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Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

It has almost been two years since I started my first blog, and to be honest, it didn't go very far.
Yes, lots of piccies of assembled Dark Angels were shown, but on the painting side, there was very little progress. It seems every paint job was a 'test'.
Now things will change!
I actually have a deadline to reach. In the short term, this summer my friends are doing some gaming (which is a silly thing to say, as they are always gaming ) but I really want to get stuck in, and 100 odd grey models is not going to cut it!
Long term wise, I've got about a year and a half left in the house, before I *hopefully* join the army. Therefore, I want what I have now to be complete, plus any other goodies i end up buying.

Obstacles? Well, I have my AS exams all this month, and I'm busy some of the time in summer, but that should not stop me! (it seems whenever I have exams, I do more 40k )

Expect updates Weekly, if not daily(ish), of work which takes twice as long as it should ('cos i'm like that ), and lets see a little more motivation in the fine art that is procrastination!

Now, to the storymabob!

Baddies have taken over Magalo! (Oh no! )

Chaos forces had launched a swift attack on Magalo, taking local Imperial forces by surprise. Led by an unknown leader, they had quickly overrun local forces, who were now scattered in small pockets across the planet. The majority of Chaos' forces were renegade Guard units, however Traitor Astartes from the like of the Black Legion were also in significant numbers. While some locals were resorting to resistance strikes against the enemy, other PDF units were still defending many key cities. However, All hope seemed lost.

Relief was soon at hand, (hooray! ) as an Imperial task group was operating in the surrounding systems. Within a week Imperial Forces had reached Magalo, and the liberation began. Units such as the 67th Cadian Brigade drove the enemy back at an alarming rate, and hope seemed restored. However, less than a month later, the liberation effort began to slow down, and stalemate ensued. Reinforcements were flooding in, but Chaos was standing its ground.

(I would write a full background story, but I'm no Dan Abnett )

To start the blog off, here are a some snaps of the Dark Angel Predator and Rhino I completed a few weeks ago (along with the link for the forum post), as well as my first two completed members of my Elysian friends.


38th (Ranger) Elysian Regiment

The 38th (Ranger) Elysian Regiment are an Air Assault unit, and part of 1st Brigade, 4th Elysian Division.

These are my first two Elysians I have completed (might do a little editing mind you).

N.B. While the FW Elysian models are fantastic, they have many flaws. Many parts are warped beyond my repair, and gun barrels are not complete (as you can see on the second mini)
Apologies if pictures aren't as great a quality, they were taken as the sun was about to set)

This chap here is Corporal Bäcker, he is section commander of 1 Section, B Troop, H Company, 3rd Battalion, 38th Elysian (that was a mouthful wasn't it? )
The horizontal stripe on the back of his helmet indicates that he is an NCO (been watching Band of Brothers lately ). The Spade emblem - painted on at the start of the liberation - indicates that he is a member of the 38th Regiment. The '4' on his right shoulder guard -also added- indicates that he is a member of 4th Division.
The complete lack of colour and shoulder guard on his left arm, either indicates that he is a veteran of everything and is totally nails, or someone decided to remove the guard. (It had a winged skull on it, but it was so blocked up with paint from a messed-up undercoat I need to redo it.)
Bäcker is seen here taking a suspicious glance around a corner of rubble. (Yes I know, 'what rubble?')

This is Sapper Krinkow. The yellow chevron on his shoulder and helmet indicates that he is a Combat Engineer. He is not a member of the 38th, however he is currently on attachment for the campaign, and as of current is serving in Bäcker's section. He is a specialist in mines, and has already knocked out a score of enemy vehicles, including a Chaos Rhino. Here Krinkow is seen laying a mine amongst the rubble, in anticipation of an enemy assault.

This shot was taken at the start of the day, hence the picture quality being better.

Made in gb
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps


Lovely painting! Great combo of armies as well
Made in gb
Slaanesh Havoc with Blastmaster

Hertfordshire, U.K.

I like it, and its definatly off to a good start

Crimson-King2120 wrote:
There's no such thing as to many sonic blasters

Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

Thanks Vitru! I have a few Cadians to add to the blog later on as well

Don't you mean 'Off to a good reboot' Bores? Hopefully I can keep this up, I will have an update ready by the end of today.

Made in gb
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader

Reading, England

Loooking good i love both armies so i will keep an eye on this blog, it will be nice to see some more background at some point (even if its not superb) good luck

Young Logan

30K Blog: hobbyfromtheaett.blogspot.com

Bran Redmaws Great Company - 5500pts
30K Space Wolves - 1500pts
Deathguard -2300 pts  
Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

Young_Logan wrote:Loooking good i love both armies so i will keep an eye on this blog, it will be nice to see some more background at some point (even if its not superb) good luck

Young Logan

ah, If you insist

I'm just going to come out and say it, I want to set this war in M42. I know there is the chance that when the clocks strike midnight at the end of the last day of 999 M41, all hell will break loose. The Emperor hits the sack (properly), or the Emperor comes back and the primarchs come back and everyone is happy. But meh.
Oh, and if any fluff looks inaccurate or plain wrong, please do tell!

