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Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

The search for treasure continues in the ruins of Ill fated Luceron....

The Void Jackals fought Muglug's orks and a new band of Eldar. A very dense board using the "scavengers" game except that there was a central treasure that counted as 3 loot tokens in the center. Muglug sent half his forces to fight each of the other gangs and grabbed the central treasure himself, winning the game. The eldar played it cautious, rolled really well, and came out with the most treasures in the end despite not winning.

The hapless Void jackals advance cautiously.

Could be orks anywhere... ....stay sharp.

Orks! Let's shoot them! Cool, they;re all pinned or down after we throw a bunch of grenades! CHAARGE!!!!

Can we defeat the one ork left standing with our best fighters?

Nope. Void Jackals get trounced, their leader dies alas, Carix Rimwalker, you had a cool figure despite never really doing anything. Oh, wait, you were the medic.... Their sniper did shoot the eldar weapons operator in the head though, temporarily putting an end to the weapons platform shenanigans.
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

We've continued playing, mostly I-Walker's tau vs my Void Jackals with occasional other guests. The brutal casualties rules make it a race to get to 15 treasures before your team evaporates.

Here the kill teams clash in a deserted city with no life bit but a bit of mutant vegetation the Tyranids left behind. The tau are ambushed and pinned down under the bridge.

Several times in several games the Void Jackals rushed the bridge, which ended badly. Every time.

The Tau are driven back to the landing platform under cover of their fearsome drone however.

Hurling Frag Grenades the sole survivor of the rush presses closer to the tau position.

Eventually the Void Jackal snipers manage to see off the drone, then join the assault on the tau stronghold. Due to making a crazy number of bottle checks, they hold on for the win!

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Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

In the follow up battle, an Old School Imperial warband showed up for a 3 way throw down...

Here some squats go hand to hand with the void jackal "Snot".

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Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Next up was a "Road Wars" battle using some home brew rules I cooked up for vehicles in Shadow Wars. Generally we found the Rhino to be OP and the tau were roughly handled....

Next we rolled up a Mini Scenario and got "The good, the bad, and the lictor" which is a co-op game where one member of each kill team joins forces to try to get past a lictor that moves by semi random rules. I rolled Aphrodia, she of the pink spacesuit with the heart patch. I guess she was moved by the plight of a tau prisoner from the vehicle wreck, and when the Lictor came calling she freed him and gave him back his gun. I suspect she will never live this down - but she did live, by the skin of her teeth and with quite a bit of help from her tau pal. Although somehow it was her who was always playing the decoy, but she got off the board with a flesh wound from jumping from the walkways...

Sometimes if you lie very very still, the lictor won't kill you right away....

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Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Episode... ...IDK....17?

RPG game using Shadow War rules for combat with GM.

Last Call on Luceron.

The sun shown down on the dead world of Luceron like a baleful eye. Uglug sniffed the air above the landing pad which smelled vaugely like the thing the sky gods used to try to keep their star sailers clean then squinted. Maybe not so dead after all. Somewhere in the vast, dusty distance shapes moved. He grunted a few gothic words and pointed.

Col. Helstrom scanned where the feral was pointing though his magnocular. Something was moving out there, big, coming stealthy but fast. Still, it shouldn't matter. They were at least 3 klicks out, and the shuttle was ETA five minutes. Then it was farewell to Luceron and good riddance. What could be looted had been, and that treasure bought with blood was stowed in the Princess of Orion's hold. His unit and the three Ferals were the last of the away teams on the surface. A mechanicum Arc was inbound to reclaim the planetary husk now that Hive Fleet Scaith had departed. The Princess was already boosting outsystem, but their shuttle was fast enough to overtake comfortably before the Cogs arrived. He'd wanted to take one last look through Facility 231 for data that might shed more light on the mystery of the mechanicus schism, but it had been futile. He puffed his cigar and cursed the thin atmosphere that so tainted the flavor. At least the nids hadn't taken ALL the air. Hard to smoke in a vac suit.

