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yiffing...i wouldnt mind some of that
chaos has its ways to corrupt

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Posted By Jester on 08/24/2006 10:39 PM

Thank you for saying it, Gorgon.  Manning is treated like a frigging saint here in Tennessee, and my response to said congratulators is always the same: If he's so great, why couldn't he win the National Championship?

Actually, it's kind of on-topic, because Manning really is the dork of quarterbacks.  So he spends 38 hours a day in the film room learning every nuance of the defenses he faces.  Bravo.  That works when everything's going according to plan.  But as the world has seen, when you give him some things he hasn't seen before and/or give him some adversity during the game, he just seems to fall apart. 

"(pushing glasses back up his nose) But...but...this wasn't in any of the simulations I programmed on my computer!  Help!  Daddy!"  *CRUNCH* 

You're a dork, Peyton. 

Tee Martin may not be an NFL MVP, but at least he led his team to a championship.  Those Tennessee teams were so loaded, how can they NOT be an indictment of Manning's inability to deliver the goods?  Marino never won a championship either, but he never had as much talent around him as Manning (at least not in the NFL...his Pitt teams were admittedly loaded). 

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You want to talk about loaded teams that went no where The Syracuse Orangemen when they had both McNabb and Harrison starting and still could not win a Bowl.  If you have NFL Superstar on a team ok he might not be able to do it all by himself.  But two of the best players for their pos. in the NFL and not get a bowl win that is the definition of choke.
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Man, you sports guys are nerds! I mean has this 'Peyton Manning' ever led his warband across the five deserts of Habarad, or done battle with the evil sorcerer of Pentuzeler? I can't see how any less of a feat would even be worth discussion on a board of such esteem as this.

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Yeah! Sports nerds! Vampire: The Masquerade isn't evil. Jocks are! :p

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