Magalo, part of the Magal system, is located in the Scarus Sector, Segmentum Obscurus.
Primarily an agricultural Planet, Magalo has a fairly temperate climate. Farming communities are common, with major cities dotting the planet. The polar regions are less hospitable, with freezing temperatures throughout the year.

In the year 001 M42 (treachery!), The forces of Chaos attacked the Imperium in the Scarus Sector by suprise: The Magal system was first to be assaulted.

Within days the tropical planet of Verzia was siezed, and Magalo, along with the neighbouring planets Grenuli I and II, were on the brink of being lost.

But help was soon on the way as an Imperial Task Group, operating nearby, reacted to calls for help from the Magal system. Within a week, The Relief force had arrived. The Chaos fleet there quickly retreated, for they were no match to the Imperial Battleships that had escorted the Transports. However it soon became aware to the Imperial ships that a far larger Chaos fleet had yet to reach the system.

Attempts to relieve the local Imperial forces were planned. Grenuli I was to be the main focus of any effort, and troops were ready to be deployed. However, the arrival of a Dark Angels Strike Cruiser changed the outlook of the plan: According to the Astartes, Magalo was the priority. Harbouring a billion citizens, Magalo's population seemed miniscule compared to that of Grenuli I, where Hive cities and Manufactorums scoured the dusty planet. But no Imperial Commander dared to question the Astartes, and while effort was made at the other planets, Victory at Magalo was key.

And so the ground liberation began. While local PDF units in Magalo still held many cities, the Star-port of Velcas had fallen, and planetfall had to be made elsewhere.
In the Great Plains at Junis, the Imperial vanguard descended. Units such as the 67th Cadian Brigade and 228th Vostroyan smashed into the Chaos forces, who were scattered across the planet. A week later, and whole areas of land were reclaimed. Velcas returned to Imperial hands, and reinforcements soon flooded in.

But little more than a month later, the liberation effort slogged down. Supply issues and a centralised enemy slowed the Imperial Forces. It became apparent that elements of the Black Legion were present, and more Guard were pushed to the frontline.

At the city of Brakerok, Imperial Forces found the city almost lost. The PDF were holding a narrow stretch on the western edge of the city, including the old city centre. And so the Guard moved in. The 67th Cadian, along with the 38th Elysian in support, pressed forward as far as possible. After another week of fighting, More than half the city was in friendly hands.

Then they emerged.

Without warning, Chaos forces assaulted the Imperial lines in massed waves, and through sheer determination little ground was lost. However the advantage was gone for the Imperium, and stalemate ensued. For three solid months, the city turned to rubble as both sides obliterated the the area. Even with support from the Dark Angels 3rd Company, fighting was tough going. Reinforcements arrived in the form of the 958th Krieg and 98th Vostroyan, experts at city fighting, and I would tell the rest of the story but that would ruin it.

Righty ho, here are some pics I took earlier in the afternoon. My third guy is basically finished, and I'm close to finishing the first Heavy Bolter team.
I was planning on painting them together in one batch, but I became enthusiastic and focused on individual models. (Oops )
When all the Elysians are complete, I may even have a little story or two to tell.

You can see some comparison between the three, I regret overdoing the snow on Cpl Bäcker now

Trooper Helberg is a member of Cpl Bäcker's section. A veteran of multiple campaigns, Helberg is a natural born killer, and one of H Company's most competent soldiers. Here he is seen advancing cautiously towards the enemy.

The mushy snow effect was an accident, and I believe happened due to over-use of PVA glue. I like it however, and will include it in future models.

Another glimpse of the snow. Me likey

Not sure if I like the stance of this model, It looks fine here, but on the other side:

I might add some more ballast under his back foot, to make it look like he's stalking on a flat surface.

These guys are almost finished, and will be together on a large base. Can't wait to make it!

Made in us
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant

Lots of potential here, looking forward to more.
Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

Okie Dokie,

my heavy bolter team has been painted, with the base already undercoated and ready for some lovin'. The white lines are basic markers, ignore them.
My second heavy bolter team (already assembled more than a year ago) will need painting, and the base undercoated.

Here we have a picture of my Dark Angels force that needs painting/Stripping (or in the very rare case, is already finished). A lot isn't it?

