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 Mymearan wrote:
void models are awesome, i only own 2 though (sniper dudes, one crouching).

edit: turns out they were urban war... what's the difference between these games?

Urban War was Void 1.1 rebooted IIRC when the company (I-Kore, the models who Scotia Grendel now own) was acquired by Urban Mammoth and the game was changed to a sort of Necromunda/Infinity scale game instead of the 2nd ed. 40k-esq. it once was. This included an entire new line of minis to replace the old ones. Void wasn't really gone IIRC, though the boxed game (and alleged embezzlement of money) killed I-Kore as it once was.
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if I-Kore was "acquired" by Urban Mammoth, then it was some odd legalese thing. Urban Mammoth was I-Kore; same staff, same premises, same games.
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 Mymearan wrote:
void models are awesome, i only own 2 though (sniper dudes, one crouching).

edit: turns out they were urban war... what's the difference between these games?

scale, urban war was smaller groups than Void 1.1 the mins all still will work for either,.
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Denison, Iowa

There really isn't a reason to stick to just one gaming system. Many models will work with the rules from many different games. Since a lot of the systems are free downloads, read the rules, pick out a couple games, and give them trial runs. No need to really commit to anything.

For me, I really liked the warpath rules. However, I don't play it as finding even a 40k game is hard enough in my extremely rural location.
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At a Place, Making Dolls Great Again

That they do, I sold most of my 40k stuff this year to buy Christmas presents (only keeping the Death Guard for myself).
Which is fine I've painted most things GW has made and need something radically different.

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East Midlands UK

Stargrunt 2 is an excellent set of rules that have a more hard sci-fi than grimdark space opera feel. They are free here.

Of course if you fancy some really old school gaming, you can still get the games that led to 40K, Laserburn and Imperial Commander, from 15mm.co.uk. Laserburn plays well at 28mm, can't remember if Imperial Commander does or not.
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I'll toss my vote for Warpath in, the minis are usable all the way from Deadzone (board-game /skirmish game hybrid) up to firefight (still skirmish focusing on small units with some vehicle support) up to Warpath, which is mass battle on a 40K scale.
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Gates of Antares looks really cool with some pretty neat concepts and nice miniatures. You would just need to find someone to play it with. Warpath is also a good option, it has some nice stuff. However I find that Warpath apes Warhammer factions too much and that it lacks variety in models.
Generally, finding good alternative games is not a problem, it is finding players for them that is. Even the most awesome game is boring without players.

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