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Terrifying Doombull


Yeah, I used it as a simplifying shorthand, on purpose.

Finished the First Wall.
The good, I think Gav Thorpe's prose and dialogue was much improved in this book. He also manages the themes he was going for pretty well. I enjoyed the battle for the spaceport, and would have enjoyed more of that to be honest. It also had a satisfying conclusion and a reasonably good plot. It was fun to see some more stuff from the game like Poxwalkers and Plaguebearers and a Great Unclean One.

Stuff I didn't enjoy quite as much... I would have enjoyed the trooper side story as a short story, but I found it jarring to constantly be jumping through timelines inside a chapter, and it made me put the book down a few times. It has a satisfying payoff, but I think the build up wasn't really worth it to me.

And I'm not a fan of the way the Imperial Cult is presented here, I know it's how it is now but I prefer that stuff a little more ambiguous and a little less super powered. So that took some of the steam out of those scenes.

Overall though a decent book, and I enjoyed reading it. So far, and against popular opinion it seems, the Solar War remains my favourite. Starting book 4 right now, but I'd say the people who said it was more consistent than the Heresy were right, and the quality is good if not great so far.

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Lit By the Flames of Prospero

I think because there is a writers room that consists of a core of BL veterans and the setting is a lot less sandboxy, there's going to be a lot more focus in the Siege. Lots of thread tying and story ending for a lot of characters and plots, while also setting up some of what we will eventually see later in the timeline.
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Terrifying Doombull


They seem to be giving them more time too maybe? Certainly sounds like some of the HH books were rushed out.

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Lit By the Flames of Prospero

A lot of the HH books are also novellas and short stories rather than full-length novels. The Siege books can get a lot more said/done and can go into events with more detail than a lot of Heresy books. Crimson King and Praetorian of Dorn are the outliers on my bookshelf for size, whereas all of the Siege novels (i.e. not Sons of the Selenar and Fury of Magnus) are all roughly the same size.
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Terrifying Doombull


Just finished Saturnine- I was pretty impressed by it, with the massive scope and enormous cast. Really managed to keep the prose fresh despite hundreds of pages of battle.

Abnett is really good at this sort of thing and he was having a lot of fun in this book. Predictably, it's the best one so far in my view.

However! I am not without criticisms. I think Abnett enjoys tweaking our noses with silly stuff sometimes. So some of the stuff like the brackets, or the faux military jargon like "non vi" kinda didn't work for me. Or everyone saying the s word this site censors, particularly the Khan. But I can't help but feel that Abnett is winking at us with these moments to an extent, reminding us to enjoy ourselves and not be too po faced about it all. After all, here we're talking about a sci fi siege with hyper advanced genetically modified troops in power armour, using literal trebuchet!

A few months ago there was a thread complaining about Krole. I dunno, I'm in two minds about it. One, she got to be a POV character, and an interesting one. She got to do a lot of cool stuff. Two, the point of the scene was that everyone we'd gotten to know was getting chewed up. But yeah, it was a bit of a "wah waaah" moment how it was handled, so I can understanding feeling disgruntled about it.

But overall I can remember thinking several times while reading it "Yeah, this is what I imagined for the Siege of Terra", so well done to Abnett for delivering. It's not an easy task!

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Been Around the Block

I really like the fact that characters who have received development are actually being killed off.

For me, it emphasizes that during the Heresy, the Imperium lost its best and brightest.
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