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Made in nz
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

Wellington, NZ

What a great load of updates! Good to see you back posting again. The captain is fantastic. I'd say you're almost better off having him kitbashed yourself - he's more unique that way. He feels like the other sort of Ultramarine character you can have - instead of resplendent, glorious, and pristine, he is grizzled, functional, and effective. I really dig that look and he has plenty of neat touches that define him clearly as a captain nonetheless. Great work! Keen for more posts.

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Made in de
Stalwart Ultramarine Tactical Marine

Thanks LDP! He even performed really well on the tabletop last time - killing a Venom with his overcharged plasma pistol, then charging Commander Shadowsun after receiving tons of overwatch. He continued his killing spree with slaying a Broadside battlesuite in close combat, his Sanctic Halo saving him from the heavy railrifle...

He will also lead my force in the next 2on2 tourney

I finished up the librarian. I have mixed feelings because he didn't turned out as well as i had hoped. A 2ed cast is not well defined and edge highlighting a pain.

The Leviathan is next in line. Several hours of prepwork and a lot of magnets needed.

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Made in us
Ultramarine Chaplain with Hate to Spare

Upstate, New York

Nice work on the captain. Making a PF/PP captain is on my list of things to do, as well as making at least one PF sarge. Nice to see a cool example.

Librarian looks good. I’ve had that guy lead many of my forces, especially 5-7th edition when psykers were in ascendence.

Dread should be interesting!

Ultramarines, 3rd Co. and friends, 12.5K+ Slowly growing 2Kish
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Made in ie
Been Around the Block


Loving your work here, always a fan of gritty Ultramarines. They can do parade ground looks later, now there is a war to win.

Big fan of the scenic base you did there and all.

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Made in de
Stalwart Ultramarine Tactical Marine

Thanks Nev! I'm keen to see your take on the PF/PP Captain and Sarge.

Thank you Thousandeyes. The Levi will hopefully come out more gritty, he is an Ancient Relic of the Chapter and allowed to keep his (superficial) damage and battlescars.

Tomorrow I will have a testgame for the upcoming 2on2 tourney next week. This also explains while the cadence is higher right now.
Made in ie
Never-Miss Nightwing Pilot

Donegal, Ireland

Liking your marines and the fact you've gone for 3rd company, you don't see those too often!

Keen to see the progress on your Levi, everything else you've done so far looks sweet!

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Made in de
Stalwart Ultramarine Tactical Marine

I'm glad you are on the ship now, here is another update. I started highlighting on the round edges on the armour, namely torso and the four sides of each leg.
It is a quiet tedious process without an airbrush. A lot of layers, feathering and glazing.

The testgame on saturday went kind of bad. My eldar (Alaitoc) mate and i faced a double chaos list with a cultist bomb and lots of anti-armour.
After losing the Redemptor we didn't pack much anti-horde. This will be changed for the tourney.

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Made in us
PanOceaniac Hacking Specialist Sergeant

Youngstown, Ohio

Wow. Your minis look AMAZING. I wish I could paint half as well as you do. :-)

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