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Sybarite Swinging an Agonizer

Hey all, I was wondering is the storm talon available for my Black Templars? I was thinking of having two of them escort A land Raider Crusader onto the board but I am not sure if I actually can.


Black Templars WIP 2k
Xynovyth Kadruls Kabal of the shattered soul-2500

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Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

At this moment the Stormtalon is only available for vanilla marines, not any of the other Marine codecies
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Fixture of Dakka

You can get it via taking vanilla marines as an ally.

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Shas'o Commanding the Hunter Kadre

Richmond, VA

Vanilla marines only currently. Furthermore putting a landraider in reserve isn't the best idea.

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 Peregrine wrote:
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Sybarite Swinging an Agonizer

How come? (new to Templars)

Black Templars WIP 2k
Xynovyth Kadruls Kabal of the shattered soul-2500

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Tilter at Windmills

Manchester, NH

Might want to take that question over to Tactics.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Well if you feel like spending the Storm eagle and Ram from forge world can be given to Bloack templars, both are cool models with transport options and some good firepower.

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[Thumb - steagle1.jpg]

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Made in us
Sybarite Swinging an Agonizer

I was actually thinking about buying the storm eagle and loading up 9 assault terminators and the high marshal! Muahahahaha!!

Black Templars WIP 2k
Xynovyth Kadruls Kabal of the shattered soul-2500

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