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Napoleonics Obsesser


One way I avoid boredom with my hobby is to work so much and fill my calendar so much that I can only indulge in my hobby for about 1 to 2 hours every two to three weeks. Then, when you do get time you are very, very thankful for it!

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Been Around the Block

I find having multiple systems on the go helps.

Nothing must be more boring than playing the same game, painting the same figures, at the same scale, for the same IP for years on end.
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 MagicJuggler wrote:
There comes a time when players get jaded, either with a game or an entire line of games. In my case, I got bored with 40k and none of the alternatives either appeal or are widely played.

Now I've pretty much given up on 40K and WFB/AoS. I still love the minis, but I'm just tired of the games and the marketing.

Back when 40K and WFB were my main gaming focus, I would get burned out every once in a while. Then, I'd jump to another game for from a couple weeks to a couple months. When Specialist Games was still a thing, it was often BFG, Necromunda, or Mordheim. When those games were discontinued I'd look further afield, playing various WWII or ancients games, or whatever was the new thing at that point in time.

Nowadays, FOW is my main gaming focus, but again sometimes I need a break. Currently, I'm putting together the new Necromunda box set, but there's enough going on in my local group to do other things, like SFB, BattleTech, SAGA, or a couple other options.
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Newcastle, OZ

niall78 wrote:
I find having multiple systems on the go helps.

Nothing must be more boring than playing the same game, painting the same figures, at the same scale, for the same IP for years on end.

+1 to this.

When I started gaming 30 years ago, I had one game, then I branched out and added a second - and since then, I've had two systems on the go at any one time.
When I tire of one, I swap it out for another game again.

Whether it be battletech and 40k, WHFB and 40k, Void and 40k, or Infinity and 40k or back to whfb and infinity ... no game will be my "forever" game, there's only "will do for now" and "not playing it anymore".

I'm 49.
Old enough to know better, young enough to not give a ****.

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I only get at best one game of anything a week, so I've not suffered the overexposure that leads to boredom. Having said that, I have hit a roadblock with the painting and modelling aspect. But I put it down to the stress of Christmas rather than boredom.
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I tend to bounce between games if I'm bored.
Usually from 40k to epic then to bloodbowl.

If it's painting I'm bored with (Some armies get repetitive to say the least) I simply browse miniature sites until infind a model I really want to paint and I use that as a side project.

Painted up a salamanders epic army over a month and the only thing that kept me sane was the odd side project here and there I got.

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