The shuttle appeared, a dot at first, growing steadily larger on a pillar of fire until touching down next to the wrecked sky shield. A hatch swung down and the pilot stepped out. He jerked a thumb behind him. "Vee go, yoss? Ju vant for I chek de bags or sumfin?"

A grinding interrupted this as a hatch, thought long deactivated opened on the skyshield. A platform raised up through it, revealing a group so out of place the band of hardened killers on the platform stood open mouthed and did not even reach for their weapons.

"I am Governess Kirklin. These are my wards, the children of the late planetary governor Aurelious. Somehow we have been overlooked in the evacuation and have spent a considerable time in the spaceport emergency bunker. We will, of course, be leaving with you."


The Ferals were the first to recover.

"Dog go too?"

"Yes, the dog goes too."

"Dog is good eating."

"I wouldn't know."

The Pilot broke in: "I dostn care oo Ju iz. Dere iz only eight slings on de Shootle. Ju ain't goin."

The governess fixed him with a gimlet eye. "Unless I miss my guess, that man's patches and gear" she gestured at Trinkman, "indicate that he is a qualified orbital pilot. That makes you superfluous, thereby increasing the available "slings" by one."

A babble of conversation broke out with feral world math and orbital mechanics being bandied about in a lively manner, such as the possibility that one could cling to the outside of the shuttle and "breath through a long tube". The pilot drew his laspistol and stepped back into the hatch shouting. Hellstrom felt the need to take control of the situation, so he drew his plasma pistol and shot him. The pilot lurched back through the hatch, burning but still alive thanks to his heavy pressure suit and the hatch slammed shut. Muffled cursing followed as the shuttle powered up.

The governess frowned. "Unfortunate. I recommend you move your men back Guardsman. Up against the pad edge and cover your heads children."

Helstromm's sixth sense tickled. "Witchcraft!"

"Hardly". The governess produced a remote. "I really recommend you bring that fellow back this way." She gestured at the feral who was menacing the shuttle piping with his magic sky sword.

"Now wait a..."

"No." She pressed the button. The adjacent pad went up, taking the shuttle with it. To Helstrom's veteran eye, it looked to have been competently mined. The blast was less potent in the thin air, but none the less sent the feral flying, only his high gee physique saving him from serious injury.

"Madam!" said Helstrom testily "I have considerable experience escaping from doomed worlds, and one lesson I have learned is that personnel are a resource that should never be expended lightly!"

"I would submit, Guardsman, that Luceron is "Post Doomed", however your point is well taken. Sadly, I could not wager the fate of my charges on the altruism of your people."

"I take it then that you have a contingency?"

"I do. There is a ship some forty Kiloms north of here. You will escort us to it. It is capable of lifting a least a hundred. We will, however, require transport." She peered out over the horizon. "You would know better than I, but that appears to be the smoke of a burning vehicle. And while a burning vehicle is clearly unsuitable, there may be others."


Dust swirled as the group looked gloomily at each other. One of the feral worlders was dead, his body slumped behind a rusted rhino. The governess was speaking quietly to the children.

"Now we shall see the funeral rites of their people. Won't that be interesting? Maybe they will sing as they send his spirit on."

Apparently the funeral rites of the Feral World consisted of taking everything of any possible value from the corpse before moving on. If the children were disappointed they didn't show it, staring vapidly as their nursemaid made odd gawping noises. The prize item was the Camobear Pelt cloak, slowly darkening as it lay in the shadow of the Rhino as the two surviving heavy worlders threw bones for it.

"What were those things?"

"Beats me soldier" said Helstrom. "They looked a lot like Barnabus and his crew of scavengers though. Always fancied themselves piratical."

"If Barnabus was made of green mist...."

Uglug stuck his head out of the Rhino. "Barabus, yes, yes. We fight him at big metal treasure place, but everybody run away. He no get away this time. Is here. Bad Sky Magic!"

