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Fresh-Faced New User

Excellent news! I'm going to have my eyes on this thread for the foreseeable future. Planning on testing the new Deathwatch codex in the new kill team format.
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Brain-Dead Zombie of Nurgle

I noticed that under daemons, under the new kill team rules they get fearless and are therefore immune to break tests, and in the article you make a point of them losing daemonic instability and needing to take break tests.
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Regular Dakkanaut

This is great news, the new Kill Team rules clearly addressed something they missed before. In the previous version, released at 6th, the 1 exception they mentioned for adapting Daemons to Kill Team was to remove the Warp Table.

I'm really glad GW noticed that this time around.

And thanks for bringing that to my attention. Beyond this specific issue, I realise there may be other nuances we've got to review. I'm going to make a quick edit to reflect we're going back into Revision Mode.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Are you planning to do Tau first or afterwards? A few notes either way:

Stealth suits can infiltrate and have both stealth and shrouded, allowing then to get 2+ cover fairly easily. As ignore cover is probably going to be fairly rare, this could be a quite good. What do you think?

I would have expected Crisis Suits to be quite good as they have 2 wounds, a 3+ and JSJ, making them durable, as well as being able to have a lot of varied firepower. Do you think that they are just too expensive?

A min squad of breachers could be useful - s6 ap3 can kill anything allowed with ease, especially with 2 shots per model and even if they do not get in range of that, they are not bad troops for the cost by any means. Then again, they aren't that manoeuvrable and a tad expensive. Are they worth it?

Finally, how do you think the missile turrets the fire warriors can get work? Do they tie up the whole squad if you have one, tie up 1 fire warrior or something else entirely? If the one that they are deployed with dies, can you get a new one or does this fall under "no new units". (I would say not a new unit, just a reincarnated one like Necron resurrection).

Note: playing my first Kill Team match tomorrow, so I'm just going off the rules!

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Longtime Dakkanaut


Since your original article Tyranids have another option using Genestealer Cult data sheets which was listed in White Dwarf or on their website: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Deathwatch/40k-rules-deathwatch-en.pdf

Basically a horde type list.

Paulson Games parts are now at:
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Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all,

thanks for that nice tactica. Though some notes:

1. Khorne Daemonkin and Flesh Hounds: If you´re going to run Flesh Hounds, then you´ve got some pretty limited choices to complement them due to the points restrictions. Bloodletters and Cultists are the only options then.

2. Skitarii Doctrina Imperatives are not allowed based on my electronic copy of Kill Team, page 24.

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Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Glasgow, United Kingdom

The article is out of date on the second point, since the Kill Team rules were recently updated.
Made in ca
Stalwart Space Marine

I have been using Adam Tacticals and Assault with Jump Packs. And keep the tags in a Rhino. The Rhino is a good sponge, and people shoot at it. I roll a Multi Melta and nothing else on my Assault squad except their Jump Packs (hammer of wrath free hits have been effective).
Thinking on taking Sternguard and Assault Marines with packs. I can take a Heavy Flamer and a Melta Bomb on one of the Sergeants, no rhino but Kraken bolts for the win

"Exitus Acta Probat" 
Made in us
Gimlet-Eyed Inquisitorial Acolyte

Quick question. Am I allowed to compose my kill team from units from different armies, but same alliance?
For example Skitarii+Space Marines?

Thank you!
Made in ca
Stalwart Space Marine

Only Space Marine chapter tithe Marines to the Deathwatch.

"Exitus Acta Probat" 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Update, played a pair of three-way games last night. I ran a Traitor Legion - Alpha Legion kill team with 15 cultists (heavy stubber, shotgun), and 5 chosen (autocannon, meltagun, combi-bolter, mutation). My opponents ran 7 UM sternguard with 2 heavy bolters, the other player ran a skiitari list with the sydonian dragoon with a lance 5 or 6 grunts (one guy had an ap3 gun).

I think there is some value to the Alpha Legion's "chapter tactics". Being able to infiltrate your entire army is very intimidating, and caused me to draw a lot of fire right off the bat. I think you need to be a better chaos lord than I to pull off a victory though.

Things of note, autocannon feels noteably less effective than the heavy bolter. Having that extra shot seemed to account for more than having the higher strength shots. Also, cultists are not worth their point cost IMO. It may be due to the higher amount of guns firing at my chosen, but I think the fact that every model is a unit, makes it harder to tie up the entirety of a shooty killteam. And just having two or 3 sternguard free is enough to ruin a chaos marine's day.

If anyone else here wants a go at it, please let us know how your games go. I think a higher count of chosen and less cultists might be the way to go.

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