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After some consideration, I've decided to place this thread in battle reports. Being on hiatus from competitive play for various reasons but still wanting an excuse to set up nice tables and push figures around, I'm running a sort of a cross between necromunda, 40K, and a roleplaying game. The players start out with 200 points of stuff and get points every session to replace their losses and build up their forces. There is a survival table like Necromunda, and some scope for advances as well. My draft rules are here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/The_Argo_Cluster_-_40K_Roleplaying_Campaign I was also considerably inspired by Kid Kyoto's article on civilian life in the Imperium, which you can find here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Civilian_Life_in_Warhammer_40%2C000_AD

The Argo Cluster.

Like a luminous mass of jewels in the darkness it hangs in the Eastern Fringe, a beacon in a desolate region of space, attracting star voyagers for millions of years. The light of the stars mirrors the light of the human souls on this far flung outpost of the Imperium, their courage a bulwark against the uncaring night. The Skaith cluster has seen many waves of human settlement over tens of thousands of years, but during the time of the Imperium it has been a fiefdom of the Adeptus Mechanicus, particularly the Magos Biologos, and its inhabitants reflect that allegiance. Humanity exhibits a wide range of forms, each created for a particular purpose, and abhumans are common. Variations range from the tiny strains known derisively as “25mm” bred for rapid reproduction and limited use of resources to Ogryn and four armed, legless deep space workers called Quaddies. For many years the Adeptus Mechanicus ruled the cluster with an iron grip, distributing the blessings of technology only to the worthy, leading to even greater variations in tech index than is common in the imperium as a whole. This has increased the already bewildering variety of human cultures dwelling within the cluster.

Now the stately order of the Machine God’s plan for the cluster is unraveling. For reasons known only to themselves, a faction within the Mechanicus rose in rebellion, and a brief but brutal civil war flared across the sector before the matter was settled. Who won is not entirely clear to outside observers. Many whisper that the powers of the Imperium are wroth with the Mechanicum, and that the old order will crumble and a new one arise. Many worlds were laid waste including the world of Pentegrad, where our story begins.

Your small band is stranded on Pentegrad, a world of vast oceans teaming with Krill preyed upon by vast factory ships. A few islands dot the world, some heavily industrialized. Your services were valuable during the war, but now, be you irregular imperial guard soldiers, xenos mercenaries, or even wandering spacemarines, you are surplus to requirements during the rebuilding. You urgently need a way off of Pentegrad for whatever reason, and it is at that point that your band receives an offer they cannot refuse....

Indentured Labor Facility 127A, sometimes called St. Ludmilla's Actuary Hostel, is a workhouse holding "white collar" workers - Data Savants, Crop Annalists, Risk Seers, and so on who have committed some minor fault, but are too valuable discard. One such individual is Bianca Bellephoron, who has contacted our heroes through subverted data networks. She offers a way off of Pentegrad if she is extracted from the facility and delivered to the landing pad. In addition, 5 of her co indentured offer 30 Universal Manufacturing credits each in exchange for the same service. Pay no attention to the Beastman with the Parasol. Really.

Our Heroes, at least for this battle, consisted of a Heroic Senior Officer, his two sniper veterans, and their Valkyrie commanded by Insurgency Walker. They awoke one morning to discover Tech Priests measuring their Valk, and deciding that this was a bad sign, have decided to flee.

In addition there are two command squads of my brother's Karellian Imperial Guard (Wargames Factory great coats with Pig Iron fur hats and gas masks). Originally from the Island of Karellia on Pentegrad, they have been accidentally mislabeled in munitorium records as Ork mercenaries, and despite their protestations that they are not, in fact, green, things don't look good for them. The battle was enlivened by their witty commentary about how things were in Soviet Karellia.

Joining them are a Hinterland Fleet officer and her petty officer and heavy flamer team (NPCs). Needless to say, they don't get along well with the Karellians. Something about the pointed helmets.

After some various skill roles the players have enough information to plan their operation. They will directly assault the barracks dorm known to house the primary opposition, a squad of Tech guard (4+ save, twin link lasguns, Preatorian with storm Shield and cc weapon, then take control of the Rhino parked in the yard, or the construction equipment next to one of the dorms, and drive for the landing pad, while the Valk suppresses the PDF (known to have only Ld 7). Alternately the Valk may pick up the targets, but due to their being non combatants it will have to land for a full turn to do so. Tech Guard:

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Other known opposition includes the understrength platoon of PDF guarding the landing field, three powerlifter sentinels, and a guard bot and a couple of lone Tech Guard sentries. More importantly, Arbites response ins expected on turn 4 after the alarm is raised.

At first, things go swimmingly. Entering from the short table edge, the multiple flamers and heavy flamers possessed by the players turn the barracks into an inferno. "Oh no, comrade, your house is on fire!" The tech guard are vaporized without even making it onto the table.

While the Heroic senior officer waits for his Valk to show up and has his machine savant fiddles with the electrified fence, most of the player's forces storm through the gate, where they run headlong into the T5 guard bot with its fearsome three twin linked lasguns. Things don't look good as they are bogged down in a melee, and more Machine Sprites unfold from the Mechanicum shrine. "In Soviet Karellia, everybody has metal man!"

The facility commandant storms from a domcile followed by a hulking combat servitor and charges into close combat with Insurgency Walker's senior officer. To add insult to injury, his plasma pistol had already wounded him, but in a stroke of good luck, the servitor is brought down by overwatch fire, and a lucky blow dispatches the Guard Bot. Alas, because the players did not divide their forces and took so long to reach the central compound, the arbites are on the way with a Repressor and Rhino full of cops. The Valk shows up but fails to bring down the vehicles, and it is down to Kromansky, heroically poised in the gateway to take the shot. "No worries comrade. In Soviet Karellia, one rocket good for two, three tanks!"

He has to use his "painted figure" reroll, but he stops the repressor on the spot, buying precious time, though he pays for it in a hail of shotgun fire.

