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I recently decided on a paint scheme that I like for my Wargames Factory Greatcoats, and after painting up I still like it but it
sort of feels a bit bland. I am not a very good painter at all, so I cant really do anything too drastic, even highlights generally dont look very good
due to shaky hands, any ideas? ATM its codex grey armour, washed with badab black, bestial borwn cloth with devland mud wash, with graveyard earth
stippled on for mud, boltgun metal weapons, with the edges of the armour highlighted slightly with boltgun metal, snakebite leather straps and thats
pretty much all.

(yeah, I know about those horrific mould lines, but it appears this one slipped through the net while I was cleaning them up, and got undercoated with the rest,
so he became my practise mini)
[Thumb - 100_1036[1].JPG]

[Thumb - 100_1037[1].JPG]

[Thumb - 100_1038[1].JPG]

[Thumb - 100_1031[1].JPG]
And my dog asleep because I love him <3 and just found it on the camera

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You could do with a couple of extra mud colours stippled onto the muddy area of the great coat - it is a bit too uniform at the moment. You could also perhaps do with slightly less mud. Might also want to think about (perhaps) adding some very fine sand/dust to the paint mix to give the mud some texture.

If you feel up to it, you could add unit numbers to the shoulder pads, or back armour?

Perhaps even a unit/army badge on the side of the helmet?

I think my main problem with the model is the black/brown combination. Otherwise the armour looks great, as does the coat - your painting of is pretty good; they just don't go together in my eyes.

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I agree, the mud layer is too uniform. It looks like a brown skirt attached to the bottom of the coat. I would make it lower and more spotty and blobby.

Insignia are a good idea, maybe on the pauldrons.

How about a camo paint pattern on the helmet?

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I think the model overall is pretty good. The models themselves are a bit bland to begin with so it is difficult to really work with. I would agree with the mud effects needing fixing. Other than that, I would probably do one/both of the shoulder pauldrons in a certain color. Possibly doing like a squad numbering on one, and then some sort of "uniform" chapter/army color on the other. I generally do the right shoulder pad for my SM are a "Uniform Chapter Color" in which every other SM in the army has the exact same coloring on the right, while the left one is for their individual squad coloring/numbering/specialization. Also if you have any spare bits, you could easily paint a few up and throw it on there to give the great coat a little "flair."

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