become a cannibalistic within a month's time, consumed by a hunger that only warm, living flesh can satisfy. The more he feeds on human flesh, the stronger he becomes, and the stronger the curse consumes him. Soon, he leaves all traces of his former human life behind as the beast takes over, transforming him into a hybrid mockery of a man and his animal aspect. These beasts seek out others of their kind, and it often takes the will of a an Alpha to teach a new Skinwalker to control the beast inside.

Every Skinwalker has an aspect - the type of animal they become. Wolves are the most common, but there is as much variety among skinwalkers as there are among any animal of the wild. Skinwalkers resemble their aspect animal, but are still humanoid and usually walk upright on two legs, with hands and feet often becoming more like claws or talons.

Special Rules

Beasts attack with vicious claws and rending bites. They will not use weapons or tools unless they have the Primitive Weapons ability. In place of normal weapons, many beasts possess special abilities, being a unique attack such as a Vicious Bite, or the ability to fly or burrow instead of walk.

Animal Aspect - Skinwalker animal aspects are as varied as the animal world itself. There are wolves, bears, birds, cats, bats, rats, bugs, lizards, and some say there are even fish. Each animal affinity will grant attribute bonuses and special ability that a Skinwalker may use, similar to human professions, and often reflects the personality of the cursed man.

Pack Hunters - If your Beast Pack is lead by an Alpha Skinwalker, he will be able to share his Animal Aspect ability with any friendly model within 12", the same way a human gang leader will share a Professional ability.

Supernatural - Supernatural creatures have special talents that normal men and animals do not. They have been cursed by dark forces, or simply walk closer to the spirit world than mortals. All Supernatural creatures are immortal, they will never age or die of natural causes, but can be killed in a variety of ways. All Supernatural creatures are faster than mortal creatures and thus are always able to make melee attacks after running, with a +1 to their target number to hit, like the human Run & Gun skill. Not all beasts are supernatural, those that are will have this information listed on their Character Cards.

Forming a Beast Pack


Similar to human gangs, your beast pack must contain a leader, which will be a Monster like an Alpha Skinwalker. Any Monster may lead your pack, and like humans they have a base level of 100 XP, and you may have 1 Monster for every 5 other pack members. Also like humans, some Monsters have special skills that will help the whole pack, while others have skills that just help themselves.

Henchmen and Minions

The bulk of your Beast Pack will be made up of Henchmen and Minions. You may have any mix of Henchmen and Minions in your Beast Pack, but combined they should make up at least half of your gang. Both Henchmen and Minions have a base level of 50 XP.

Minions are weaker animal-like creatures such as a Chupacrabra or Jackalope, some may be supernatural, but most are just rare and seldom seen animals.

In addition to Minions, your Beast Pack may also include Human Henchmen. These are men who have recently been cursed, but have yet to turn, and were brought into the pack for guideance and protection. They posess no real special abilities other than common skills, they are not Supernatural, nor Skinwalkers (yet) and have no Animal Affinity. These henchmen work exactly the same as if they were in a Human gang and may wield any weapon except for Artillery.


The remainder of your Beast Pack may consist of Fiends, which have a base of 75 XP and a special skill similar to human Professionals. A Fiend is weaker than a Monster, but tougher than a Minion or Henchmen, most commonly a young Skinwalker with abilities that are based upon his animal aspect. Though Skinwalkers posess formidable melee combat abilities, some may use primitive weapons shuch as bolas, crude knives or bows.

Skinwalker Animal Aspects


The wolf is the most common Skinwalker animal aspect. These tall, strong and vicious pack hunters often work together to bring down a foe. If you see only one Werewolf, chances are a whole pack is watching you from the shadows.

The wolf aspect grants the Skinwalker +1 to Intellect, already added to their Character Card. They gain the Throat Ripper ability, a special attack that gains +1D6 to your to hit roll and +1 Strength. Targets taken out of action from this attack cannot be healed during the game.


Incredibly territorial hunters, werebears are renowned for their strength and ferocity. Their imposing size makes them a formidable foe, and have they been known to crush their victims into a bloody pulp with powerful bear-claw fists.

The bear aspect grants the Skinwalker +1 Strength, already added to their Character Card. They gain the Pummel ability - in melee combat, every roll of 6 to hit lowers his target's DP by 1.


Often dwelling in treetops and mountains, werebirds lead a solitary and independent existence, often living alone or in small flocks. Though not capable of true flight like normal birds, they are able to jump and glide, often attacking from above with taloned fingers that slash and tear their prey to bits.

The bird aspect grants the Skinwalker +1 Stamina, already added to their Character Card. They have the Eye Gouge ability - in melee combat a they will attempt to slash or peck out the eyes of their prey. If a target is wounded from the attack, but not taken out of action, it will lose 1 point of Ranged Combat for the remainder of the game.


One of the most cunning predators, werecats are known to stalk and ambush their victims often using baiting tactics or trickery. They tend to inhabit mountainous areas, and have razor-sharp retractable claws that help them to climb or slash with ease.

