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Piercing the heavens

A good friend of mine, who's basement we use for gaming night, owns a store for artists supplies and just recently expanded. Now he sells a lot of different tabletop miniatures and such. The last gaming store closed over 3 years ago and I can not tell you how much fun is it to finally have shelfs full of awesome minis to look at and spend money in a store again. I'm so happy that I felt it was time to try out something new. I've been playing waaaay too much 40k these past few months and decided to try out a new system. Several new systems in fact. You know, Gamer ADD and all that.

One of the systems he decided to bring to the store right from the start was INFINITY. After some consideration I bought the Aleph starter box because they're unlike my usual factions of choice. It didn't take me long to settle for a color scheme. I want my gang of A.I. controlled attack robots to look like Zero, from Mega Man.

Red and white armor with some black when need and touquoise/blue for eyes, glowing energy stuff etc. Granted, it looks a lot like the colors I chose for my Eldar Craftworld, but I decided to stick with it anyway.
I like the colors on the droid, but I'm not so sure about the more human looking models. With the blond "hair" and the energy panels on her arm it's already a very colorful model, so I'm not sure if I should paint the face to keep the Zero-look. What do you think?

Those droids are a real pain in the butt to assemble btw.

[Thumb - IMG_7543.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_7813.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_7822.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_7823.JPG]

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