Whoever had caught Barnabus hadn't given him a quick death. One messy sacrifice in the vehicle for each phatasm they'd faced in the desperate melee when the ghosts came swirling out of the Rhino.

They had approached the three rhinos with caution. Only the center one was burning, though the others were damaged. Caught by surprise they'd fought hard, but the misty shapes were not easily damaged, yet their swords cut readily enough.

A few minutes later, Trinkman had more bad news - the rhinos had been drained of fuel. It seemed Luceron would have the last laugh after all.

Uglug was unfazed. "No Prometheum? Maybe ask fisherman!" He pointed towards a shimmering patch at the base of nearby low, bleached hills.


"What do in pond?"

"Catch Crawlies. You like?" The thing on the stilts produced a wriggling creature from a bag. It was an immature tyranid ripper. More swam in the murky water. The stilts were metal, and still scared by the nashings of teeth. "You jump me, you sorry. Only me safe here."

"We need PRO-ME-THEUM. You see? Firewater. Go Juice. Guzzoline."

"No see."

"Who boom Rhino?"

"Azure Slayer. Him up in hills, have cannon. Good Ambush."

It has been a good ambush. The attackers had been in two parties, one of which had laid up in the low hills, the other attacking at close range. They'd tracked the first rhino in the line, blown the second, and massacred the third when the passengers disembarked. They'd left nothing behind but spent brass and bolter holes.

Sadly, I've lost the mojo to write this up line by line, though I think I-walker has an after action report, so in summary:

Our heroes managed to get one Rhino going using their flamer fuel. The sound of... ...bagpipes? drifted over the the thin air and they were approached by lunatic dancers and musicians who offered to take them to "The provider".

They drove to a deserted city.

It was full of rats.

The Rats fled abruptly just BEFORE they let off a few rounds to panic them. Suddenly Venomthropes attacked, lunging through the windows!

Some characters got pretty banged up and breathed spores (-1 Toughness), but somehow no one went out of action permanently.

They met the provider, who turned out to be a strange little munitorium servitor thingy....

Unfortunately, being "Provided for" required you to send some of your people through a menacing dark doorway. Our heroes didn't like the look of that, and figured they'd try to get the fuel they needed by guile. They made a deal with the overseer of the mutant labor gang, he tased all his workers, they grabbed the barrel and ran for it.

They drove out onto the plane of glass left behind by an orbital strike, pursued by sail skiffs and the enraged "Provider" with his refractor field.

Various mayhem ensued involving flaming prometheum slicks, vehicle boarding, and the Governess doing something awful to the Overseer to make him give up the bomb he'd be using as insurance.

Unable to shake their Tyranid warrior pursuers, they fled up into the hills while sending Helstrom towards the ship using a jet pack and leaving behind a boobytrapped rhino. Wondering how they were being tracked, the servitor had been ordered to make a full scan, but it turned up only Helstrom's gall stone. The warriors ran them to ground at the compound of two strange old Koots, Burticus and Ern, who had ridden out the invasion in the remote hills. The fight was desperate as the Prime led the warriors into their position.

The feral warriors decided to throw the grenade they'd found in the Eldar Ruins back during Episode 6. It was a Vortex Grenade! Much death and destruction ensued.

Helstromm reached the ship, but a figure detached itself from the rocks, looked him over, reached some decision, and fell back without a shootout. Was this the "Azure Slayer?" What had his plan been and why did it change?

Still the last humans to escape Luceron blasted off on a pillar of flame minutes later.

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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

"It would seem," said Sister Cadence, "to be no ordinary Gall Stone. Here, let me cleanse it...."

Leaving the enigmas of Luceron behind, it seems our characters have found another. But for now, their course lies to the world of Mithras 5, to recruit ork mercenary pilots for an Air War over Zarathustra, accompanied at least for the moment but a Tau Escort, with whom a fragile alliance had been made on Luceron.

The problem with recruiting orks, of course, is that other Orks don't like to be left out - as the fleet discovers when two Ork cruisers lunge from an asteroid field near a gas giant in the Mithras System!

