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Sneaky Lictor


Hi here is a conversion that I did for Twin Linked Devourers in order to have them on one hand (mainly necessary for the Flyrant)
With the release of the new Flyrant I hope somebody finds this usefull


I think you can see from the pictures how I did it! But if anyone wants a tutorial just say the word

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FaarisShazad wrote:The guy with the spiky dildo for a picture had a good point.

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"The Word"

I would love a tutorial just cause I know I'd mess it up big time without it.

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Sneaky Lictor


OK, so here is a brief disciption of how it's done.
You will need: 2 barbed strangler cannons, 4 devourers (termagant version because the monstrous are rare) 1left hand from the barbed strangler or heavy venom cannon (the part with the ball sacks) and finaly and adrenal gland from a termagant or genestealer sprue.

Right Hand:
This is the easy side. Just slice of the Barbed strangler as in this picture and glue together:

As a general rule give yourself plastic to work with. You will have to shave the edges so that they meet each other flush so remember to leave enough plastic to shave off! Also dont forget to check alignment from the side and from above.

Left Hand:
This side is trickier. Repeat the process as above except before gluing the devourer heads on do the following. Slice off the barbed strangler just above the elbow with a diagnal cut as seen here:

(If you want to magnetize drill now!!) Next cut the left arm with the same cut and shave until they fit each other. Dont glue together just yet.
Finaly you have to make it look like a left hand. Take care of the hole first (that you would normaly stick the ball sack into) with a bit of the adrenal gland. Next I chose to put fingers on it to hide the thumb. Shave the thumb till it is flat and then shave the fingers of a heavy venom cannon to fit on the flat bit. Some green stuff and fiddling will be required at this point!


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FaarisShazad wrote:The guy with the spiky dildo for a picture had a good point.

Ork Management Program
I take care of problems that need to be solved with violence  
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Claremont, ON

sweet! saving this link

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could you tell me what the green stuff is and where I could get it

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Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

It's "green stuff" and any hobby shop should sell it. Just ask at the counter for green stuff.

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Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning. Please trade/purchase with this in mind.  
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What a thread... 5 years in the making

Please excuse any spelling errors. I use a tablet frequently and software keyboards are a pain!

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Bristol, England

Yeah, I reported it last night but somehow it's stuck.
I can't wait to here more about this 'greenstuff'.
Personally I like fleshborer hives from the tervigon kit as twin devourers.

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 Flinty wrote:
What a thread... 5 years in the making

This explains why the OP talked about the new flyrant kit…
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Grizzled Space Wolves Great Wolf

It's been 5 years since the Flyrant kit was released? Well that just made me feel old given I consider that a pretty "recent" addition to the Tyranid lineup

I've done similar conversions not using Barbed Strangers as the basis though.

Oh, and looking for greenstuff, also look for the brand name "kneadatite" and you can probably find larger amounts for less money.

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