There follows a mad dash into the rhino and the Valk with the targets picked up. Using the handy six inch travelling on a road bonus, the rhino roars down the board with the Arbites in hot pursuit firing grenades wildly from the top hatch. The Valk strafes the PDF and unloads the flamer team next to the heavy weapons emplacement, with predictable results. However, one PDF squad has managed to pass its various moral checks and is hidden behind the ramp up to the landing pad with its flamer at the ready. The headlong charge is momentarily endangered, as no one can get line of sight to them, and the powerlifting sentinels are poised to wreck the rhino, leading to the contents being flamed into submission. At this point however a couple of scurvy characters who had been lurking behind the landing pad pillar leap out asking if they can go along. The players gladly take control of them and charge into combat with the flamer squad. It is a bit unclear if they can charge a squad out of line of sight, and if they do, if they can be flamed by overwatch, but we decide they can and can't respectively. The two penal troopers, Ian the Black and Sot the Prophet make short work of the PDF, and though the powerlifters wreck the rhino, the players make it up onto the landing platform and lower the shields, where a shuttle crewed by none other than 3 Kestral space marines swoops in for a landing. Why marines would be helping an indentured Data Seer with a decidedly chaotic hairdo is a mystery for the moment, but the day is won and the players wing off to their next adventure. Advancement and survival rolls lead to Kromansky picking up some BS (useful) and Initiative (not so much), the commissar getting a leg wound (always moves as difficult terrain) and the only permanent casualty being the Hinterland heavy flamer team and the players earning 75 points/credits each.

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Nice report and table. What system are you using?

You shouldn't be worried about the one bullet with your name on it, Boldric. You should be worried about the ones labelled "to whom it may concern"-from Blackadder goes Forth!
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North of your position

Awesomesauce, really.

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sweet robot miniatures! i so want to convert a set

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After action report. Col. Helstrom detached liaison officer Task force 120.

With the departure of TF120 at the end of the current combat contract, it has become evident that the welcome for nonaligned combat personnel on Pentegrad has ended. Rumint suggests even local PDF are undergoing mandatory retirement of non essential personnel.

Bianca Bellephoron and other criminals indentured in a small forced labor camp have offered passage off planet for their rescue.

As the impromptu strike force gathered it became evident that munitorium reports concerning the Karellian Guard are misstated. The presence of Hinterland navel forces were a welcome surprise, as was the strange absence of the Ork freebooters that have been rumored to turn up on questionable small contract fights on Pentegrad.

The action.
I would have liked to insert our main force in a surprise air assault but I decided to place the Plasteel Falcon in reserve to aid with the extraction of the noncombatants from the Hostel. Having never served along side the Karellians, and not knowing how the Karellian commisar would react to the nature of Bianca Bellephoros Staff, I decided to deploy on the left wing of the assault. Sgts. Sampson and Trinkman were armed with the longlasgun. We were able to foot march right up to the main barracks of the Hostels defenders, because its walls made part of the outer wall of the Hostal. After the use of the Karellian and Hinterland flamers it was just a matter of trekking through the burning building to gain entrance to the now alert compound. My staff and I decided to bypass the building and enter via the less hazardous electrified fence. Both teams moved forward slowly, engaging the sentries and robotic foot troops. Of particular resilience was a multiple armed servitor, and a tower sentry whose position allowed him to pour accurate las fire on our positions. Even the quick arrival of the Plasteel Falcon was unable to silence the servitor before it got into a protracted Melee with the Karellians. Soon the
Facilities warden enters the fray. Stray longlasgun shots failed to keep the warden and his bodyguard pinned down. Soon they were charging into our covered position. Despite my plasma burns gained earlier in the fight when my plasma pistol overheated, I was able to strike the warden down quickly with my powersword. His bodyguard never making it to the fight, going down in a hail of hasty las bolts. Leaving my squad to cover the compound, I made contact with Bianca Bellephoro and we moved quickly to mount up in the garrisons unmanned Rhino. The Plasteel Falcon at this point had engaged the arriving Arbites, to no effect. Luckily the Karellians Heavy weapons team was able to immobilize the lead repressor. It got dicey for a moment while I used the Rhino to block the entrance to the compound while the Karellians mounted up in the Plasteel Falcon. After a quick prayer to the machine god and a positive pressure alignment test to the Rhino's console, we drove off to the pickup point. The pickup point being a landing pad right in the middle of the local PDF. Although some of the PDF had already broken under effective fire from the Plasteel Falcons Multilaser, too many heavy weapons were still maned and ready. The Plasteel Falcon dropped off the Karellians while engaging PDF targets of opportunity. The threats kept pilling up. Lascanons, Arbite rhinos on the chase, and the sentinel lifters looked to be too much to hold out against. At this point wax purity seals, were the only thing holding the jacked Rhino together. The passengers had many choice words about the ride as I drove up the ramp to the landing pad at full military power. They might have had more to say if they could see the Sentinels coming in for the kill. I used my best stewards imitation to point out the emergency escape points for the rhino hoping that its last service to us would be not to blow up. Moments later as predicted we were picking our selves out of the destroyed Rhino, only to see an actual Space Marine Lander come for our pickup! The arrival of the emperors own stunned the local PDF and Arbites into inaction. A quick head count showed only the Hinterlands Heavy weapon team was truly lost. The fallen Karellian commissar had managed to crawl on his ruined leg away from the facility and voxed for pick up.

After action report.
Once again cross training on local equipment has proven decisive. The use of a stolen Rhino, and its dependability was a key to our survival. If only the Rhino was amphibious, it would be perfect. Hinterland units, despite their small stature are fine troops. Karellian guard may use indoctrinated aliens in the form of Ork freebooters, but the presence of commissars suggest otherwise. The Karellians in general fought well, and did what they had to do to achieve victory. The presence of such diverse versions of humanity in the hostel is disturbing. Although the Boolians we worked with on the siege of Oscuros Island where loyal, caution must be used with our current patrons. Bianca Bellephoros looks of hairesy. The Plasteel Falcon needs a different weapon load out, multiple rocket pods are needed. The plasma pistol is a like a two edged sword, but I would never give it up.

Voxed from Salamander 84-24020
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North idaho/ Washington

Thank you for posting this and I hope you post more, this has given me so many ideas and the need to rally my local group into playing again!

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konst80hummel wrote:
Nice report and table. What system are you using?

The link to the rule set is in the OP. I think of it as heroic 6th Ed.

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Episode 2 - The Guns of Somolesk

The shuttle wings its way across the world ocean of Pentegrad crossing from the night side to day only a short distance above the waves. A space marine stands impassively before the hatch the crew compartment, bolter at the ready, beaked helm inscrutable. Another flies the ship and the last, a Techmarine, communes with a Logis board.