Cutting across the Princess of Orion's stern they deliver a crippling broadside while an escort Rams! Fighter bombers detonate a tanker. Probably not the Saphire Star. Because that ship keeps dying all the time.

Ork assault pods in pursuit, the crippled Orion executes a gravity slingshot around the gas giant trying to escape. All seems lost.

But as the Ork pirates execute a slow turn to try to head the Orion off, Toujours L'Audace and the Tau hammer them with Torpedos - the tide starts to turn!

With the tau fighting a masterful boarding action that destroys one cruiser, the Orion swings around the planet and finishes off the other. Victory!

Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps


The world of Mithras 5 is perhaps the most boring planet in the Galaxy…. ….unless you are an Ork, that is. An ancient world where plate tectonics has long since ceased, it has been leveled by erosion, and consists of an almost perfect sphere covered in a few inches of soil relieved only by a few swamps and entirely covered in mold, moss, lichen and similar primitive life. Early human settlers eked out an existence harvesting, fermenting and processing bio-sludge to make both simple food stuffs and a prometheum substitute. The only breaks in the skyline are a few massive tanks and enormous Slime Blooms which grow on scaffolds to raise them above the competing molds and lichens. A network of roads and space ports was built up to facilitate the harvest. Most inhabitants are migratory, traveling from Bloom to Bloom to harvest biomass when it is ready. The only permanent human settlements cluster around a few refineries.

To the Orks, it was a world with really fast roads and near unlimited beer and gas. Approximately 150 years ago standard, they conquered the planet, installing themselves as feudal overlords, each warboss controlling a few human groups, which are mostly left alone as long as they produce plenty of fungal products. The Ork Ecology has struggled to take hold here - gretchen and squigs are relatively rare, making humans valuable and giving the orks a more nuanced view of interactions between the species. The Orks of Mithras have a particular fondness for fast vehicles and planes, which they often hire out as mercenaries.

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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Heinrich the Pulsegunner looked out over Mithras, and was unimpressed. Ahead of him was a flat expanse of vaguely spongy green turf, broken only by some pools of green water and some distant blobby shapes of some sort of fungus or other growth. Everything smelled vaguely like roasted meat, but not in a good way. He spat. He was sheltering in a burned out vehicle of some sort. Nearby, a group of Hinterlanders were trying to dig in. It looked like the water table here was about a half meter below the surface and whatever they dug filled up with water in short order.

Behind them was the more or less ordered chaos of a rather well paved landing zone. Vehicles offloaded from shuttles along with crates of sundries were being wrangled into ordered rows. However, there was a palpable sense of unease. They were supposed to be trading with Orks, but there was not a greenskin to be seen, unless you counted the skull lying near his cover. The only thing worse than trying to negotiate with homicidal xenos was having them not show up.

The hours ticked by. The ginger star, very large to his eye, barely moved in the sky. He hated planets with slow rotation.

The unfortunate Comms officer was once again the subject of Trader Bellepheron’s ire. In a questionable negotiation decision she had decided that incorporating various foodstuffs into her bizarre hairdo might distract this Ork warlord during the bargaining. Now the tower of hair, fruits, sugared delicacies, and plump birds in cages wobbled dangerously above him. The birds twittered nervously.

“What do you mean you can’t raise him?”

“There has been no response Mamzelle…. nothing. I’ve hailed broad spectrum. The Magos Xenos has transmitted suitable greeting and entreaties. Nothing. He says Orks don’t use vox that often so he could be on his way… This Gulash the Magnificent is recorded to have traded in this manner several times… We do track some flyer activity which makes the Kestrals advise against airborne recon…”

“By the Seven Level Data Matrix of Corregedon! Why can’t anything ever be simple?!” Bellepheron threw up her substantial arms. “I’m not going to lift off, look weak, burn fuel, and then have to land again. I’m not going to sit here forever either, waiting for enough of the wrong Orks to show to start a war. Search parties - I want search parties!” She gestured at the nearest members of her informal Retinue. “Make it so! There are supposed to be humans on this slime ball and there are certainly orks. Find some, get me some intel.”
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Ruthless Interrogator