Here you can see:
A Command Squad plus Company Master
4 10 man tactical Squads
1 10 man veteran Squad (1 CS CC, the other standard bolters + HB)
1 10 man Devastator Squad
1 10 man Assault Squad
1 10 man scout squad
1 5 man scout sniper squad
1 Chaplain with jump pack (he's basically been finished a while ago, but the base needs doing)
1 Rhino
1 Predator

As well as this, there is:
1 10 man Elysian Squad
3 Elysian HB teams
A group of Cadians, I would estimate numbering 20 (a lot are broken)
1 metal Cadian Command Squad
10 Kasrkins (can't wait to repaint/paint these!)
1 Basilisk
1 Leman Russ
1 Mortar team, 1 Autocannon Team, 1 Heavy bolter team. some odd bits.
1 Techmarine + 4 servitors
1 Razorback (definitely needs stripping (is in a box somewhere)

In the near future, I am hoping to acquire a LR, as well as some more Cadians. If I find a hoard of money buried in a pit, I may just get some Elysians, though even then the budget will be stretched!

I am currently into painting a DA Combat Squad. I only have 5 painting bases (corks/money pot things), so I can't assembly-line paint too many guys. Apparently wine bottles now come with plastic tops. If they still had corks, I would have enough to paint my whole army!

To spice things up a bit, why don't you guys request what I should paint next

Now for some fiction!

“Daz, Hurry up!”
“Almost there, gimme a sec! I need to get this wire attached.”
“Well speed up a bit, I want to get back!"

In an expanse of rubble and ruin, the lone figure was dangerously exposed. Sapper Daz Krinkow was laying an anti-tank mine at his feet, His palms sweating under his work gloves, as he was making the final preparations. The cold wind bit against his exposed face, but Krinkow felt none of it. He needed to work quickly, the enemy could appear at any moment.

“There, finished.” Krinkow said, as he covered the improvised charge with gravel and dirt.
“About time,” came a reply, as a figure rose up to the left, next to a shattered wall, “I'm bloody freezing!”
“Ulmer, man up and quit whining.” spoke a third voice, and another figure rose up out of a crater to Krinkow's right. The three regrouped and quickly withdrew, Krinkow carefully leading a cable from the explosives.
“Helberg are you ever happy?” questioned Ulmer, “stop being such a moody git and enjoy the fruits of life!”
“Shut it, or I'll crush
your fruits of life.” The other two chuckled, and they headed off.


“Incoming, 2 o'clock!” exclaimed Ulmer, as they observed from a gap in a destroyed building. They had been lying in wait for two hours, and finally their quarry had arrived.
“Tin men, six of them,” muttered Helberg, as he viewed through his magnoculars, “with an escort, ready with the pict-recorder?”
“Right by here,” Ulmer replied. In his hand he held a small small piece of equipment, with a large lens at the front. “This'll be fun!”

Three hundred metres away, six hulking figures came into view, along with two dozen or so infantry. More than a mile behind the frontline, they had no reason to be alert.

“How much explosive did you add to the mine?” questioned Ulmer, Krinkow usually customised his explosives for maximum effect.
“Enough to blow a Rhino sky-high. I added a bundle of nails as well, as a little surprise.”
“Krinkow, target the one with horns,” directed Helberg, who was still studying the enemy.
“The horney one, roger that.” Hand on the detonator, Krinkow watched and waited. The horned enemy was in the centre of the group, and seemed to be directing them.

'These humans aren't going to last five minutes', it thought. Watching their escort, the Chaos Space Marine noticed the complete lack of skill. Already two had died from a rocket launcher 'malfunction'. It didn't care however, as long as the Imperial forces here were crushed. Two months in this city and it had not seen combat, and bloodshed was all it longed for. It heard a click.
Was it a click?
Not sure.
It's sensitive hearing was playing up after decades of fighting. It turned round to another brethren, but the other Traitor Astartes shrugged it's shoulders.

The explosion was deafening. The horned Space Marine disappeared instantly, and another one was ripped apart. Infantry scattered, but half their number was already dead, torn to pieces by nails and shrapnel.
As the dust settled, carnage. Dismembered corpses were strewn across the street. Limbs were still falling from the sky.

“Job done,” stated Helberg, “let's go”.

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Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

This was my first attempt at airbrushing Space Marines, and I'm quite happy with it. However 3/4 of the time i was wasting paint because the paint was spluttering out, however i did it in the end

This is going to be the first combat squad from 4th Tactical Squad.

I've got exams this week, so don't be expecting an update until Friday or Saturday. I should have these dudes complete by then, as well as the HB team.

Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

Well, here's my Heavy Bolter team which is basically finished! (still needs more weathering effects on their uniform, and I had a slight superglue mishap on the ammobox being carried DOH! )
Quite pleased with the result, just need to sort out the snow a bit more.