Bianca Belephoron is happy to talk however. She explains that the Marines are Kestrals, a chapter with long associations with the Rogue Traders of the Eastern Fringe. She herself is heir to the ancient Belephoron Charter and vast fame and fortune can be theirs if our heros join her... ...and a ship can be found... ....and a navigator... ...and a crew... ...

It sounds mad. But if the Angels of Death are going along with it, there must be something to it. Right?

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Sgt Donner deftly adjusted the trim of the Valkyrie Plasteel Falcon as he took up a close chase position behind and below the Space Marine Shuttle, very close. "You trying to find out what sex that Shuttle is?" Sgt. Southland asked from the front gunners seat of the Falcon. "Fraq", Donner replied while adjusting the wind shield wipers to combat the sea spray, "you just shot up local PDF and Arbites. I'm making it harder for any auspex to get a fix on us. We are just one big happy Kestral lander yes Sir." Sgt. Southland made an exaggerated humf sound which he knew Donner couldn't hear because he had not keyed the internal intercom switch, but he didn't need too. Years of flying together, Southland new the bounce of his helmet and shoulder would communicate his sentiment just fine. "It's not the locals I'm worried about. What if they take exception to it?" Sgt. Southland pointed up to the tail of the SM Shuttle about 3 yards away from his head to to remove any confusion about which 'they' he meant. Donner snorted, "what...after all the trouble they went through to save us? " Donner continued " We haven't gotten word yet from the Col. but I'll bet a weeks recaf ration that we just got our fate linked to whoever it is that organized this little jail break. Space Marines mean power, and power means credits. " Southland nodded, "looks like we're in." "Looks like we're in till we're out" Donner agreed.

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Boston-area [Watertown] Massachusetts

I am sooooooooooooooooo watching this.

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ddogwood wrote:People who feel the need to cheat at Warhammer deserve pity, not anger. I mean, how pathetic does your life have to be to make you feel like you need to cheat at your toy army soldiers game?
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Hello those following this game. I'm one of the guys playing with Kestral and Insurgency Walker. I missed this last game but I should be joining them this upcoming game.

Somewhere on Pentegrad at an island...

Everyone in the seedy bar called 'The Grundge Joint', everyone was weary and in some cases scared of the towering cloaked figure in the corner of the building. Some people thought they saw a glimpse of a terminator gauntlet, others thought they saw a feral animal under, and some thought it was some sort of chaos mutant. In any case, no one dared to really move or do anything that would disturb the cloaked being. A deep rumbling chuckle echoed out from the cloaked figure "If I wanna have lot dead, ya would be." A bronze colored terminator gauntlet reached out and grabbed the glass the figure stole from the bar counter when it first came in. There was a few gasps of air as people mumbled 'Astartes" The figure had to rumble a chuckle again as he drank the human liquor. It wasn't bad, he'd rather have some that was more... To home but he'd have to admit their drinks weren't bad.

Two new figures came into the bar. One was cloaked like himself, but not as big or bulky while the other was a scruffy wide brimmed hat wearing human with grease stained clothing on. They both came over to the 'Astartes'. "Captain, dis is da contact." The smaller cloaked figure stated. The hatted man pulled a chair out for himself and sat down with not a hint of fear in his movements. "I read the reports concerning your group. I must say, your marauders are quite a force. Plus if the rumor on how you were hired..." "Heh, I'm cunning 'nough to sneak ta any place Either those humans paid for the boys and me, or I joined the otha' side." The hat man nodded "As expected from a merc commander as yourself. Which is why I have a job for you."

The hat man reached into his jumpsuit and pulled out a folder and slide it over to the cloaked being, who reached over and opened it up "I know your group is looking for a way out of here, now that the war is over. This will grant you passage out with extra pay. You'll also get it keep anything you salvage, as I know how your people enjoy it." The cloaked being nodded "Terms look good. Just the passage outta 'ere was just what we was look'n for. No war 'ere anymore makes this place borin'." A large green hand reached out to shake the hat man's hand. "Deal then. Well then Captain Bludtusk, gather your marauders and be back here in two hours and I'll be here to bring you to our base of operations." With that hatted man stood up and left the building. "So Kaptain, shall we round up da boys?" The captain grinned a large toothy grin "This aughta' be good. Rally da boys. We gots a battle ta prep!"
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Somolesk, like most cities on Pentegrad, or indeed, most of the Argo cluster, lies in ruins. Located along Pentegrad's equator a the height of the Warm Season, most of its people wander aimlessly through the ruins, dwelling in tents or basements. There seems to be some kind of festival going on, for there are lanterns and fires everywhere, and gaudily clad revelers here and there, oddly out of place amid the dust coated ruins and shell shocked survivors half heartedly beginning the task of rebuilding. No PDF, arbites, or other authority challenge the shuttle as it touches down on the pad near a mostly intact fortified compound. As Madam Bellepheron strides down the ramp with our heros in tow a small delegation emerges from the gates led by an abhuman in fine clothing.

"I am Arcivus Vaul, of the house of Vaul. My father is expecting you. I trust you have made arrangements for his... ...particular requirements?"

Bellepheron waves grandly at the shuttle. "Indeed, indeed! I am told that our fine conveyance can lift a Land Raider Achilles fully loaded - whatever that is. I must say, you look nothing like your father!"

"Our house believes in continuous transformation. This is but the first of my incarnations. It enables me to perform many necessary functions for my family"

"Do tell---"

At that moment the Techmarine, consulting his auspex breaks in. "Your attention Trader Bellepheron. There is ordinance inbound, ETA..." The earth heaves and rubble fountains into the air fifty meters away. "...less than one second. Projectile fired by an Earthshaker Cannon. We cannot risk the Storm Crow in these conditions. Contact us when you have resolved the matter."

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2nd battle is played, report to follow, but I wanted to jot down my favorite Karelian lines before I forgot them:

"This is great ride Comrade! Ork trukk has suspension of soviet Karellian sports car!"

