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Made in us
Primered White

I've bought about fifteen boxes and blisters in the last few weeks, and three of them have had missing pieces. Arms, legs, weapons.... Is this a common thing with Privateer Press?
And yes, I've submitted requests through their nice little replacement portal, but still the wait is TWO weeks. Pretty ridiculous to be missing all these parts, right?

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Made in gb
Sinewy Scourge

Washington, hell, uk

I've only ever had problems with missing/damaged parts once (a hydra) and i was given him half price cos he was missing a foot (turns out he was also missing a neck and half his body :/). and my cousin had a problem with the new necron lords (finecast).

Other than that never had a problem, you just got unlucky.


Edit: I misread which board it was in. sorry

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Made in us
interstate man of mystery

i think i've had one or two models missing pieces, tops, over the last few years myself

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Made in gb
Bane Lord Tartar Sauce

Oxford, Great Britain

A few bits here and there. As PP are very good at replacing the stuff I don't really remember how many issues there have been. It does sound like that you have been unlucky aleck.
Made in us
Bounding Assault Marine

Hillsborough, NH

I got two left arms for my juggy

U.S. Army veteran OEF 13-14

Made in us

I've bought over 200 points in models in the past year, of all that I only had one shoulder pad come up missing, and it was replaced inside of a week.
Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

I've had on two pack of light jacks come with only a single card, and I've had a different two pack of light jacks come with an extra set of legs.

I know the FLGS has had an epic caster missing half the parts, some large o es at that, such that it was obvious to them at a glance something was wrong. They also had a two player starter missing the Khador jacks.

Friend of mine had a box of guys missing all their legs I think it was. Maybe not all, i forget exactly.

Another guy had the wrong Warp Wolf in a box he purchased, though the entire thing was there.

Off hand that's all I can remember. It's a very uncommon problem here at least to my knowledge, so I think you just of unlucky as happens occasionally.

Made in us
Druid Warder

Cincinnati, OH

Been playing and buying stuff since 2006, and have yet to actually have a mispack. I might be extremely lucky, though.

And stuff.
Made in de
Decrepit Dakkanaut


Last year I had:
- Legion Warpack, missing cards and with the wrong torso for my carnivean. They sent out a new one though, when I emailed them about it. Which is pretty decent.
-Teraph, missing a leg.
-And one other which escapes me at the moment.

Which I consider pretty poor.

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Made in us
Rogue Grot Kannon Gunna

Atlanta, GA

I've had a few mispacks and miscasts here and there. It's bound to happen. PP has always gotten me the replacement parts in a timely manner, though.

From reading past threads about this, it seems that some people get hit with really unlucky streaks, with tons of problems, and other players buy 300 points of two factions without a single mispack.
Made in us

Cannoneer was missing her left leg, Venator UA didn't come with card. That is all I've run into so actually not bad.

Made in fi

Southern Finland

I've had two miss packaged blisters during the ~5 years I have been collecting PP's figs. I think they are doing as well as other manufactures in this regard.

Made in us
Old Sourpuss

Lakewood, Ohio

Since I've been playing Warmachine for less than a year, I've had a surprising number of mispacks, and they haven't bothered me, especially with their new parts replacement form.

1) Krielstone Bearer had 2 right arms
2) Dire Troll Mauler had MK1 Card (it must have been on the shelf for a while, so I don't really consider this a mispack)
3) Skaldi Bonehammer was missing a card

All of the above were over the late summer and early fall.

4) Khador Mortar Gun and Crew was missing the body of the leader. I had his base and his arms.
5 and 6) Kell Bailoch and Gorman di Wulfe had mk1 cards (again, very similar to the Mauler, so no big deal)

7ish) A new player in our store had a missing card for his Manhunter, so I gave him an extra I had from the Faction Deck.

These were within the past month or so.

So yeah, they happen, but there their parts replacement service is awesome, and doesn't take much effort.


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Made in ca
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Soviet Kanukistan

The FLGS around my neck of the woods that carry a lot of Warmachine were issued MKII stat cards that you can swap your old cards for. Sometimes kits with MKI cards come from distributors that have had a lot of old stock lying around.

I've been playing since the early MK1 days and have encountered the following mispacks / miscasts: (Disclaimer: This is out of 1000 or so points worth of models)

Missing or Incorrect Parts
Cygnar Metal Starter - Contained 2 Ironclads and 2 Strykers. I bought this defective box knowingly as I needed the Ironclad hulls and got it for a good price. A misspack none-the-less.
Metal Destroyer Warjack - Ice Axe included instead of Executioner's Axe - I put the Ice axe on initially. Then sawed it off and replaced it with the plastic Exectioner's Axe.
Kommander Strakhov - No spell card - FLGS got me the spell card, as their entire shipment was missing them.
Gerlak Slaughterborn - Miscast - Returned to FLGS
Metal Defiler Warjack(s) - Contained Deathripper jaws - Ended up bitz ordering a single defiler jaw as part of a bigger bitz order.
Stormguard - One incorrect Stormglaive - Ended up bitz ordering the TORSO that went with the incorrect glaive to increase the model variety in the unit.
Bitz Order - Iron Fang Body substituted for a Long Gunner. Sent replacement to billing address, not shipping address.

Extra Parts
Berserker Warjack - Extra Axe bit
Beast 09 - I won the extra parts lottery. Cracked him open at the store to look at the parts and the first piece I pull out of his package is uh... Old Rowdy's torso. Followed by Old Rowdy's arm. Fearing the worst, I dump out the parts to find that this Beast 9 box contained an entire Old Rowdy AND an entire Beast 09. I can only surmise that the guys packing the parts were drunk that day, or some staffer's set aside parts got thrown into a retail box.

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Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Two Rivers, WI

A leg of my Cygnar storm strider is miscast, still waiting on the replacement. Its not a big deal because I'm painting it one part at a time. I also got the wrong head for a Cygnar lancer last summer. So two issues in around a year of buying, not too bad.

Made in us
Hacking Interventor

My house

Like others said, sounds like you just had bad luck. Been playing for 2+ years and only had 3 missing/mispack issues. Two player set had missing pelvis on light jack and extra shoulder. Bile Thrall box had 2 missing figures (may have been lifted while in store before I bought them). And a missing piece on Sorcha from the two player set. All in all they have been good and very prompt replacing parts with no hassles.

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Made in us
Big Fat Gospel of Menoth

The other side of the internet

I had a cyclops come with the wrong set of arms. That's it afaik. My friend on the other hand had a box of stormguard come with no legs for any of them. That was hilarious.

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Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

Oh, my Wraith Engine has a few of the resin parts that arent aligned correctly. Will need to fix those.

Made in ph
Druid Warder

worst I've had were wrong bases. Small based models getting medium and vice versa

though I have seen folks here get missing parts as well. thankfully our crackdealer lets us check the parts before we buy

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Made in de
Dipping With Wood Stain

Hattersheim, Germany

Only issue I ever had with them was with a box a Cygnar Stormguard, which had one combination of halberd/hands and torsos wrong - so they didn't fit, but I could remodel them, so no big problem.

Oh yeah, and the voltaic ball on my Storm Strider had a big groove, but PP replaced it free of charge.



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As always, enjoy and have fun! 
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