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Tunneling Trygon

Nottingham (yay!)

Ideally, I’d like to see a baked-in image resizing on the forum itself. In my blog updates, I’m juggling two windows, copying over IMG tags for the ‘recommended’ sized image (which I have to say, produces atrocious artefacts - I’m seriously considering just linking to my Facebook page and mothballing my blogs here for how far behind we’ve fallen), and then adding a spoiler section with all the HD originals.

Instead of this, could we have the image zoom slider thingy from gallery entries overlaid on gallery IMG inserts in posts? Which doesn’t zoom in, it instead increases the resolution (or, rather, decreases the scaling down)? With the rest of the image taking us to the gallery entry?

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Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot

Im havinf some serious issues, been getting them for as long as Ive had this phone... basically, the forum keeps logging me out. Ill open a few threads (number of tabs seems to be irrelevant as far as I can see), and when I switch to the tab Ive just opened, Ill be logged out and the tab is just showing the forum index, rather than the post I opened. On android, using samsungs default browser if thats any help.
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Da Big Mek

London, UK

Are you signed in on other browsers as well?

This is a known bug and I believe I've tracked down the source of the problem but it is a complex one to fix. It is top of the list though!

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