"Why green comrades hiding in building? Mortars? In Soviet Karellia mortars like rain. 40% chance of mortars most days! Forward!"
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

For this battle our heros were joined by Da Boyz and assorted others, so in total the players controlled:

1 Col. Helstromm, 2 veterans and the Valk.
2 Command squads of Karrellian IG armed mostly with flamers but wearing carapace armor.
1 Squad of 'Ardboyz with Nob.
1 Squad of Shoota Boyz with Trukk.
1 Kannon with 2 grot krew.
1 Arcivus Vaul (counted as a Primaris Psyker)
Petty officer Eliose and Ian the Black (Guard Sergent stats)
Lucky 13 - a busted down Leman Russ which took lots of scrounging rolls to find ammunition for and repair rolls to get to move.

Arrayed against them were a horde of cultists (WS 2, BS 2, WYSIWYG, which meant they had a mix of bows, guns, close combat weapons, sheilds and what not). Each unit was led by some kind of higher grade dude - Imperial guardsmen, Kroot, Orks, etc. 10 units.
In addition there was the Artillery contingent:

1 Looted Basilisk
2 Mortars with IG crew.
1 Bombard (S5, AP5, Large Blast, 36" range)
1 AT gun (S8, AP 2, 48" range), IG crew.
1 Autocannon with IG crew.
1 renegade Tech Priest.

And the Cult HQ -
Mad Donna Ulli (IG sergent with plasma pistol but no armor)
A slightly tougher cult unit in Rhino with no storm bolter but fitted with an assault ramp.
6 War Cats with trainer (S3, but with furious charge and I4)
1 Chaos spawn (using stats from an older codex)
1 5 person Pysker battle squad.

The players were heavily outnumbered, but their enemies were low grade troops and deployed spread out across a 4x8 table. The cult guess weapons also required an IG observer to fire without line of sight.

Player Objectives -
1) Hold the landing pad located in one corner of the board.
2) Eliminate the Cult Artillery.
3) Loot the Cult camp - each unit with in the 12"x12" square of the camp would earn D6x10 credits, to a max of 200 credits from fine art, tech, weaponry, fuel, etc.

Diagonal deployment with no neutral zone.

Initiative: Cult.

The challenge for the players was to use terrain to avoid being blasted into bits while defeating the cultists piecemeal. I was also interested to see how the Artillery rules worked in 6e, and for purposes of this battle models could take control of enemy artillery.

The terrain:

Cult Artillery Position

Cult camp

Cult command squad Rhino threatens the landing pad, but waits for more cult units to move into position.

The 'Ardboyz took the job of holding the landing pad, with the Leman Russ in support. As it had no crew, it could transport 5 models (though it had no fire points and models that disembarked could not shoot). Col. Hellstrom drove the Russ (or tried to) with his veterans, Vaul, and Eliose crammed into the tank. Ian joined the 'ardboyz, being dead 'ard himself. Or so he claimed anyway. The Grot kannon had a good line of fire down the central street. On the opposite end of the table the Karrellians crouched in some ruins across from the Basilisk, with the Ork trukk in cover nearby with the shootaboyz.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
The players failed to seize and the cultist wave started forward, hindered by some lousy difficult terrain rolls. In fact, one unit would fail to roll more than 2" the entire game and spend the whole time lurching about on top of a building. At least they had a good view, survived, and got to shoot some arrows at a valkyrie. The Cult rhino stayed out of sight, but the cult artillery made itself felt immediately, with the AT gun blasting the big shooter off the trukk and the basilisk stripping a heavy bolter - the only weapon the players had any ammunition for - from the Russ. The Mortars began dropping rounds on the Karrellians, which they would continue to do almost the entire game with almost no effect.

The player turn saw the Repairs rolls on Lucky Thirteen the russ fail, so it could not move. The Karellians jumped into the Ork Trukk or hid behind it and got across the street, the shoota boyz happily spraying lead in all directions. The defenders of the landing pad could do little but wait for the cult to arrive.

Things heated up the cult stormed forward to assault the Karrellians, only to be met with a wall of overwatch flamer fire which foiled them. A lot. In fact, many of them would never recover from said foiling. However, assorted cult shooting did take a heavy toll on the Karrellians. On the landing pad side the advance was more cautious with the cult hugging cover, mostly due to the kannon rounds the grots were sending their way, the Ork Boss Capt. Bludtusk's shoota, and the theory that the tank might do something. The basilisk repositioned to deny an assalt from the truck.

The Karrelians stormed the gun positions. Due to the strange artillery rules, (counting as T7), the AT gun was fine, but its supporting assault units were BBQ'd. The Ork boyz climbed into the apartment building from the trukk and began working their way up floor by floor. The Karrellians assaulted, and took control of the AT gun, turning it on the Basilisk, though they were looking thin, having lost another member to overwatch at this point.

On the other side of the battlefield things were looking grim. The cultists were swarming around the landing pad having reached a position to assault. The Grots, despite fighting the good fight for some time had taken their gun and were legging it. The 'arboyz were fingering their weapons nerviously. The Leman russ stubbornly refused to move, though its lascannon was keeping the Rhino respectfully hidden in cover. Naturally the Valkyrie was late to the party as well.

It would get worse. The Chaos spawn moved into reinforce the gun positions. A squad led by a Kroot reached the Russ, and the kroot ripped off its last hull point. (No new lousy $50 S3 Kroot Tau codex for us!) Only bad scatter saved the Karellians from complete destruction as they dueled the Basilisk at point blank range. Something, I think it was the autocannon team, took out the Trukk. Or maybe that was earlier in the game.

Things looked up as the Karellians knocked out the gun on the Basilisk and the Valkyrie showed up. Now that he was out of the tank, the Psyker started blasting everything in sight with warp lightning. The shoota boyz were storming through the Hab Building.

Then they were looking down again. The Tech Priest repaired the Earthshaker cannon, which blasted the Karellians, fortunately killing mostly just the gun. The cult assault went in, and though the 'ard boyz drove off the assaulting Chaos cats, they took some painful losses. The cult rhino with its lethal cargo was ready to unleash its contents. The Spawn got into the Hab Block, and though it didn't want to get into assault range of Da Boyz, they didn't much care to get within assault range of it, leading to a stand off.

Is this the end?