Col Helstrom boosted himself up onto the rear deck of the scout sentinel and continued to manipulate the piloting controls with his bare feet. Deftly he maneuvered out of the crowded deployment zone before bringing the sentinel to a run. Circling the paved landing zone he worked his way over to the Valkyrie Plasteel Falcon' crewed by his command staff. The lurching two legged Walker crushed fungus and battle debris alike at times slowing its stride to stomp a particularly wet and large fungi. Nearing the 'Falcon Helstrom brought the small Elysian pattern drop sentinel to a lurching stop with a throttle stall, as his feet were nowhere near the peddles. Pulling himself further out of the Sentinels cockpit he addressed his staff.

"Sad news Donner, the Falcon gets to incubate eggs in the nest. Keep her prepped for take off in case we need to support one of the recon patrols. Kang, you and that murdermobile are on recon duty, I want you to take one of Captain Johnsons armored fist veteran squads. Sgt Trinkman offer your advice to pick out a mule from the motor pool for the squad if they need it. I'll be tweaking our deployment here, Vox me on the guard channel if needed".

Before he even finished the sentence Col Helstrom was dropping down into the cockpit and restarting the sentinel.

Sgt Donner turned to look at his copilot. "I hope for the sake of anyone else that pilots that machine the Col does not have athletes foot"

Voxed from Salamander 84-24020
Made in us
Ruthless Interrogator


Col. Helstrom watched as the yellow MK I razorback passed the outer defensive perimeter with Kangs red interceptor in tow behind. Long range comms were down but the short range vox comms worked well enough that he had gotten the recons team status report. Kang survived but had wrecked the interceptor beyond what could be fixed in the field by the teams engineseer. Sgt Allen, the imperial fist squad leader, had not survived the overheating of his plasma pistol even with the ministrations of the teams medic. The Mules driver had taken an Ork rocket to the face when it had struck the drivers compartment but miraculously made a quick and mostly full recovery. At the perimeter challenge the recon squad had replied with the phrase "Blind mans mate in two" meaning that while their goal had not been achieved a path forward had been found. A path with complications.

Voxed from Salamander 84-24020
Made in us
Ruthless Interrogator


Kang pointed a bandaged finger at a spot on the topographic map.

"This is where we encountered the humans harvesting fungus. They were peaceful yet I was advised by the pilot of the Toujours L'Audace that they planned some form of deception. It made sense to me that they would offer our vehicles to their orkish overlord as part of the tribute they had to pay. They offered food and refreshments, and wished us to stay for their Overlords arrival. One war boss 'Checkers'"

Helstrom raised an eyebrow, "Warboss checkers? Any connection to Warboss Gulash?

Automatically Appended Next Post:
"No, and Warboss checkers doesn't command any air assets". Kang continued. "The Rhinos pilot had some success in negotiations with the workers, I felt more comfortable discussing matters of faith with the priestess who was trying to convince us to stay and slay the 0rks. The pilot learned that a mechanicus oracle was nearby. The locals implied it was all knowing. We left, taking one local as guide to find the oracle."

Kang shifted his attention to a different part of the map.

"The building was damaged, but had active defenses. The annunciator at the door said only the pure may enter. Sgt Adams quickly stepped forward. After a few short minutes he amierged with a hand drawn map, and kill poster for an Ork biomancer. Apparently this world does not well support the Ork biocluture. One particular Ork biomancer was tinkering with the squig.....ah...physiology to make a Mithras favorable squig. The oracle would accept the destruction of the experimental squigs as payment for the information on Gulashes whereabouts."

To be continued...

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Voxed from Salamander 84-24020
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Will our Heroes prevent the Orkology from assimilating (eventually) Mithras through these vile squigs? Tune in next week!
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Ruthless Interrogator


Kang pointed to a small cluster of imperial ruins even further away.


