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New to the forum so I thought I'd share some pictures of my armies and what I'm currently working on
The Fateweaver leads my briliant Daemon army in to battle and he will soon be accompanied by the work-in-progress Soul Grinder
The terminators are painted up and ready for the new release of Dark Angels which I will probably have as my secondary army.

I'll keep you updated on the work-in-progress and in the mean time you're welcome to visit my blog (www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se) to check out some of my other minis
[Thumb - Fateweaver.jpg]

[Thumb - Terminators -smaller copy.JPG]

[Thumb - Soulgrinder.JPG]

My blog: www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se 
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Looking pretty good.

Angels Amaranthine - growing slowly

P&M blog ; http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/488077.page

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Very nice

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A really good standard to paint to.
It always makes me feel good to see something like that across the table.
Well done.

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The Bowling Alley

Marvelous stuff! I really like the definition of the Soul Grinder's flesh, so far! Can't wait to see more!

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Those are excellent, keep it up dude.

Welcome to Dakka

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What colour is that on the termis? It looks very very nice

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I ordered some of the new Terminators for Dark Angels and as soon as I get them I thought I'd make a how to video

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My blog: www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se 
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Still waiting for my Dark Angels so I started out with one of the characters I have at home, Sammael. Here's a sneak-peak.
Also the soul-grinder in the first post is actually finished now though the lighting doesn't do him justice so I'll take and post a nice picture tomorrow
[Thumb - DSC00203.JPG]

My blog: www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se 
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The Soul Grinder is finally done
More pictures on my blog (www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se)

Also today I got my hands on some Dark Angel boxes so there will be many more paint post soon
[Thumb - soulgrinder - front, smaller.JPG]

My blog: www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se 
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Sammael is now painted up and finished

[Thumb - DSC00340.JPG]

My blog: www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se 
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I know it's been a while but I haven't gotten much painting done until just recently so here's a quick update on my dark angels, hoping they'll be done this weekend as I'm trying to finish up a "how to paint Deathwings" tutorial along side the painting ^^

[Thumb - DSC00758.JPG]

My blog: www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se 
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Dallas, TX, USA

Those are some nice looking Deathwing. I'm looking forward to the tutorial as I've been fighting with the Deathwing bone color for a while.

Dark Angels (Black Armor Themed)
WarmaHordes - Protectorate / Skorne - ~100pts of each
Dark Angels P&M Blog
WarmaHordes P&M Blog

Playing only painted since 2012

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Somewhere in south-central England.

Very nice. I am fond of that kind of yellow/tan earth colours.

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Thanks ^^

The bone color is not that hard actually - you'll see soon enough

My blog: www.thewarhammerlady.blogspot.se 
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