Nope, our heros hang in there. By this time the Valk has showed up and it prevents the follow up cult units from reaching the landing pad by blasting them into smitherines. The climactic showdown between the 'ard boyz and the cult command squad hangs in the balance but though only Ian and Bludtusk are standing at the end (Ian having made his 6+ kilt save twice), the landing pad holds out. The Karellians charge with flamers, meltabombs, and a firm belief in the inevitability of collectivist victory, and they destroy the Basilisk and bathe the mortars in fire before storming down into the cult camp to grab some loot. A cult unit takes control of the Grot cannon, and an overwatch shell is fired directly into Vaul's chest. Col. Helstrom shouts "Lookout!" and hurls himself in the way, trusting in his refractor field. Alas, the field fails, and as an unpainted unit, he has no reroll and suffers instant death.

Casulties are heavy and there are a number of dead after the recovery rolls are made. However, the players do fairly well on the advance tables, with bludtusk getting +1 BS, Hellstrom getting another piece of wargear (upgrading his refractor field to a 4+, a gift from the grateful house of Vaul), and Karellians score FNP for their heavy flamer and their officer finds an interesting 'artifiact' in the camp that negates the first unsaved wound taken. Could be trouble later though.

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Awesome! Keep up the good work!

You shouldn't be worried about the one bullet with your name on it, Boldric. You should be worried about the ones labelled "to whom it may concern"-from Blackadder goes Forth!
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Thanks, we plan to. We only play every two weeks if we are lucky though. : )

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I have updated the rules mostly to fix the rather cloudy points/credits/recruiting/procurement rules. Ship's compliment/unnamed characters now die on a 1-2 on recovery and are left behind on a 3. Seemed odd that they should have a better table than characters.

There is no "ship's treasury" any more, so everyone gets 18 points back.

Points, Credits, Upkeep and economics in general.

Players receive 50 credits / points each for every battle they win, and 25 points for every battle they lose, plus bonus points depending on the scenario.

It costs 10% of the total point value to “Activate” troops for a battle. Advancements do not increase a model’s points.

Players may purchase any units/normal upgrades from their codex desired. No rolls are required to do this.

Players may purchase any “loot” left over after a battle at half cost. Examples include enemy vehicles immobilized but not destroyed, artillery, etc. Such models are counted as full cost for upkeep.

Recruiting. Before a battle players may recruit temporary allies using the recruiting skill. These cost 10% of the cost of the model, but are only available for 1 battle. Up to 3 rolls may be made on the table for each character with the skill.

Recruitment: Generally the roll to find a squad of any given type is given below:

Conscript crew 2+
Trained crew 3+
Veteran crew 4+
Mutant Scum 3+
Xenos Mercenaries 5+
IG Conscripts 3+
IG Troops 4+
Other IG units and Vehicles 5+
Rhinos, trucks, civilian vehicles 3+
Rogue Trader, 1 skill 4+
Rogue Trader, 2 skills 5+
Rogue Trader, 3 skills 6+
Psykers 6+

Procurement maybe used in 2 ways. Before the battle it may be used to find useful stuff needed for that particular battle. Such items are useful in only one battle. Up to 3 rolls may be made per character.

D6 doses Combat Drugs (+1 WS, +1 initiative) 5+ 1 point each
D6 med packs (1 FNP roll for unit each) 5+ 2 point each
Ammo Store
(reroll to shooting to hit roll models within 6”) 4+ 7 points
Maps (outflank 1 unit) 4+ 3 points
Extra Fuel (Reroll 1 reserve roll for 1 vehicle) 3+ 3 points
Fortifications (+1 cover save 1 terrain piece) 3+ 5 points
Disguises 5+/6+ 5 points
(if a 5+ roll is made, 1 unit gains scout. If a 6+ is made, 1 one unit may set up anywhere. However, there is a 1 in 6 chance the enemy notices the disguise and automatically gets first turn, rolled after deployment).
Molitov Cocktails (Frag for 1 unit) 3+ 3 points
Demo Charge (1) 4+ 5 points
Magnetic mines (Krak for one unit) 5+ 4 points
Minefield (36 square inches) 5+ 5 points

After a battle a single procurement roll may be made to try to aquire items not normally available in your codex. These must be reasonably represented on the model before it can be used (so if the model isn’t done, he’s considered be still learning to use the new toy). The point cost depends on the model and is up to the GM.

Grenades, Muskets, 6+ Armor, Hand Weapons 2+
Lasguns, Flak Armor 3+
Most heavy weapons 4+
Carapace, Hellguns, common xenos gear 5+
Plasma Guns, Melta Guns 5+
Cyborg Limb (D3) 4+
Cyborg Body (1) 6+
Power Armor, Power Weapons, etc. (single item) 6+
Refractor fields, Storm Shields (Single item) 6+

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From the memoirs of Sgt. Trinkman.
We lost the war. It became evident to me the dark day we rescued the house of Vaul navigator from the battered city of Somolesk. While it was no surprise we came under attack, the scale of the attack, and the nature of the attackers was most surprising. Chaos, in all it's horror and depravity had taken a firm hold of the ruined city. Chaos which had been reveling in it's victory, turned its eye to we few souls not corrupted by the ruinous powers and raged.
It hind sight, watching the Kestrels Storm Crow departing the landing pad was a fitting metaphor for what had happened to Somolesk. After the departure of the Storm Crow a hasty plan was made. The Karellian troops backed up by some of the Bludtusk marauders would assault the artillery position while Col. Helstroms unit backed up by Bludtusk's Ardboys , and a kannon would hold the landing pad. Col. Helstrom would have liked to start the attack on the artillery position via air assault from the Valkyrie, but instead the Plasteel Falcon was ordered to standby status. We, (being Helstrom, Arcivus Vaul, Eloise, myself and Sampson) ran to an abandoned Leman Russ MBT on the edge of the landing pad. A memento of the battle, a strip of script from an autoscribe, survived the destruction of 'lucky 13'.

Trinkman get this fething tank moving.
Evejrhv *untranslatable*
Working in it Sir and Sir...insulting the tanks machine spirit is not helping matters Sir.
The shelling has stopped, are they repositioning?
Maybe, the Karellians are probably putting the pressure on them by now.
I think the drumming is getting louder.
Closer, the drumming is getting closer.
Perhaps we would be safer outside this Lucky 13, Colonel Helstrom.
Perhaps Master Vaul, but it would take a direct hit from the earth shaker to crack this fine machine.
That was a solid hit!
Said that too soon, Yes! Got one! Las canon barly works Trinknam we need to be maneuvering.
Working on it.
Sir I see.....I see...cats........yes cats!
Cats? Sgt. Sampson....are they big cats?
Yes big cats, very fething large cats.
Sampson, suppression fire on the cats!
Can't do sir, the last hit Fragged the Bolter!
Looks like the orks are moving to intercept the beasts Colonel.
Good, good, these other mutants running up don't look like the can pry their way in just yet.....