"This is where the squigs could be found if the oracle was correct. As we approached we saw no signs of Orkish infestation. I joined Sgt Adams squad in the mule and let the Toujours crew take over the interceptor. We took the left most road, the Rhino and squat bikers took the right road"

"The squats found the first orkish presence, the first squig, and we took fire from an Ork party in the 2nd floor of the ruins"

Automatically Appended Next Post:
"As we drove past the ruins we poured fire into the Orks killing them, suppressing others and causing the survivors to flee."

"We encountered an Ork truck in which some of the remaining squigs loaded into along with their Khorn worshiping creator. Ork reinforcements joined the battle.

The interceptors assault cannons where damaged as the combat developed. Strangely the Ork leader decided to flee. I remounted the interceptor and joined by the Squat bikers we gave chase while the rhino and mule remained behind to purge the remaining Orks.

The chase was on

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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Looking good. I need some green and yellow sand for Mithras.
Made in us
Ruthless Interrogator


 kestral wrote:
Looking good. I need some green and yellow sand for Mithras.

Sounds like a job for the pet store....somehow I can only imagine I'll regret that.

Voxed from Salamander 84-24020
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

I'm going to get some from AC Moore.
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Battle for the Jamming Station:

Destroy the Jammer

The Rogue Traders seek to destroy an Orkish Jamming station, allowing them to communicate freely with… the RIGHT orks.

1500 points. 5th Edition, any reasonable codex from roughly the right era.

Terrain: Central station, Mek Shop, Road with junction, Fungal blooms in long diagonal rows. Otherwise open.

No flyers may be used by either side because of Ork Air Superiority. Of other Orks. The wrong orks. Or maybe the right orks.

Set up:

The central objective is the Jamming Station, a towering Grow Light repurposed for broad spectrum jamming by the Orks. Orks may set up one unit within 6” of the station or Mek Shop as long as that unit contains at least 1 Mek. If they have no Meks this option is not available. This is done BEFORE any other units on either side are set up.

Imperium sets up first and has first turn (Seize the Initiative is in effect). Reserves, outflank and deep strike rules are used. Standard 12” from table edge deployment.

Victory Conditions:

Troops Infantry Units score 3. Troops non Infantry, or Infantry from other choices score 2. All other units including all transports score 1. The highest scoring unit within 3” of the objective from each side scores.

The Jamming Station is worth double points, the road junction and mek shop are are both worth normal points.

The imperium can also simply bombard the Station. It is armor 13 and cannot be destroyed, but every penetrating hit is worth 1 VP for the Imperium to a max of 6. The Orks score 6 minus the number of penetrating hits on the station in VPs IF the station is unclaimed at the end of the game. The station is worth a maximum of 6 VPs - the number of penetrating hits if claimed. Example: The imperium does 4 penetrating hits to the station. 6-4 = 2, so it is worth a max of 2 to either side now. If no unit can claim it, the Orks would score 2.

Random Game Length.
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

The table is set! The road junction had to be cut, due to A) leaving the roads somewhere else, and B) lack of space. Looking forward to getting back to gaming on the 4x8 table. Imperium can choose either long edge.

Made in us
Nasty Nob


Epic looking table. Simple and not over crowded, the rich colors are something I'm not used to in a 40k table, but it really draws the eye.

Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Thanks - the green sand I got is... ...well.... ...striking. I do wish I hadn't left the roads behind, as I feel they really make the Mithras tables.
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

The Battle:

The Rogue Traders attacked with rough riders and a veteran squad aiming towards the Mek Shop, while a hydra, armored sentinels and chimera provided a fire base on the other side of the board. Much of the army was an outflanking squad with Al'Rahem.

The orks deployed in a conventional line, with the Battle Wagon Mega Nobs going center of mass.

The Mek Shop was occupied by a Big Mek and a maxed out battery of Kannons that should have given the Imperial vehicles some serious problems.... ...except that the rough riders were able to charge turn one, overrun the shop, kill the Mek, and seize the guns!