A tad more progress on the DA, they all should be finished by Saturday evening.
I need to tone down on how much painting I actually do, as I have many exams next week still to go.

Made in gb
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

where am I? *looks around* Well i'm...errr...I...I...don't know!

Really impressed with the painting here, particularly the freehand on the Rhinos. I don't like that shade of green for DA personally but I do LOVE the Elysians. Good work. I also rather like your fluffy stories, they're pretty good!

Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

Imperial Monkey wrote:Really impressed with the painting here, particularly the freehand on the Rhinos. I don't like that shade of green for DA personally but I do LOVE the Elysians. Good work. I also rather like your fluffy stories, they're pretty good!

Thanks man! I appreciate it!
Wait... you actually read my stories? thanks, I'll get one written for Saturday

You don't like the shade?
Yeah i wanted to try something different, It should end up a similar colour to the tanks after all the washing, (unless I used the wrong paint then I'm screwed! )

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Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

Just a mini update, I decided to press on last night and this morning on a particular DA, and here we have the result!
I'll get the basing done with the other four, and depending on how they turn out I can still do some touch-ups for this guy.

For the first time I have started to use a wet-palette, which has been invaluable for highlighting, for I use a mix of Luftwaffe-Green with Camo green.

I have realised that picture quality is pretty poor, as i'm using an old 4mp Kodak. There's nothing much I can do currently unless I get a job to pay for a decent SLR or equivelant.

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Made in gb
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

where am I? *looks around* Well i'm...errr...I...I...don't know!

I just think that DA need to be darker and more brooding, less the muted camo colours...that is just my opinion though, so keep on going if you like the look of them!

Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

Imperial Monkey wrote:I just think that DA need to be darker and more brooding, less the muted camo colours...that is just my opinion though, so keep on going if you like the look of them!

ah I get what you mean now

Anyhow, i have been behind schedule but I got this one finished as as well:
I'm rather peeved off at how the colours homogenize a bit too much when using a varnish (and the fact the varnish makes weathering powder disappear!)
, but it'll have to do as for now

I won't be able to provide another update for another week or so, as I have 5 exams this coming week, so apologies for the lack of progress. I have most of June free however so lots should be done then!

Edit. get some fiction in:
“Heavy bolter up on line!” Shouted Corporal Baecker into his comm-bead. His section were strung out amongst the rubble, taking heavy fire from the enemy. popping up from his cover, he loosed a pair of shots from his carbine before hunkering back down.

Laser and solid rounds were plastering the rubble all around. To Baecker's right, Lance Corporal Fischer launched a grenade into the enemy ranks, less than two hundred metres away. Baecker's men had patrolled from Imperial lines into no-man's land, and barely four hundred metres of rubble had been crossed before the Elysians had come under contact. And some contact it was. Baecker predicted that there must have been at least thirty foot mobiles opposing him, along with solid emplacements. Twelve men were not going to do much damage.

Glancing to his rear, Baecker saw the heavy bolter team attached to his section move up. Corporal Torwich was carrying his machine gun, with Trooper Qamar following with ammunition. Dust was kicking up around the pair as they crossed open land, and Baecker indicated where he wanted the gun. The two quickly set up the weapon, and within no time at all Torwich was sending off lethal projectiles down range. A trio of enemy soldiers were soon turned to red mush, caught in the open as they attempted to advance. Baecker rejoined the fight, and scored a headshot on an officer attempting to lead his wretches forward.

Suddenly the ground exploded further down the line. A rocket had struck where Trooper Saalander had been shooting from moments before. Immediately calls for 'man down' were heard on the comm-bead, but as the dust settled Saalander was still seen to be firing. His armour and clothing was torn, and blood began to soak his uniform.

We need to fall back. Thought Baecker, now they are really bringing out the big stuff.

“Corporal, we need to fall back!” came the call from Trooper Helberg a moment later, “we're getting chewed up!”

Torwich was still mowing down enemy soldiers, as the opposition began to be reinforced, and were advancing en masse towards the isolated Elysians.
“Corporal Torwich prepare to pack up, we are moving out!” Baecker ordered, and when the gunner acknowledged, he then turned to Karlsbach, his vox operator who was crouching behind a fountain a few yards away. “I need mortars called on this position, as much ammo as you feel like.” No questions asked, the man got to work.

Baecker then began the withdrawl. Saalander was being carried by two man, as it became obvious his legs were taking him nowhere. Already, mortar rounds from the Cadian battery a kilometer away began their journey through the sky. By the time Baecker's patrol had hastily withdrew, and enemy troops had found themselves in the open with no one to fight, death was quick and brutal.

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