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Made in gb
Stalwart Tribune

Fantastic stuff – gorgeous paintwork on some of my very favourite models. The blending's sublime, and the colour work is muted but arresting. Really, really wonderful!

Quoted the image over the page break.

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+Death of a Rubricist+
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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

And then there were six. These old chaos shields are getting harder to find these days, so I 3d-printed this 'compatible' version. It's a bit chunkier than the original in order to print better. Difference isn't particularly noticeable.

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Made in se
Strangely Beautiful Daemonette of Slaanesh

It just keeps going
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

Wiltshire, UK

They look fantastic winterdyne, really nice to these models get some love.

Made in de
Terrifying Rhinox Rider

I'm really not a fan of Oldhammer stuff aside from the stray figure here and there, but painted like this, they really do look awesome.
Incredible work.

Made in us
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

North Denver

Very Jim Henson vibe from these. Really dig them, the paint is a fantastic compliment to the sculpt.

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Made in gb
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

The Warrior is my favourite so far. Cracking stuff!

Bye bye Dakkadakka, happy hobbying! I really enjoyed my time on here. Opinions were always my own :-) 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

 katfude wrote:
Very Jim Henson vibe from these. Really dig them, the paint is a fantastic compliment to the sculpt.

I've got the soundtrack to Labyrinth stuck on loop in my head. But that's been true for years.

Made in nl
Aspirant Tech-Adept

I like them a lot. They make me think fairytale books and a certain darkride in a themepark around here.

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Made in gb
Slaanesh Havoc with Blastmaster

Somewhere in the bloody warp

In my experience, the nurgle range are some of the few oldhammer models (both warhammer and 40k) that stand up to their modern day counterparts, and these exude a real sense of fun, but also exert a malign influence. The colours are very natural and you could almost see these guys as camouflaged jungle fighters, were it not for the clanking hulks in armour and the putrid stench!

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But right now, I'm gonna have to go with wrath,

Made in gb
Rogue Grot Kannon Gunna

Northern Ireland

These are all really lovely miniatures. The sculpts are wonderful and you're painting them up a treat! That is for sharing these, I'd probbably never have come across these miniatures otherwise. They must be really quite rare.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

Another plaguebearer got done the other night. Big group shot:

Made in gb
Sneaky Kommando

Just beautiful painting, models take me back to my youth
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

Now up to 9 plaguebearers. 21 to go. In this unit. :-p
Quite please with how colourful they are, one of the things I wanted to keep strong was lots of colour (while staying nurgly)...

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Made in us
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

This is great stuff. I'm a new nurgle player and I'm loving these old models. Keep it up.

Do I have something in my teeth?
Made in za
Jovial Plaguebearer of Nurgle

South Africa

These guys make me look at my new plague bearers and think why Geedub these guys looks so awesome cartoonish but thats why we love the big papa

Facts are chains that bind perception and fetter truth. For a man can remake the world if he has a dream and no facts to cloud his mind. 
Made in gb
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

Boston, UK

A very well executed, and I don't doubt, satisfying project. Excellent work, have a cookie.
I'm guessing there's a Great Unclean One in the offing?

"All their ferocity was turned outwards, against enemies of the State, foreigners, traitors, saboteurs, thought-criminals" - Orwell, 1984 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

Just the one right now. Need to save up for another one. :-)

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

Deep in the Reikwald Forest, there was a Porcelain Throne, said once to have been used by the God-King Sigmar himself. Now occupied by the daemon Faecius Shanks, its stinking approach heraldes the coming of the hordes of Papa Nurgle...

Faecius and his minions:

Faecius Shanks, Herald of Nurgle:

Made in gb
Blood-Raging Khorne Berserker



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Quanar wrote:you were able to fit regular guardsmen in drop pods before the FAQ and they'd just come out as a sort of soup..
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

Bellstaff joins the champions:

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

And another one. Banner is most likely going to be tweaked later, but I've had enough of it for now. Needs sharpening, possibly push the saturation on it a bit more, and I still feel it's missing something. Not sure what, though.

Made in gb
Never Forget Isstvan!


Looks fantastic. I'm very envious and nostalgic all at once

Have a look at my P&M blog - currently working on: 30k Iron Warriors  
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Central Valley, California

Absolutely smashing work! The variety of colors is great -- complimentary but diverse. Love your old collection -- I've some myself and am struggling with the skin. Sending PM soon to see if you can answer a quick question.

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winterdyne wrote:
Finished another coupleof models:

The skin here ... on these two Plague Bearers. Simply fantastic necrotic flesh. Makes me want to listen to Carcass tonight. Fine work mate.

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

Much happier with the banner now.

And in with the unit

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

One more Nurgle champ to go to complete the unit of ten. Here's number nine (tech weapon):

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

... and number 10, pistol & sword, completing the unit.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Charleston, SC

These are beautiful, Winterdyne! The nostalgia is great, but your painting is really bringing these old minis to life and you're doing a great job of making them look less dated.

Made in ie
Dominating Dominatrix

Dublin, Ireland

Deliciously Nurgly!

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

Wormslobber Taintvex Nurgle arrives to bring decay to the Realms...

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