The cat aspect grants the Skinwalker +1 Quickness, already added to their Character Card. They have the Sure Footed ability - They always land on their feet and may jump or fall twice the distance of a man without being hurt. Additionally, they may also climb vertical terrain like walls, trees or rocks and treat them as if they are stairs.


Portents of doom and chaos, a Werebugs bring death and despair wherever they go. Their thick, chitinous hide protects them from weaker blows, while their spiked, clawed hands can rip flesh from bones with ease.

The insect aspect grants the Skinwalker +1 Quickness, already added to their Character Card. They have the Dark Omen ability, and are counted as 2 models for the purposes of outnumbering in enemy morale tests.


The land around Blackwater Gulch is pock marked with deep mines and dark caves, often lairs for savage animals or vicious werebats. These creatures need no eyes, using sounds and echoes they can "see" everything around them.

The bat aspect grants the Skinwalker +1 Intellect, already added to their Character Card. They have the Radar Sense ability and are always to see what's going on around them, preventing enemies from receiving a bonus when attacking them from behind.


Deep canyons and labyrintine caves far to the west of town are home to many strange creatures indeed, like the solitary and brutal Werebison. Many hapless prospectors have taken refuge in their dens while out in the wilds, and are never heard from again.

The Bison or Bull aspect grants the Skinwalker +1 Strength, already added to their Character Card. They have the Trample ability - They will make a quickness roll and run in a straight line. Any enemy they come in contact with will take 1 melee hit with a strength equal to half the total distance traveled.


Far to the south, the Blackwater River gives way to swamplands and bayou country. This area is home to many foul and terrible beasts, like the dreaded Werecroc. These creatures often lurk in the reeds or hidden dens under riverbanks, lying in wait for unfortunate fishermen and explorers who venture too close.

The Crocodile or Aligator aspect grants the Skinwalker +1 Stamina, already added to their Character Card. They have the Death Roll ability, which is treated as a 2-handed melee attack with +2 Strength. If a target is wounded from a Death Roll, but taken not out of action, it will be unable to leave melee combat.

* Though birds, bats and bugs may have wings, they cannot use them to fly unless they have the Flying ability.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

This sounds good and frankly I am looking for a new way to play Wild West without spending a fortune on buildings, including the finishing time and storage issues. But the boards need to be well designed, variable and expandable. Games like Zombie side have an endless combination even when you add duplicates of the same boards.

Now speaking to the manufacturer this may seem rude (I have been in both of the BWG KS campaigns) but I also like a system where I can add miniatures from outside the system. Could this new BWG game system provide a way for me to add a new character the proper stats? For example, I just painted a Laura Croft figure for a guy who is going to use her in Zombicide. There are stats out there for her.

In any case, can you release multiple box sets via a KS campaign. I'm in.

Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Well, I want people to buy my models but, nothing is stopping you from using the models you want. Like if you want a werewolf in your beast pack, you can use any werewolf model you want. For the boxed game we're going be moving more toward a "use the character cards in the box" approach, but you'll still be able to make custom characters too.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Are you planning a KS for this?

Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Yep, eventually. It won't be for a while.. maybe this fall? We have a lot to do, all of the artwork for the characters and the boards will take a while to do and I'd like to at least have all of the models in the box set be done as 3D sculpts.

I'm thinking the way it will work is the initial goal will be for the initial Monster Hunter gang and Beast Pack to be metal figures and a new rulebook to cover the new monsters. After that's funded, the first stretch goal will be for whatever we need to make it a full boxed game with plastic figures instead of metal, plus the board squares, dice, obstacle pieces, etc. Then the next major goal after that would be the first building kit. Those will be big goals though depending on the costs of the plastic molds.. our generic quote was $8000 for a 4x6" mold and $12k for a 6x8" mold.. I'm guessing the building kit will need 2 frames (1 walls, 1 roof) .. so those costs shoot up real quick.

And then mixed in between we'll also do something like the 2nd campaign where we swap between single characters and support packs every 5K or so.. we'll mostly be doing new monster models since we already have plenty of human figures.. but I also want to get 3-man support packs for each current gang going too that will add 1 new professional and 2 new henchmen. And gang leaders on horseback too... Lots of stuff planned

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh also, for the board tiles, they will be interchangeable .. They will be 11" squares, due to the size of the box that our manufacturer can do, we have to make them 11" instead of 12" .. planning some to have an universal dirt/muddy road going down the middle, and there will be straight pieces, a + and a T. The tiles will be double sided too, so you can set up your tiles in a variety of ways. To begin with, we'll have heavy cardstock flat building interior templates that you can place anywhere on the board to show where buildings are, and the plastic building kits would be designed to use these templates as the bottom floor if you don't want to add your own. I'm sure in the kickstarter we'll also sell extra board tiles separately, not sure about retail afterwards though. Anyway if we do 2 standard gangs I was going to do 4 board tiles, but if we do the heroes vs horde version we'll probably need 6 since a 22" square board would get too cramped with 15+ models.

Also as we make other new boxed games, like for the undead one that will come later, they will get all new board tiles that will match the others, so you could put both sets together for an even bigger board, or just have a lot more variety for smaller boards

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Sounds great....Okay I am looking at my watch and tapping my foot....

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