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Using Toad Dragons as mounts for lords other than Tamurkhan  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Hey everyone!

I'm thinking about buying the Tamurkhan on Toad Dragon model from FW. Now normally i'd probably just say that it was a counts as chaos dragon, but i just realized that there is a point cost and profile for a toad dragon in the tamurkhan book.
What would you say to using such a creature as a mount for a Nurgle WoC lord? It costs roughly the same as a normal dragon give or take ten points, and has significantly different stats and abilites. Would you allow me to do this in a game?
Is it too much of a stretch to allow characters to ride creatures they normally couldn't (granted there is some precidence for allowing it in this instance, in my opinion, because tamurkhan is riding one)?

I'd really like to be able to run the toadie because it'll mesh much better with the type of list i want to run, but i can totally understand if people wouldn't allow it.

i'd just like to know what Dakka thinks about this, if y'all think it's a fair way to play i'll go ahead and try to do it!

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For friendly games, I'd be fine with it.

Doubt you'd be able to do it in a tournament, but in that case, you could say it is a Chaos Dragon.

 Ouze wrote:

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Sheffield, United Kingdom

I don't see any reason you couldn't have your general on a toad dragon (other than the champions of the other gods would be jealous). Personally if the game was big enough I would just use the rules for Tamurkhan but in smaller games or if you want more than one lord the toad dragon is as balanced and fair as any other mount as it's found in a official games workshop (forgeworld is games workshops quieter and more capable brother) book. As the points for the toad dragon are listed separably from Tamurkhan I assume they thought people would be doing this anyway.

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Toad Dragons are absurdly OP. It is the mount for a campaign lord and as such it's meant to survive a campaign as the main bad guy. The same as Tamurkhan himself (who isn't balanced). The campaign wouldn't be very interesting if you could just cannon shoot him on the 2nd round.

So he's fine for totally goofing off fun. But as a 350 pt monster, he's massively too good.

I think only the Chaos Dwarfs are "playable."

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