Imperial shooting dealt some heavy damage, destroying a trukk and the Deff Dread, but would it be enough?

The orks stormed forward across the line, though crucially, a unit of bikes accompanied by the mighty Wazzdakka had been held back in reserve with a trukk.

The boarding plank dropped down as the sentinels tried to assault the battlewagon on imperial turn 2.

I'd forgotten the brutality of the battlewagon+ nobs in 5th Edition.

Al'Raheem showed up, but on the not so great outflanking side, hemmed in by fungus rows.

Col. Helstrom with the primaris psyker and maxed out vet squad and rough riders held out in the Mek shop against scattered ork attacks, but firing the Kannons achieved nothing. Shoddy Xenos artillery!

Meanwhile,, the orks secured the Jamming station and the Battle wagon roared towards the Hydra...

Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Things went pretty much down hill for the good guys from there. Helstromm held out in the Mek shop, but was held up by one plunky Killa Kan in close combat for the remainder of the game. The Meganobs rammed, deathrolled, boarding planked and assaulted their way through the imperial fire base. Al-Raheem's platoon was assaulted by the Ork Bikers and given a thorough kicking. One squad made a break for the objective, but didn't make it No characters went down though, except for the heroic Medic who had held off the Genestealer cult a half dozen games ago. Still, the day belonged to the Orks.

Trader Bellepherone will have to come up with a new plan....

Made in us
Ruthless Interrogator


Col Helstrom passed a data slate to Sgt Sampson. Take the Marauders and deliver this information to Captain Jean-Dan Gbwe. Monitor the Task Force guard channel, if Donner needs support deploy directly from orbit. Take the time to read it yourself.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Dear Dad
Made some new friends.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Found a place to fuel the truck.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
New friends may want to get under Heracy Hairs bustle, talk about bad taste. Gave some locals a lift.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Starting road trip will keep eye out for ethnic foods.

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Sgt. Harkness watched Sgt Sampson approach from the direction of the Task Force TOC. Sgt. Sampson held a cloth over his mouth and pulled his helmet low over his brow protecting his face as he passed by the Cavalry Stables. Huge nozzles in the roof sprayed acidic fungicides down over the agitated horses. The over spray drifted about burning eyes and throat.
Sgt Sampson called out. "Harkness, the Col wants us on high cap with Captain Gbwe."
Harkness, a powerful Catachan soldier in charge of the ad hoc veteran squad known as the Marauders scowled. "Feth Efrain my squad got chewed up pretty badly, we need some payback on the green skins. Take some of those Steel Fist bunk warmers instead. The Col. Has an armored column heading out and we volunteered to be part of the recon platoon. We need this."
Sgt Sampson nodded "Ok looks like you folks hoofed it out before I made it over here, happy hunting."
Harkness grinned, and patted his Heavy Bolter, Vengeance. "Marauders, move out. Double time!"

Sgt. Harkness watched form the Marauders position hidden in moist colorful mounds of fungus. Orks were setting up along the road side in a classic 'L' shaped ambush. Orks, Ork guns, Ork dreadnoughts all were positioned awaiting the advancing tanks. The squads Vox operator shook his head,"No joy on raising the column. The Ork jammers are too effective."
"Fething jammers, we will have to use signal flares". Get ready to send up a red flare before the tanks get into the Orks optimal kill zone."
The task force vanguard approached the kill zone, Horse Mounted cavalry leading the way followed by a Demolisher with the rest of the element in row.
Sgt. Harkness gave the signal and the Vox operator pointed his flare gun up and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. He pulled it again. Still nothing. He opened the breach removing the unfired flare, inserted another and pointing the flare gun skyward once again pulling the trigger to no effect. Sgt. Harkness examined the first unfired flare. While the brass back portion of the projectile looked fine, a squeeze of the forward plastic casing caused brown fungal water to ooze out.
No one could hear the rest of his exclamation over the boom of the Orks guns.

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