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An idea for a more diverse KoM army for KoW version 3 (whenever that may come around)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in nl
Crazed Flagellant

 Arctic Dragon wrote:
Pic of a KoM Arquebusier (WHFB Empire, 6th ed.) vs a Trident Realm Naiad Lurker from the most recent Vanguard demo. (......)

I'm curious to see what impact Vanguard will have on KoW rules and gameplay.

That's a familiar mini!

At the height of WHFB 6th edition, I think I bought the starter set (empire + orks) from various online auctions at least 8 times. Sold/gave away the orcs, but kept the empire bits. The Spearmen are painted mostly by now (they make great polearm troops when converted to halberds. See http://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2018/12/06/my-2nd-halberdier-horde/), but I do own at least a hundred handgunners which still have to be painted......

On your other comment: I must confess I haven't taken enough time to look into Vanguard. I hear good things about it, but choose to keep focussed on KoW. (My gaming group has many new players who are building their KoW armies, so another game will probably distract them) That said, I would love to try out the game.

Shooting in Kings of War is very hard to balance. (it's either too powerful leading to gunlines or not powerful enough) Maybe other mechanics can increase it's tactical uses without increasing its raw killing power. Good to know the gaming world keeps on improving.

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Made in nl
Crazed Flagellant

I wrote up part three of this series: Joining the infantry.


Not that there's actually much wrong with KoM infantry, I just kept on making brain-dumps.

If I get the *vibe* again (which might or might not happen) I might finalise the series with cavalry and/or characters

My blog on Kings of War:

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nice article.

About your suggestions, maybe the special KoM rule might be "Hordes and legions get Inspiring(Troops)" or something similar

Hum, the problem is that then they would get the effect of inspiring on themselves, so the rule might be changed for them so that they don't self-inspire
Made in de
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

I'd be against fusing KoM with League.

The League army list is themed around particular fantasy tropes, namely Halflings and Renaissance Era-humanity (read: WHFB Empire).

KoM on the other hand, is generic enough to field any historical army before the Industrial Revolution you could think of. Model-wise, You CAN field them as Empire-esque Renaissance Landsknecht army, but you can also field them as ancient Greeks, Romans or Egyptians, or Dark Age Vikings (the Wolf Coat formation seems predestined for that), or High Middle Ages crusaders, or Tokugawa Era samurai etc.
I mean, if you go heavy on Arquebusiers, cannons and cavalry, even 18th century or Napoleonic armies could be possible. (How competitive such a list would be is a different topic).
Or field them as guys from a different fantasy setting, like House Stark or House Lannister from GoT, or Gondor/Rohan from LotR, also easily possible.
Personally, I like to have one mundane, historically authentic faction that keeps the fantastic elements as minimal as possible. I if want a more fantastical army, there are plenty of alternatives.
So limit it to Flying Beasts and Colossal Giants, MAYBE Ogres to have a Large Infantry option (but personally, I don't think this is needed), but otherwise keep it as it is.

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