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Recent additions to My Gaurd, Speacial Characters and new vehicles (lots of Pics)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in ca
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Alberta Canada

Its been a while since I've posted. I made some recent additions to my IG army (armies).
I switched my armoured company to the 1st Namarian, (Gaunt's Ghosts Books, Thank you Dan Abnett), seeing as I was alredy in possesion of a Gen Grizmund FW model.
I added a few speacial characters and units to my available lists, such as Commissar Yarrick and Snake Stranski.
I also resurrected an old FW Earthshaker platform I was no longer happy with, into something I want to use again.
I'm not the greatest painter but I have improved a lot over the last couple of years.
Here are some pics, feel free to critque, suggest, question all you'd like.
[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 001.jpg]
Capt Al'Rahem

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 002.jpg]

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 003.jpg]
Commissar Yarrick

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 004.jpg]

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 005.jpg]
Creed, (temporary until I get the actual model)

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 010.jpg]
Sgt Bastonne

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 007.jpg]
Sgt Bastonnes Grenadier/Demolition squad

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 014.jpg]
My Techpriest and his selection of Servitors

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 016.jpg]
Seritor Wal-eee

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 006.jpg]
My resurrected Earthshaker platform

[Thumb - ryan 40k 057.jpg]
How it used to look, (I am never using that type of scrim again, its impossible to get off cleanly, so I did'nt bother)

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 008.jpg]
Crew added

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 009.jpg]

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 011.jpg]

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 012.jpg]
My new Devildogs( I kept the bits to make the other options)

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 013.jpg]

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 017.jpg]
My FW Hellhound

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 018.jpg]

Made in ca
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Alberta Canada

I forgot to add Grizmund, oops.
[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 019.jpg]

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 020.jpg]

Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Portland OR USA

Very nice army and well painted. I like the green/brown combo. The track guards and custom ablative armor upgrades on the hellhound are a nice touch!

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Depraved's Workbench (Chaos, Ork, Tyranid, conversions, terrain) http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/396886.page 
Made in ca
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Alberta Canada

Thanks. I forgot to add my Col Snake Stranski and his squad pics, I'll add them when I get off work.
[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 021.jpg]

[Thumb - 5th Gaurd 022.jpg]

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Made in ca
Slippery Ultramarine Scout Biker

Alberta, Canada

as always, looking good, I cant wait to see Snake on the table!

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