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Battlefield Tourist


I didn't even think about RPG games!

Before COVID, I had a weekly D&D and a bi-weekly Monster of the Week game. We migrated online, but they died after a few attempts.

Later, as restrictions eased and things seemed safer, we had a StarFinder game with masks. That last three sessions before COVID went crazy in our area and we had to stop it.

This year, COVID killed three ongoing RPG games for me! :(

Do you like Free Wargames?
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada

I got in a single game of 40K before the lock down.


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Regular Dakkanaut

TBH very little due to lockdowns in the UK. But before Covid in Jan/Feb 2020 I was playing WM/H and Malifaux
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Heroic Senior Officer

Gone-to-ground in the craters of Coventry

There was AoS and 40k with a bit of WHU, Deadzone and Gaslands at the start of 2020.

In Lockdown 1, we played DnD using Fantasy Grounds on evenings, until the DM (who is a teacher) got too much workload from online teaching.

When Lockdown 1 ended, I got in a game of 40k. Game 2 was called off when Lockdown 2 hit.

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"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw (probably)
Clubs around Coventry, UK 
Made in us
Commanding Lordling

Lots of 8th ed Warhammer Fantasy and like 2 9th 40k games and 2 8th games I think.
Made in us

Warmachine/Hordes sometimes online through Wartable due to lockdowns.


Riot Quest



Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

West Michigan, deep in Whitebread, USA

Unfortunately, nothing on the tabletop, just a few RPG sessions over Zoom because my gaming group is 45 minutes away. My family lives next door to my parents, who we isolated with because they watch my daughter while my son is at school, and my mom is 66 and immune-compromised. The state lockdowns came right as I was going to start playing skirmish games of SW: Legion at the store down the road from my workplace, unfortunately.

I'm the last one of all of us to get vaccinated at the moment, and after that happens I'm hoping to get some skirmish games, Battletech, and maybe Star Wars Legion in once things start normalizing in summer. I could probably find some way to play wargames online, but I'm not that tech-savvy, and it's just not as fun as in-person.

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Jealous that Horus is Warmaster

Played some 40k and 30k IRL in the small window we were allowed. Did a lot of Bolt Action and Battlefleet Heresy on TTS (Tabletop Sim). Have tried the Deathwatch and Dark Heresy RPGs, as well as a little bit of D&D.
Made in us
Basecoated Black

Tangentville, New Jersey

I didn't get to play anything in 2020. Most of what I painted ended up being for 28mm so that I'd end doing something constructive with my hobby.

Made in us
Charging Dragon Prince

West Lafayette, IN

Tabletop gaming and the like?

I think I played 1 game of 3rd Ed. 40K because of the pandemic, maybe two.

I played multiple games of WFB 6th Ed.

Video games? All over the place. Skyrim, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Transformers (multiple games), Fate: The Traitor's Soul, Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, and a failed attempt at getting Mark of Chaos: Battlemarch to run on my laptop.


For 4-6th WFB, 2-5th 40k, and similar timeframe gaming

Looking for dice from the new AOS boxed set and Dark Imperium on the cheap. Let me know if you can help.
 CthuluIsSpy wrote:
Its AoS, it doesn't have to make sense.
Made in gb
Mighty Chosen Warrior of Chaos

Watch Fortress Excalibris

Warcry, Killteam, Blackstone Fortress, Pandemic, Reign of Cthulhu, Cthulhu Fluxx.

The combination of no opportunity to play and GW price rises has effectively killed 40K and AoS for me. I don't miss them and have no real intention of going back to them even once things get back to 'normal'.

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Made in us
Armored Iron Breaker

I played 40k until it got too risky to go out to the store I'd been playing at.

Courage and occasionally honor.
Made in us
Terrifying Doombull

Melbourne .au

Played stuff with my wife through the year.
We got through the first couple of the D&D Adventure Boardgames (and all of their DLC) - Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon.

Played a bit of Marvel Champions LCG.

Played through the Zombicide Night of the Living Dead boardgame. Need to go back and play the couple of DLC missions now.

Just video games so far...

Made in pl
Regular Dakkanaut

A lot of Warmachine via Wartable (works in a browser, excellently designed!). The emergence of the newbie friendly, smaller format called Brawlmachine has invigorated the scene here.

New thing for me - I started playing solo games to avoid my computer outside of work - Aeon's End (an absolute hit! Really neat design, full of interesting decisions in an elegant package), Mage Knight, Machina Arcana.

Some good new games I tried with friends during the few months inbetween lockdowns - Mare Nostrum:Empires, CO2. Also absolutely top quality evergreens we've been playing for years - Age of Empires3:Age of Discovery, Imperial 2030.
Made in us
Painting Within the Lines

A ton of X-Wing, thanks to my local leagues before the lockdown and after restrictions were lifted. 40K, 30K, Warmachine, and I stared longingly at my Legion stuff.

RPG-wise, my groups played a custom Dragon Ball setting, the Genysis Star Wars system, Pathfinder, and of course good ol 3.5.

Does MTG count? Spelltable helped my group get a ton of games in for that as well.

Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

By the time of our last club night on the 10th of March 2020, I'd played six games of Command & Colours Ancients, three games of Warlord Games' Judge Dredd game, two games of Warcry, a game of Infinity 3rd edition and a game of Kill Team.

Since then, I've managed a game of Officio Assassinorum Execution Force and three games of Space Hulk 4th edition, all solo, on a weekend in August. It's not the same solo, it feels a little pointless.
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