It was at that point one of the aliens in that particular mob wrecked 'Lucky 13'
We fired to some effect after climbing out of the smoke filled interior. The kroot warrior who was probably responsible for the destruction went down in the shooting thankfully. Once again the Colonels Plasma pistol overheated but it didn't slow him down in the least. Col. Helstrom challenged an Ork who seemed to be leading this particular mob, and dispatched it with his usual flare. Sampson however was wounded and knocked from the fight. While the battle between Bludtusk and the beasts raged, other groups entered the fray. A Rhino, heavily modified with an assault ramp transporting the self elected leaders of the enthralled mob moved to the landing pad, the tanks las canon having been silenced, and a pair of abhumons started chasing Bludtusk's kannon around the rear of our area of operation. Also making its late but inevitable arrival was the Plasteel Falcon. It's rocket pods filled to the brim would put paid to any troops trying to maneuver to the landing pad. Bludtusk's fight with the troops from the assault Rhino looked to favor the cultists and Col. Helstrom suspected that if Arcivus Vaul fell in battle our quest for a navigator would take an unfortunate turn, so we tried to link up with the fleeing Grot crew members. Stand and fight you fools! Or something to that affect he shouted to the grots. Perhaps they saw how easily Helstrom had killed the cult Ork. Perhaps some small spark of dignity lit in their alien souls. We will never know, for they died when assaulted by the two abhumons who had been stalking them. Even then the tragedy of that days events were not over. We had no choice but to attack the abhumons who had now taken control of the Ork kannon. Master Vaul lead the assault unleashing a fury of psychic energy against the looted kannon, and they responded in turn by firing a krak shell right at the center of the psychic storm. Trusting in his standard issue refractor shield the Col. shouted "look out Sir" and tried to save the doomed Psyker. He succeeded, yet his refractor shield failed! The Col. went down in a flash of bright light, and I was sure it was his last act as a soldier. It seemed clear with all the failures of that day that some blighted spirit had taken hold of Somolesk, and that force unbalanced fate and machine alike. However, despite the odds, the landing pad was secure. Vaul was safe. The artillery park had fallen, and the cult homes looted. Cult stragglers had to contend with the angry chatter of the Falcons Mutilaser. And most importantly many of the troops that fell that day turned out to have only minor wounds. The Col. 's destroyed refractor shield was replaced by a grateful Vaul family which promises to be better than standard issue. While the Col. spent some time recovering from his plasma burns, Sampson and I accompanied the Falcon out to an un looted FSP (forward supply point) to restock some supplies and made the interesting discovery of a little Mause. It took some work to get the two seated armored sentinel to sling load under the Falcon, but I knew the Colonel couldn't resist a return to his early days in recon. It would also allow Petty Officer Eloise to ride in the observer seat, as the two had been spending a fair amount of time working together.

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I am truly envious of your narrative do-what-the-heck-you-want 40munda.



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ddogwood wrote:People who feel the need to cheat at Warhammer deserve pity, not anger. I mean, how pathetic does your life have to be to make you feel like you need to cheat at your toy army soldiers game?
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 Briancj wrote:
I am truly envious of your narrative do-what-the-heck-you-want 40munda.



Thanks! This game has been a lot of fun.

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Thanks! I've enjoyed reading your reports a great deal, so I'm glad to provide something in return. It has been enjoyable finding roles for all our various miniatures and terrain in the story.

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With the guns silenced, the cult vanished into the ruins of Somolesk, leaving their dead and the ruins of their camp. Weary survivors of our mismatched band sat in the relative cool of the evening twilight as the Kestral shuttle War Crow circled low once over the landing field before coming to rest. From the Vaul compound a small band of retainers in shabby livery labored to drag an enormous habitat module onto the pad, demolishing the compound wall to make the process easier. Beyond the portholes in the habtank something... ...swam lazily, though the face that appeared once seemed human enough. Other servants gathered taudry bundles of belongings - portraits, clothing, dinning wear, weapons, power modules and the like.

For those inclined to ponder, there was plenty to think on. The presence of a Chaos cult with heavy artillery, if indeed that was what it was, was disturbing enough. That it had been led at least in part by a renegade Machine Priest was cause for further concern, as was his escape.

Bellepheron, however, was filled with grandmotherly optimism, bustling about, tut tuting over the wounded and bestowing commendations on all and sundry. She had found, among the detritus of the House of Vaul, a bronze telescope mounted on a geared frame, and now she pointed it at the horizon where the sun had just vanished, fiddling with the attached cogitator. Crowing with triumph, she summoned the principle characters of this tale to look through it. Visible against the flaring corona of the now invisible sun was a distinct... dot.

"There. There! Do you see it? Our ship, the Princess of Orion! A famous old merchant - long history. Damaged during the war, her crew abandoned ship with the vessel plunging into the sun after being attacked by a Mechanicus cruiser. Blockade running, I think. Somehow though, she is in a stable orbit, hidden in the star's radiation zone. Stranger still, all records of her final battle have been expunged from the planetary data core. Very odd! I came across the parchment verification servitor, which had accidentally failed to destroy the scroll due to a paper jam, then backtracked the data before it was overwritten using a recursive incantation. No matter though, what matters is that its ours by the laws of salvage... ...if we can get there. Truly the Emperor Provides! That's where you come in. We need fuel. There is a near abandoned refinery on Kursov peninsula, just south of here. What? Yes, I know the volcano is erupting - that's why it's nearly abandoned. I've contacted the garrison, made them an offer they can't refuse. I've arranged for transport as well. You'll have to be careful of course..."

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Sgt Southland hovered around a small pack of ammo servitors as they loaded a Hellstrike missile onto one of the Plasteel Falcons underwing hard points. Sgt. Donner walked up with a grin on his face, "Col. Says we get to rescue a princess. " Sgt. Southland grunted in his normal monosyllabic fashion and bobbed his head, then added " but first we have to fly into an erupting volcano..... " breaking into a toothy grin he continued "I pity the fools that have to walk." They both turned to look at the sentinel the Col. would be driving, and beyond to the armored transport the Karellians would be riding in. "It is good to be a Flight Sargent" Donner chimed in his sing song voice "that reminds me, we need gunners for the Bolters. Lets give Trinkman and Sampson the good news. "

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The Fisherman was riling up the Valarians again. The convoy was only a few klicks from the refinery, but it was slow going.

