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Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

The search for treasure continues in the ruins of Ill fated Luceron....

The Void Jackals fought Muglug's orks and a new band of Eldar. A very dense board using the "scavengers" game except that there was a central treasure that counted as 3 loot tokens in the center. Muglug sent half his forces to fight each of the other gangs and grabbed the central treasure himself, winning the game. The eldar played it cautious, rolled really well, and came out with the most treasures in the end despite not winning.

The hapless Void jackals advance cautiously.

Could be orks anywhere... ....stay sharp.

Orks! Let's shoot them! Cool, they;re all pinned or down after we throw a bunch of grenades! CHAARGE!!!!

Can we defeat the one ork left standing with our best fighters?

Nope. Void Jackals get trounced, their leader dies alas, Carix Rimwalker, you had a cool figure despite never really doing anything. Oh, wait, you were the medic.... Their sniper did shoot the eldar weapons operator in the head though, temporarily putting an end to the weapons platform shenanigans.
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

We've continued playing, mostly I-Walker's tau vs my Void Jackals with occasional other guests. The brutal casualties rules make it a race to get to 15 treasures before your team evaporates.

Here the kill teams clash in a deserted city with no life bit but a bit of mutant vegetation the Tyranids left behind. The tau are ambushed and pinned down under the bridge.

Several times in several games the Void Jackals rushed the bridge, which ended badly. Every time.

The Tau are driven back to the landing platform under cover of their fearsome drone however.

Hurling Frag Grenades the sole survivor of the rush presses closer to the tau position.

Eventually the Void Jackal snipers manage to see off the drone, then join the assault on the tau stronghold. Due to making a crazy number of bottle checks, they hold on for the win!

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Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

In the follow up battle, an Old School Imperial warband showed up for a 3 way throw down...

Here some squats go hand to hand with the void jackal "Snot".

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Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Next up was a "Road Wars" battle using some home brew rules I cooked up for vehicles in Shadow Wars. Generally we found the Rhino to be OP and the tau were roughly handled....

Next we rolled up a Mini Scenario and got "The good, the bad, and the lictor" which is a co-op game where one member of each kill team joins forces to try to get past a lictor that moves by semi random rules. I rolled Aphrodia, she of the pink spacesuit with the heart patch. I guess she was moved by the plight of a tau prisoner from the vehicle wreck, and when the Lictor came calling she freed him and gave him back his gun. I suspect she will never live this down - but she did live, by the skin of her teeth and with quite a bit of help from her tau pal. Although somehow it was her who was always playing the decoy, but she got off the board with a flesh wound from jumping from the walkways...

Sometimes if you lie very very still, the lictor won't kill you right away....

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