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Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Hi guys,

Its been a while since I have been on here but I am getting married in just over 3 weeks time so I have been very busy. Plus I have just had an operation to have a tooth removed so not feeling great right now! Anyway enough of the boring stuff and I thought I would show you my Imperial Fists so far and as an added bonus ive started working on some Imperial Guard allies too. Hope you like, critiscism and thoughts welcome!

Oh and there is also a picture of my second home here too and is the reason my Saturdays are usually ruled out for any kind of painting or modelling!

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.09.51.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.10.12.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.11.13.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.10.41.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.12.20.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.12.42.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.13.07.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.14.25.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-10-11 12.13.29.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-09-18 14.08.28.jpg]

Made in us
Unbalanced Fanatic

Fresno, Ca

Do you know who has the worst job in the imperium? Imperial fists artificers, because painting yellow armor really, really, really sucks.

These look great though. That wash on that studded shoulderpad came out so much better than any of mine.

Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

United Kingdom

I like your Cadians, and hats off for doing Fists. Anything yellow is too intimidating for me.

But lol at Sunderland.
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Ha ha yeah its my Dads fault I support them!

Thanks for the comments guys.
Made in us
Stone Bonkers Fabricator General

A garden grove on Citadel Station

Looks great. very nice even yellow color. I assume you layered up from brown?

ph34r's forgeworld Phobos blog
+From Iron Cometh Strength+ +From Strength Cometh Will+ +From Will Cometh Faith+ +From Faith Cometh Honor+ +From Honor Cometh Iron+
The Polito form is dead, insect. Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence?
When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

It was a base coat of Iyanden Darksun, with a wash of Ogryn Flesh in the recesses and then touched up with Iyanden again. Followed by highlights of 50/50 Bleached Bone and Darksun.
Made in gb
Hacking Shang Jí

Bournemouth, England

Kudos on the yellow! Guard are also coming along nicely!

Not too sure on the last pic, it may be out of focus but it looks like some sort of toy stadium! Is that where that funny team pretend to play foatball?

Love from Mr Geordey McGeordyson of St Geordyland, Geordyshire!

Need more 's in my life!  
Made in us
Newbie Black Templar Neophyte

Virginia, United States

Great job on the models, especially the fists, yellow is such a hard color to do.

"The heraldic cross stands proud on my chest, where Astartes of lesser Chapters wear the Emperor’s aquila. We do not wear His symbol. We are His symbol." - Chaplain Grimaldus

Black Templars 1750
Night Lords 1750

Made in gb
Wicked Ghast

Carmarthen, Wales

your yellows real good im doin a similar colour yellow but a bit brighter for my skaven
Made in us
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

love your yellow work man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Made in us

I like the yellow alot. Cool Cadians too.

Hydra Dominatus

World Wide War Winner  
Made in us
Whiteshield Conscript Trooper

Hats off to you man. U will not catch me trying to paint yellow. Job well done.

Made in us


Well, first off, getting married is not boring, so congrats!
And am happy to see some Imperial Fists! Great job with the yellow!

Behind the Salamanders, the Imperial Fists are my next favorite Chapter, so I am indeed quite happy.

Lokas wrote:...Enemy of my enemy is kind of a dick, so let's kill him too.

"Without judgement there is no obstacle to action." ~ Kommander Oleg Strakhov
Made in cn
Bounding Ultramarine Assault Trooper

Looks very good. - looking forward to seeing more

Made in us
Brainy Zoanthrope

Portland, OR

Kudos on the yellows. I avoid painting that color at all cost.

Made in us
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Dayton OH

Is that a soccer field? Oh, he's English.

Great Fists, some of the nicest sternguards I've seen. Your yellow kind of falls in between the old bright yellow schemes and the newer style that I just call pale brown

For the Emperor! Kill Maim Burn!... I mean purge the unclean!  
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Thanks for the kind comments guys! I appreciate it! Even from the Geordie

Im working on some Vanguard Veterans now and I have just stripped the paint from some old Tactical marines so Im going to be busy!

Oh and my very first Forge World model has just arrived, Lufgt Huron, who I have started painting also. So Ive got a lot of ongoing stuff!
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