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Made in gb
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

I like that version a lot actually, and I think Stealth/Shrouded in the first turn is a good call for the patrol support.
In fact the two rules together for the mixed combo should work really well, with the patrol units encouraged to take extra advantage of good cover in the first turn, while the combat units can be more aggressive, then slow down to recover models.

So yeah, I like it

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Made in gb
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

Going to try to give some slightly more detailed feedback as promised:

  • Personal Staff:
    • Garrison Preachers seem a bit expensive compared to Preachers as found in the official Codex: Adepta Sororitas or Astra Militarum; other preachers are 25 points for Zealot, a Rosarius but also War Hymns, which are pretty powerful (albeit roughly 50/50 chance of succeeding normally). Granted your Garrison Preachers are a bit better equipped as standard, have Combat Drills and slightly better stats, but I wonder if the upgrade should go down in cost 5-10 points, or gain War Hymns, personally I favour the latter as you're still talking about a 38 point Toughness 3 model so the improved War Hymn chance is being paid for.
    • Medicae upgrade could probably drop 5-10 points as well; the going rate for an Astra Militarum command squad is 15 points to add a medi-pack. Again it's a slightly tougher unit as standard but 20-25 points seems perfectly reasonable.
    • I wonder if some more of the types should be classified as Characters; Preachers, Chasteners and Psionics seem more like characters than regular grunts, and it would be useful for them to be able to do a Glorious Intervention against enemies they are better equipped to fight. The Psionic in particular needs may want to be able to get that Force Weapon to bear.

  • Pursuit Teams could possibly do with being tidied up; I'd get rid of the Bike profiles and duplicate options and just stick with the squad being able to upgrade to take Bikes, and use a Bike wargear item to specify the change to unit type Bike with Twin Bolters (as Codex: Space Marines does), same for any characters that can take a Bike. The Bike unit type actually specifies the Toughness bonus so there should be no need for the second profile unless your intent is to limit Bike vs. mounted options, but they look the same to me. Anyway, it should be possible to trim it down considerably. I'd also probably just let them keep their shotguns when taking a Bike as it makes it easier to equip the Proctor if they can still trade it, plus it's hardly OP given the twin-bolters are better anyway.
  • Fire Support Teams; I'm wondering whether these should have some resistance to giving up kill points, given that they're only two models. For example, the enemy can score either one Victory Point for every three pairs killed, or one for killing all pairs in a detachment, whichever is better. Otherwise they're an obvious target to rack up a few easy Victory Points which could make them a big disadvantage to field.
  • Have you considered whether Castigators and Halligans should be able to be taken as squadrons? Since the Arbites don't have many other tanks, squadrons seem like they might be a good way to make up for it, especially when just about every tank in Codex: Space Marines can be taken as a squadron, with a bonus for having three. For example, Halligans could gain Pinning with a penalty for a full squadron, making them a decent suppression unit in a pinch, ideal for when they deliver passengers as it can deny Overwatch before they charge. No ideas for Castigators yet, but it's just an idea anyway, but it seems as though squadron bonuses are a thing now

Think that's it for now; 7th edition is a harder one to absorb quickly what with codexes needing unit/wargear rules, formation rules, squadron rules, detachment rules, tactical objectives etc. etc. GW has really doubled down on quantity this time round

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