Nobody was quite sure where the Feudal worlder had come from, or why he was on this mission. Generally it was assumed that he was an "associate" of Ian the Black, and without any clear chain of command no one was going to object. Where he had found the fish that he brandished in one hand was another mystery, but there was nothing mysterious about the smell, detectable even over the sulfur stench of the volcano. The Fisherman claimed it was a symbol of his calling, to "fish" for their souls. Given the heavily accented gothic the Valarians spoke, it was unclear if they were accepting the Emperor's light or about to throw the man into a lava flow, but they were certainly shouting about something.

The little column, mostly Valarian Mortar carriers with every available bit of space cleared to make room for fuel drums, snaked cautiously through the lava field. By and large it had cooled into sheets thick enough to drive a vehicle over, but there were areas when the molten rock glowed dully. The vehicles were carefully spaced to minimize the weight on any given patch of newly hardened lava. Beyond the vehicles a hellish vista spread out - steaming fumaroles, jumbled hills of rock, the skeletons of what had once been a massive forest before it was drowned in fire. The air was hot and dry enough to sear the lungs. At the head of the column Ork mercenaries were considering how best to cross the next stretch of dangerous terrain, discoursing knowledgeably about 'ow much of da red stuff a vehicle could get on its tracks and still drive, and considering sending out a grot with a testin' stick.

Then there was a groaning, tearing sound, followed by a syllabant hiss that the members of the column did not so much hear as feel. Shapes previously ignored as puddles of cooled lava began to... ...uncoil, and the Valarians opened fire.

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Padded floor tiles. BRILLIANT.

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ddogwood wrote:People who feel the need to cheat at Warhammer deserve pity, not anger. I mean, how pathetic does your life have to be to make you feel like you need to cheat at your toy army soldiers game?
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Scenario Rules

The ground is treacherous. Any model that runs or moves flat out takes a dangerous terrain test. A 4+ survival skill roll negates this. A unit that assaults more than 6" (measured as closest model to closest model) also has to take the test.
Lava rivers are impassable.
Craters and steam vents are dangerous and difficult terrain
Burned trees provide a 5+ save but are not difficult terrain unless you are a vehicle.
A 6+ survival roll can be used to cross a lava river, a 5+ makes it only dangerous terrain.

Victory is determined by control of the convoy vehicles (there are 6)

A wrecked vehicle becomes an objective worth 1 point.
A vehicle still mobile or moved off the board in the designated exit area is worth 2 points.

0-4 Points - Defeat. Not enough fuel to get into orbit. Players earn 25 credits.
5-8 points - Minor Victory. Enough fuel for launch. Players earn 50 credits
9+ Major Victory. Surplus fuel for additional operations. Players earn 75 credits.

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Forgot to add:

The Fisherman counts as an independent character Banisher (codex grey knights) and confers the "Intercepter" rule on any unit he joins as long as the target is a Daemon or a psyker.
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Our heros during the early stage of the story:

Col. Hellstrom with his Command Sentinel

The Karellians with borrowed Chimera:

Da Boyz with Da Ride

Our pictures are getting a little better, but there is certainly a ways to go.
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After action report. Col. Helstrom detached liaison officer Task force 120

The level of mobilization required to mount an expeditionary force to the Princess was going to take a lot of fuel. The Kursov refinery was jeopardized by an erupting volcano and in need of evacuation, their own crawlers having failed to return from the first round of evacuations. Initial intelligence estimated threats caused by the dangerous terrain, and possible renegade elements of local citizenry. Valerian motor pool transports from a Valerian mortar company were hired to convoy to the refinery for fuel and personnel recovery. The Karellian troops deployed via a newly acquired Chimera, the Ardboys a recovered Trukk, and myself piloting the Mause.

The action.
The Plasteel Falcon didn't have enough reserve fuel to keep a low cap over the convoy, so it was deployed in a more fuel conservative high cap position. The Karellians lead the way with Bludtusk's Ardboys deployed in their trukk and riding in a couple of the Valarian transports deployed mid way down the convoy. The grot gun was able to take advantage of the Valarian mortar carriages ability to deploy the gun from the rear compartment. Two transports, unarmed, finished out the convoy. I moved from the back to the front of the convoy as needed in the mause. The nature of the enemy threat was revealed when what first appeared to be lumps of cooling lava formed into demonic shapes which sprung up all around the convoy. I was in the third convoy position at the time and was in a good location to witness the demons arrival and inevitable immobilization of the first Valarian transport at a choke point in our path through the treacherous terrain. I tried to keep Mause close enough to the immobilized carrier while shooting and stomping demons. Petty Officer Eloise stood up in the observers seat to take pot shots with her lasgun ducking back down whenever I chose to dance with the demons. Descending into the fray at first chance, the Plasteel Falcon harried the demons at the back of our convoy until some large flying monstrous creature entered the fray. The blue coiled serpent flew in from the north tearing the multi laser off the Karellian Chimera and dropped down behind the hill our convoy was bunched up next to, from there it poured an impressive amount of warp and perhaps bio weaponry into the belly of the convoy. Unimpressed,
I ordered the Falcon to engage the new threat. It turned out to be a case of first come first serve. While Sgt Donner lined up his attack run on the flying beast, Bludtusk's Ardboys opened up a furious barrage of fire grounding the beast. Surprisingly Sgt. Southman managed to hit the grounded beast twice with the Mutilaser, the Heavy bolters missing completely. Despite the heavy amount of firepower directed at the Demon it was able to charge into two of the transports and wreck or destroy them both. On my side of the hill the Valarian mortar carrier referred to as the grot tank attempted, at the suggestion of the grots, to clear the way by pushing the immobilized carrier up the hillside. Although the grot tank survived, the lead carrier crumpled beyond what could be repaired in the field. The Orks dismounted and managed to catch the large flying demon on the ground while it reveled in the destruction of the Valarian transports. The demon vanished in a burst of dark light after a good drubbing by the marauders who, while victorious, retreated back to the safety of the trukk. Of concern at this point was a mixed group of demons, some winged some not, who were advancing on the remnants of the convoy crackling with warp energy. We all took notice. In end the combined fire power of Bludtusk's marauders and the Falcon made short work of the surviving demons before we got to witness the horrible powers they had planned to unleash. We rallied around the damaged transports while Sgt. Trinkman, freed of his duties as a sponson gunner on the Falcon, took charge of the repair efforts. Soon the remnants of the convoy were back underway with enough transport capacity to meet our logistical needs.

After action report.
I personally delivered my thanks to the brave Valarians who managed to persevere under the Demonic onslaught. Their fallen comrades will be missed. I had Sgt. Donner deliver a case of spirits to the grot cannon crew, who acted with distinction while caught in the middle of the fray. The grots seemed to enjoy the local distillation, made from fermented crustaceans. Sgt. Trinkman seems a servo arm away from being an enginseer, he has repurposed a servitor to aid him in his repair duties. The mystery of the princess keeps nagging in the back of my head. Who hid it and why? I believe some insight may be gained through investigation of repair and logistical logs of the ships involved in the princess's last battle, which even after a data purge would leave a sort of foot print to look for.
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Battle Report:

The players were escorting a convoy of mismatched vehicles, mostly mortar carriers without mortars (Open topped chimera hulls, capable of transporting 10 models, plus an Armor 10 civilian construction truck. The transports were deployed first in a snaking convoy passing through the lava field. Players were required to deploy within 6" of a vehicle in the convoy, and they chose to deploy exclusively mounted. The Karrellians deployed in the Chimera at the head of the column, the Maus command sentinel (a brilliant conversion - the Pentitent engine legs really make it work) was third in line behind the lead transport, and the Orks took the middle. They decided to abandon the rear of the convoy and run for the board edge. The Orks rode their own truck and the dump truck. It was decided that the Grots could mount their Kannon on their mortar carrier, though firing to the rear, as it fit perfectly and looked great.

The Maus counted as an Armored Sentinel able to carry an additional passenger with firing ports in all directions.

The attackers were Daemon Serpents. Generally they used the old generic Daemon rules, but had various upgrades based on their Wisywg appearance - fleet for snake bodies, flying with wings, various shooting attacks and so on. The larger ones were Daemon Princes, though with reduced stats (most notably only 2 wounds). They were led by 2 heralds and a sort of "Karos Lite", a flying monsterou two headed serpent with two psychic powers and a 3+ invulnerable save. The daemons had first turn and used the old daemon deployment rules, dividing their force into two waves. They were also deployed in very small units to create a "Daemons, Daemons Everywhere!" effect.

Turn 1:
The Daemons were betrayed by their fickle gods and got their less preferred wave. They deepstruck two princes and several small units ahead of the column, while deploying their faster troops at the rear to try to take the tasty bait of undefended vehicles there. Daemon shooting was largely ineffective.

The players ignored the dangerous terrain and ordered the rear vehicles to gun it forward. Seeing the Daemons pursing them, the NPC Valarians saw no other option, but luck was on their side and no one got stuck or fell into the lava. The Karrellians, with the Fisherman on board to force a reroll of Daemon saves, set about reducing the blocking daemon force to ashes, which they would do very effectively all game. Four flamers, a heavy flamer, and a missile launcher, plus a chimera, made short work of one Prince and most of the foot troops. (Since there were two units on board, they could spit their fire effectively). Ork and sentinel fire was also effective.

Turn 2:

Pushed on the back foot by the horrible wall of flame, the Daemons rolled poorly for their reserves, but did get the third prince. Alas, Serpent Karos didn't show up. One Prince did manage to assault the first transport in line, immobilizing it at a choke point. A couple of the flyers did make it into contact with the rear of the column, but only managed to strip off a hull point. Daemon shooting focused on the karrellian Chimera, but did nothing.

On the player turn the Plasteel falcon showed up, and between it and the orks the threat to the rear of the column was wiped out. The Flamer massacre continued at the head of the column, and an epic battle began between the Maus, the Daemon prince, the survivors of several daemon units who had been reduced to hiding among the steam vents, and the grots with their kannon. The Daemon prince could not hurt the Maus in close combat due to the house rule on Armorbane (and I forgot about the Smash ability), so it was able to flee the combat. It was all very entertaining and lasted several turns, with the players able to save the immobilized chimera and eventually put down the prince and clear out the daemon rabble. This did however bring the column to a complete halt.

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Turn three.

Turn three saw the Daemon leader, Karos-lite, show up. I was interested to see what the flying monstrous creatures were like in combat, and things began well enough. The flying serpent vector struck the chimera ripping off the multilaser, then blasted away at the heart of the convoy. It had rolled up a fairly useless forcefield power and a more useful shooting attack, but none the less it failed to accomplish much with its shooting. I think it periled itself as well. The player response was swift, with a hail of shooting grounding the poor thing, but it hung in there due to its 3++ save. About this time the Grots attempted to ram their allied mortar carrier and push it out of the way so the column could advance, but wound up destroying it instead. At least the way was clear.

Turn Four.

The flying Daemon hurled itself into the center of the convoy, destroying two vehicles. In response the players let rip with everything, but the greater Daemon remained standing on one wound, so in went the 'ardboyz, doing things the 'ard way and assaulting it. Naturally it struck first and downed 3 (two of whom would later be found to have serious injuries), but then fell to the Nob.

Turn 5

The players shuffled their line, looking towards the oncoming heralds, one of whom had rolled a S10, AP 1 large blast power, however it had only a 12" range which they managed to stay out of. The game ended at this point.

Post Game thoughts:

As an adventure, this had all the points I was looking for - the convoy under siege, defenders blasting away in all directions. Victory points wise the players ended with 6 - a minor victory, so the Daemons didn't do too bad. As a competitive game it was a flop, with the almost the entire Daemon army wiped out in exchange for 3 orks and 3 NPC transports. This was due partly to bad luck, but mostly due to the players playing well and me playing daemons playing very poorly. Plus generic old school daemons kind of suck. The convoy was stopped, but the ruthless calculus of abandoning the rear of the column paid off, as the daemons took the bait and dropped several important units too far away from the main action to have much effect. Still a good time!

The lava board is up on Ebay actually, as it was a made for sale one that I dressed up a bit more: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151052014774?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

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